Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lady Lennon, Lake-isms & Granola (take 2)

My little family and I are sitting in the kitchen. Charlie is on the computer, working. Lake is playing with his toys at the table. Lennon is in her pink and purple bouncy seat and I am at the sink, washing the devil, I mean washing the dishes. Then Lake says, "Why do ya'll do adult stuff when you have a little boy?" I wasn't quite sure I heard him right and obviously neither was Charlie, because he asked him to repeat his question. Lake did, "I said, why do ya'll do adult stuff when you have a little boy?" That is exactly what I thought he said. Charlie and I look at each other, with nervous laughter. Charlie says, "What do you mean by adult stuff?" Lake said, "You know, ADULT STUFF." I said nervously, "I am going to need you to be more specific, give us an example." I was really hoping I wasn't going to regret needing an example. Charlie said quietly to me, "Time to start locking the door." Lake said, "Adult stuff. Like, adult games." It took a while to get it out of him but he was talking about games we have in our game cabinet! WHEW!! I thought, wiping my brow. Charlie and I laughed so hard that Lake kept asking us what was so funny. He will only understand once he is married.

Because I am hard-headed, and I don't want to drive to New Orleans every time I want a homemade granola bar, I have decided to give this granola bar thing another go. I was given two options in making them... a healthier option was to substitute the butter with applesauce. I know my husband hates to eat a lot of butter. He is really missing out on good cornbread bites. So, I chose to go outside my comfort zone / happy place, and use the sauce. There lies the problem. See, you should NEVER sub butter. Butter is essential for good taste. The mixture before it was cooked tasted a hundred times better. I am sure to be amazed with my own cooking once they are out of the oven. Stay tuned....

Monday is Charlie's birthday. He will be 31 years old. I laugh at the thought of this because when we started dating, he was only 19. A mere baby. It really is crazy how time flies. I have seen him dye his hair black, bleach it blond, highlight it, wear it spiked, wear it long, watch it fall out, watch it turn grey and now he wears it short. I can honestly say, I think he is just as handsome as the day I met him. To me, he will always be that handsome teenage boy with a smile in his eyes. Yikes, I sound like a pedophile.

Granola bars are out of the oven and cooled. Why? Oh WHY? Can I not get this right?! They taste amazing, but they won't stick together. I double checked all the ingredients. I did the recipe exactly as I was told and still.... something went wrong! GRR! I picture Jaime in her kitchen serving them up like flippin Donna Reed all the while I am looking like Rose Ann Barr! I will, if it kills me perfect this recipe! I can see me now, old and feeble, flour in my hair, a crazy look in my eye, the kitchen a complete mess... Charlie as an old man... "Please, come back to the family." Me screaming, "No!! No! Curse you Jaime and your granola bars!"

Lady Lennon and I are so ready to go to church. A few more weeks and I will be able to take her with me. Today I dressed her up for no reason, except that she looks so stinkin cute. We sing our worship songs and I tell her about her Jesus. It is definitely one of my favorite past times. And of course, no outfit is complete without a giant bow. Case in point:

I went out of my comfort zone yesterday and emailed a girl I don't know. I was told she is starting a "Down Syndrome" support group. I want to go. Or so I think I do. I am a good bit nervous. For some reason, every time I think about going, I cry. Even now as I type, I cry. I guess it is just the reality of all this hitting me sometimes. Because when I see her, I don't see her as a "Down Syndrome" kid. And talking about it over and over makes it more real. I know God trusted me enough to take care of her the way she needs it and I will do everything in my power to please my God. And everything in my power to make sure I have exhausted every option to help this little lady out in life. I am her only advocate. I am lying if I say the future doesn't sometimes scare me even when so much of it excites me.
I guess with that, I should end with a scripture that comes to mind....
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

If I had a dollar for every time someone gave me this scripture in the last six weeks, I would be rich, and then I would hire someone to make those blasted granola bars for me every day!