Friday, May 31, 2013

That bleeping bus...

I consider myself a darn positive person when it comes to Lennon and her Down Syndrome.
I don't get too caught up in the "who's kid is doing what and mine isn't" crap... Because, really, it is crap. 
Comparison is crap. 
Crap is in comparing.
I try to just look at Lennon for who she is and what she can do and we work on what she isn't doing. 
Then, out of nowhere, that bleeping comparison bus comes flying around the curve, cornering like it's on rails... 
And there I am... 
Frozen like a deer in headlights... 
I'm shocked, scared, and in the fetal position. 
Now that Lennon is 3 years old, I see more of a gap in her and her same age peers. 
It makes me sad. 
She loves to play, but still doesn't really "get" playing.
She is so friendly and funny, and I wish I could say all the kids love her, but truth be told, some don't want to play with her because they can't understand her verbally, and she doesn't get "rules" of play. 
She gets aggressive rather quickly, and upset when she doesn't understand. 
We have also had a major setback in potty training. 
Maybe it is because she has been sick with croup and an ear infection. 
She downright refuses to go potty when she was doing SO well. 
I'm at a loss. 
I'm frustrated. 
I don't want to be upset with her, but I can't help but think, "What is your problem, kid!? You KNOW what to do, so do it!" 
Ya know?
I know this is just one day in the thousands of days ahead.
So, I will have my pity party for a bit and then I will get back on my high horse and push forward, again. 
She might just need a little more cuddling today. 
Maybe she isn't ready to be a big girl today.
We'll try again tomorrow.