Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Rambling...

Summer 2013 is in full swing...
I haven't blogged in so long, it's almost shameful... 
I blame Instagram. 
I just wanted to jot down a few of my favorite memories of what's happened in the last few months. 
We're getting ready to take a big family road trip to Chicago soon. 
I'm anxious and super excited to see our friends! 
I might even plan a few IG meet ups! 

(My favorite photo to date: Lennon & Birdie... Sans pants.)

The Pioneer Woman has changed my life with her "Perfect Iced Coffee." I no longer break out into mad sweats in the mornings after my 3rd cup of coffee. 

Chick-Chick has been pushing the limits of toddlerhood these days. She has started taking off her diaper and tinkling on the floor... Or the ottoman. I think now is the time for big girl panties & to get real serious about potty training. 
Katie, bar the door.

When the cat's away, the mice will play. Lake, Lennon, & I had a little mommy-kiddos date night while daddy was out of town last week. Lennon was full on silliness, as usual. Lake and I get tickled when we go places. We open the door & let Lennon walk in first. She immediately princess-waves to everyone and yells, "Hey!" Everyone stops, looks, laughs and they can't help but say, "Well, hey there!" She just laughs her little laugh. She knows she is special :)

(Saying "Rawr!" instead of "cheese.")

I don't even know if I can put into words the joy it brings me to meet new friends who are on the same journey as us. I feel like I am in this elite club. It's such a good feeling, and I think it will always surprise me how good it feels. We always have different but similar stories about the funny quirky stuff our littles do. There's never a dull moment. It's so cool, because our older kids get to meet as well, and make new friends. We met Deacon this past week. Oh my stars... He is a doll baby. I could just kiss those cheeks all day! His family, they are just as darling as he is. 

(No mam. Nice try, but way too young.)

We had the opportunity to meet with these beauties in NOLA a few months back. Brenda, and her daughter GiGi. Both are breathtakingly gorgeous inside and out.... Beautiful souls. Brenda has an amazing family, and I count it a privilege to have met them. We had a splendid time drinking coffee, talking and walking. I look forward to the next time!

The same week we went to NOLA, Lennon and I took a mother-daughter trip to my old stomping grounds, Dallas, TX. We stayed with, and hung out with, two of my close friends and their daughters. Christy (met on IG), and her daughters, Bailey & Abby, and Andrea (met through a mutual friend), and her daughter, Hannah. I can't tell you how refreshing this trip was. Lennon had the absolute best time mingling with the girls. There was a dance party in the den, Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and plenty of photo ops for us moms. Life was grand!

(Photo credit: Andrea Hughes)

One of my very close friends, and prayer warrior, sent Lennon a plush toy... She wrestles this little monster, feeds it bottles, and kisses it on occasion. 
I get all misty-eyed when I think of the heart that went into this Muno gift.

I don't know why it still blows my mind that people are so loving and generous to people they don't "technically" know, but it does. My Instagram friends are always sending Lennon sweet little gifts... I don't have all the pics saved (most are on my IG), but here are a few of the blessing she has received. My hope is that one day, when she is old enough to understand, we can go back and look at all the photos and I can show her where people just wanted to love her. I know it will mean as much to her as it has to me. My heart is so full. 

Not to mention, my friends here in town who randomly bless her with sweet little outfits "just because." I get emotional thinking about all the love and prayers that have covered her in her few years here with us. It says so much about the people surrounding me. It says so much about God's love in their heart. 

Last but certainly not least... Summer is upon us. Lake & Lennon are testing me in every way, pushing the envelope of motherhood woes, and I am doing my best to make sure it's a summer filled with fun of some kind every day. I see their relationship growing into that of brother & sisters who don't always want to share, who get in each other's way, and invade personal space. I also see how fond they are of each other, and how much more they adore and love each other every day. It blesses my mama heart to see them interact.


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