Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Share the Love

I think it goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyways... Lennon is addicted to the movie "Annie". Not just the movie but the song, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." It has become her mantra... Not that it wasn't already but, really... It's becoming quite contagious. Even Lake has joined in on the fun. I catch him singing it to her so she will dance and smile that award-winning grin that slays dragons and evil and melts souls.

The last 2 days Lennon has been sick and running fever. I knew she was getting sick when she crawled up into my lap and passed out before it was nap time. She just laid in my arms and slept, and snuggled. Oh, I know... I hate the sickly days too, but I don't take them for granted... Nowadays, it's just about the only time I can get the little tornado toddler to slow down long enough for a good lengthy snuggle.

Just yesterday, in the Dr's office, she was passing out hugs to everyone in the waiting room... She peeked around the little dark-skinned boy in a wheelchair, gave him a big ole smile and then a hug. She began to babble loudly, tossing her hands in the air as if she were telling tall tales. He was grinning the whole time, not really sure what to say or do... But grinning was enough for her. Lennon just laughed her laugh and moved on to the next person.

Today, she was feeling better (& no fever) so we ran to a few places around town, buying Christmas gifts. I also dropped off a late Thanksgiving gift to Lake's teacher. Lake was so excited to see us and Sister was more than excited to see him. While I chatted with his teacher, she made her rounds... Passing out hugs to each child in his class, and giving little Jenna an extra hug. Then she ran over to his teacher, and hugged her too. I swear, this child knows no boundaries.

As I was watching her pass out joy like candy canes at Christmas, it occurred to me, once again, just how special she really is. How her life is one key piece of a gigantic puzzle. She is shaping and impacting everyone around her.
She is showing me how love everyone, share the joy within, and see past exteriors.
She just knows love. Real & pure LOVE. Love that is blind, love that is never-failing. She doesn't judge by color of skin, style of clothes, political stance, or by special abilities.

She just knows love...
And there is no greater gift.

I hope her heart touches yours like it has mine. I pray you use her example to change the world around you.
Share a hug... share the love with someone who might need it today.
Change their world, and in return you will be changing yours.