Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 1 & Day 2... a few days late

So, I am joining the 30 day blog about 9 days late.
I figure, I'll do a few 2-a-days until I am caught up.
Without further adieu... Bloggity-Blogness:

Day 1: Introduce me, a recent pic & list 15 Facts

Me: Hello! My name is Taryn. I look 24 years old, but I am really 34 years old. It's the chubbiness... Puffs out the wrinkles a bit. Yeah, I've been working on keeping this chub for a while now. Anyways, I am married, for almost 8 years, to Charlie. Together, we have 2 children: Lake, 5, & Lennon, 1. I like long walks on the beach, reading books, sappy romantic comedies, and chatting over good coffee with close friends. I like artsy-fartsy stuff, and I love running. I'm short and I have big flat feet... Much like a platypus (minus the webbed toes). I'm a little quirky, a lot temperamental, extremely overdramatic, & ridiculously overemotional. Basically, I'm your average fruitcake... But, I like me... And I have finally gotten to that place in life where I say to the world, "Like me or leave me alone... But don't try to change me."
A recent pic:
OK... ok.... so it isn't "today" recent, but it is a few weeks ago...
It was a good hair day, and a good make-up day.
Anyways... that's me. Taryn.
Facts:1. I have lots of moles. It's genetics, everyone in my family is kinda mole-y. Not mole-y like "The Jonas Brothers" mole-y. Not the kind that hang off your body like kites flapping in the wind. They look more like freckles, because there's lots of them.
2. I have a problem picking at my skin. I will pick at nothing until it's a big something. I give meaning to "mountain out of a mole hill"... and so does my bra.
3. I have a bad habit of pulling out hair... Arm hair, eye lashes, eye brows, hair on my head... It's a stress reliever. I probably need some medication or something, but I have definitely calmed it down a bit, and gotten it under control. High school brought out the worst in my habits for sure.
4. I did not enjoy pregnancy. I mean, yes, I loved not having to suck my gut in, say I was "eating for 2", and feeling the baby move. Everything else about it was the pits... Except the outcome... Holding that little so tight. I couldn't breathe without crying over how much I loved that little.
5. Charlie makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee, even when I didn't even know I had to pee. When he does his impression of me, it is.. hands down.. the most hilarious over-exaggerated truth you will ever enjoy.
6. I hate the smell of food cooking.
7. I love the smell of sweets baking.
8. I hate people on their phone during "my time" with them.
9. I am a terrible reckless driver & my license should be revoked. Yet, I still cruise around like I own the place. It's like one big bumper car of a world to me.
10. I have lessened (not given up) my addiction to cheese... It took 2 years.
11. I can eat an entire box of Golden Grahams and still be hungry.
12. I fully believe in miracles. Like, the kind you read about in the old testament.
13. Happiness is found in a cup of coffee, snuggled under a warm blanket, on a cold morning.
14. Teenagers scare me.
15. I live for the untraditional.

Day 2: The meaning behind your blog name
"No Such Thing As Normal"
I think it's pretty self-explanatory. What some call "the norm" is only "the norm" to them. My "norm" is nothing like yours, or hers, or his... But it is mine... All mine... And it feels good to see that my "norm" is a bit quirky, and a bit over-dramatic, just like me. My "norm" and I... We go together like shoo-bop-shoo-wadda-wadda-yippity-boopty-boop-chang-chang-changity-chang-sha-bop.
You do you... Imma' do me.

That's it for today. See you all tomorrow for day 3 & 4.

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Angela said...

You're gorgeous!

And I'm mole-y, too. I had eight moles removed before my wedding. But I still have a gazillion more.