Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Celebrate Good Times... Come On!
Tonight is a night of celebration... because I believe we should celebrate every little thing.... because all those little things make up milestones to the big things. Tonight, I celebrate "No Pain, No Gain" (even though, if I am honest, I have no clue what that really means... but, hey, it sounds good when you say it... right?!). And by "celebrate", I mean, "ice the knee". I feel old all of a sudden.
So we didn't have an ice pack... and I was too pooped to make one.
 But in all seriousness... I am super pumped about my longest run (this training round). I am staying around my goal of keeping it under a 10 min mile pace. I am also reaching my goal of "see how many times can you make yourself gag and almost hurl during a run". So far, I am at 8 times. If anyone, besides God, were watching me tonight, they got a good laugh... because, let's face it... a fat girl running and gagging at the same time is pretty funny no matter how you slice it.

Current pace: 5 min 36 sec. / Read: Puke Inducing Speed

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.
So, I sent Charlie on a grocery run - I didn't have to force him, because he knows that we're more likely to have a smaller fortune blown at Wal*Mart if he just bites the bullet and does the shopping himself. Though, through some sort of force and possible but not confirmed blackmail, I was able to score a candle, or two. Two of which have totally gotten me in the holiday spirit. I love this... the smell of a fresh Christmas tree... though no tree is in site.... which means, there are no pine needles to sweep up on a daily basis... and no Tornado Baby to corral away from the tree and all it's glory.

"Why am I covered in feathers?"
I'll tell you what else I love... my brand spanking new homemade by yours truly Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 midnight premiere t-shirt! Oh yeah. Mama's got skills. You see, I believe it's perfectly fine to become a complete dork once a year. This is my once a year. Myself and 12 other friends all have midnight (12:01am) tickets - and have had for months - to the premiere and you better believe we go all out.  

Even had to make that "feather" stencil myself, since, apparently, Hobby Lobby & Michael's are big on the Twilight Saga.

Stop, Drop, & Roll... will get you no where.
When you hear the alarms sound... you best be running for cover... take your mattress into the hall, pile the kids in the tub, do whatever it takes to stay safe. Tornado Baby is on the move and there is no telling where she might touch down or at what costs the devastation will be. This time, we seemed to have gotten off easy. Then again, if you factor in the length of time it takes for her to wreak havoc, you might fully understand her capabilities. One asked me once, "Is she really as destructive as the pictures you show?" In which I kindly answered, "No, no, no... it's way worse." All I can do is laugh because she is so determined. It's like a game to her. To me... it's like "Ground Hog's Day" (which is such a great movie).

F2: 0.6 minutes devastation time.

F3: 5 minutes devastation time.

Seek and Devour
Girl is on a mission. Everywhere she goes has a purpose: To find the next object that will fit in her mouth. Last week, I changed her diaper.... Beware, this story might be traumatic for those of you who are not parents or pet owners... for parents or pet owners, this story will get a good laugh. Sister had a poo diaper. I took her to her room to change it. I had a friend at the house, who is getting ready to have her first baby soon enough. She hadn't been around or changed many diapers so, naturally, she wanted to watch the master at work. I began the diaper changing process. About halfway the butt cleaning process, I notice something hanging out of her butt... literally her butt hole. I really don't know how else to put that. I take a baby wipe and begin to wipe it, realizing it is indeed lodged in her rear end. So, I take the wipe and grab the object... and pull... and out it comes... and it keeps coming.... about 12-14 inches worth of thread.... at at the end, a huge wad of thread. Plops right on out. Sister found a spool and apparently ate half the thing. Fear not: I have spared you the pictures that were undoubtedly taken. My friend? Oh, she is scarred for life. That is all on that story.

Here, you see her "mission" face. What's that? Something I might like?

A gumball... also good for teething purposes... Cause you know sister had her mouth all over that thing.... and 3 others just like it... every time I turned around.
See baby. See baby eat gumball. Eat baby, eat.
I was trying to take a cute little picture of Lake and you know sister had to steal the spotlight with her crazed antics. Lawd, what am I going to do with that girl. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

 Collie Rides 5 cents
So, I took little miss to my grandma Doris' house this week. I needed to check on the older folks while my mom was out of town with my brother, Chad (who was having his kidney drained in Cleveland, OH - he is doing great by the way!). While at my grandma's, Lennon and I had a great time roaming the land and enjoying a nice fall day. She was totally in her element... Tornado Baby had lots of room to run! She loved every second, and I loved every second of watching her love it.

Creepy Toy #527: Collie Rider... You really never know what you will find at my grandma's.

Baby Mama
Lennon is really loving her dolls these days. Putting them night-night is top priority. She obviously has this 'mother' thing down to an art. Here you see her putting babies in their crib. Notice in the picture below, she has her purse on. There is a bag of some sort or purse type item with this girl most of the time. I am not sure where she is always prepared to go, but give the girl props... she is definitely prepared. You might find her milk cup, or your sock, in her purse at any given time.
"Now, ya'll go to sleep, Mama's gone to work... I'll see you in the morning."
Night Job: Tornado Baby works hard for her money... honey.

 You Can't Tell Her "No"
They said she would have low muscle tone. They said she might not walk as early as "other" kids. What did I say? I said, "You must not know my God."

My Heart in Pictures
Every day, this one steals my heart. His smile, his sweet eyes.... Just when I think I couldn't possible love him anymore. He made good grades again on this report card! So proud! :) He is definitely my creative cat. Always drawing, creating, and thinking about new ways to do things. I just love his mind. He's so smart... and intuitive. Silliness oozes from him. I cannot say enough good things about him and what a terrific big brother he is. Even with my niece, Laney... if she is crying, you can usually hear him whispering, "Hey Laney... hey sweet girl... Cousin Lake is here... don't cry.. I am right here, baby girl. Here I am." Oh my goodness... I could just squeeze him!

I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad.
If I ever find a way to bottle all this joy...

That basically sums up the last few days, or weeks at my house. I haven't blogged in a while, and since I shut down my facebook and twitter, I basically have no choice but to blog ;)