Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meant to Be

There are times in your life when you just have to say, "Let it be".
Then, there are times in your life when you say, "It's meant to be."

In the beginning of this journey, I vowed to never be disappointed.
I knew this was only a grain of sand to that which would make up the whole beach of life.
I have not been disappointed.... but I have been amazed.

The love shared between these two is never lost.
The looks they give to one another are those of adoration and admiration.
They share a bond like I have never seen.

He is beginning to understand more and more of who she is.
She is beginning to annoy him.
Ahhhh.... siblings :)

She is a sweeter than pie little girl with a little bit of an attitude...
A heart bigger than Texas...
And she is one spunky monkey.
Lennon loves life. Loves to giggle. Loves to dance.
And most of all, Lennon loves her big "bubba", Lake.

She is 17 months old now.
Lennon has been walking for 2 months now.
In the last month it has really caught fire.
She almost never crawls anymore.
She hears music and immediately begins to dance.
She has started to pick up her food and eat it with her hands (score!).
Lennon is repeating "words" to the best of her ability right now.
She loves her baby dolls, stuffed animals, and paper products of any kind.
The bath used to be a scary place and it is now one of her favorite places.
My, my, my, how the tables have turned.
She is growing up so fast.
She is a smorgasbord of bossy pants, priss-pot, fiestiness, and snuggles.
She is the cream of my crop.

She is the cream of his crop.

You don't always know when the time is "right" to have children.
It's not like God writes it in the sky.
There isn't this bell that goes off.
It just kind of happens... like "do or die".
Or maybe even, "oops".
You give up a lot of your selfishness, your so-called life.
(Insert My So-Called Life reference... Check.)
Somehow, all the kinks seem to work themselves out....
And it ends up being something far greater...
Or it takes you far deeper...
Than you ever dreamed or imagined.
You wake up one day thinking...
"Maybe... just maybe, somewhere over the rainbow does exist."
Because these two little blue birds flew right into my life.

And before you know it....
One of those little blue birds is flying off to Kindergarten.
Or "big kid school", as we call it.
The apple of my eye is growing up.
If I ever find that clock, I am stopping it, just for a little while.

You may, or may not have, cried on the way home because he was more ready than you.
You may, or may not have, really let the tears fall with the realization of one day knowing you won't have to push the little bird out of nest...
Because he downright jumped before you were ready.

Then you look beside you, and still perched in the nest is one little blue bird.
There's always that one little bird that's a little more skittish.... a little more dependent.
That little bird reminds you that life is not passing you by at the speed of light.
Instead, life is slowing down just enough for you to enjoy every moment just a little bit longer.
You savor to the core every little hug and snuggle, every new "thing" she's doing, and every beautiful smile.

It's right then...
When you are looking at the sweet face of God's little present...
That you flash back over the last 17 months ...
To the moment when you vowed to stop asking "why"....
Because you just knew....
You knew all was right in the world.
It was meant to be.