Monday, July 18, 2011

Rainbows & Randoms

It's been a good while since I have last posted.

First, a few quick "health updates":
Lake had his tonsils out, ended up in the hospital for dehydration and a fever he couldn't shake.
Lennon's breath started stankin' real bad so I ended up with both of them at the Dr... she is back on antibiotics to fight what we think might have been the start of her nasty throat staff infection again. Nipped it in the bud, yes we did. I am having Lennon's allergies checked... she just goes round and round with a stopped up nose... something is triggering it.

And now... the randoms:
Soccer is the most boring thing to watch... EVER. However, the announcer is hysterical. Mostly because he talks like a fairy - because I believe all fairies have a British accent and speak phrases such as "Looking for one magical little moment" and "they must have been watching some fun tapes". Apparently this fairy still lives in 1988.

My newest obsession... this hair:

I think I have an obsession with multi-colored items.
Behold... Jello I made for Lake:

Cupcakes I made for Lennon's birthday party:
LSU Pancake Day at home:
Rainbow pancakes when Bambie and Presley visited us:
Crazy Pancake Day was this Sunday:
I am fully aware, and so was Lake, that the pancakes resembled Monsters Inc.

Last Saturday I garage sailed (sailed... not saled... because we sail from one sale to the next) with my good friends Carla Moore. I bought the cutest chair (with a matching mate chair... why didn't I just say two chairs?) and a pillow ... see below:
Now I realize I should have vacuumed before I took the pic.
Also, need to lower the painting.
I might should put something cuter on my night stand as well.

And now a funny memory:
Charlie and I got so tickled while watching the boring soccer game. The announcer used a word that triggered a memory I buried way down deep... deep in the pits of shame and embarrassment ... embarrassment and shame because "I knew better". But funny, nonetheless.
I blogged about this on my Xanga page (RIP, The Dramanator) when it happened. So I shall tell it again. You know those moments when you should think a little harder before you speak... yeah this is one of those moments.
Once upon a time.... we were young enough to be in the "College and Career" class at church. Our teachers, Matt and Myra, had taken over the class for the previous teachers and wanted to start fresh and rename the group.... So we all wrote down a name or two or three and we went around the room with our ideas. Well, a particular sermon from the last Sunday came to mind, in which my pastor said, "You know we really gotta get in the Word, get on our knees in prayer, let God know what's on your heart, your mind... We need to penetrate the Kingdom of God... get out there and witness to a dying world. Let God show you those who need to be encouraged. Make a difference." You know... the usual pastory stuff. So I wrote down my name for the new group. It's getting closer to being my turn... I am sitting tall, all proud of my class name. Charlie leans over and whispers, "So what did you come up with?" I said, "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." So he showed me his class name. I liked his, and thought to myself it was a good idea. I proudly showed him mine and he says with a concerned look on his face, "Is this a joke?!" So naturally, I am worried now, because it's nearing my turn. And that's when it hits me. I CANNOT SAY THIS. I cannot tell the class I want to rename our class from College and Career to "PENETRATION". It all starts with a good intention, people. Better I just keep my thoughts to myself.

Anyways... that's enough for now... The children will be awake soon. Mommy needs a minute to rest her eyes as well.