Friday, June 17, 2011

Your Best Shot

Great, now I am singing Pat Benetar.
But hey, it could be worse.
I could be singing "Happy Nappers" - that darn commercial drives me bonkers.
Mmmm... bonkers.
I miss that candy.

Ok, back to "Your Best Shot".
I by NO MEANS think I am a photographer.
I don't even think I am remotely descent.
But, I do think my Lennon is a beauty.
So, I entered this photo in this contest.
Yay :) Here's to hoping I win.

Seriously... I just think she needs to be a model.
She could totally model in Holland.
No, not so that I can have income (Hello! Child Labor Laws... duh!)
.... though that income would be nice - ha!

Wish me luck!

Father's Day

"I need to make Jesus' daddy a Father's Day card too,
because He's my Heavenly Father.
I think He'd really like that."
Lake Davidson, age 5

My son, he steals my heart.

Sunday is Father's Day... but, at our house, it's today. I will be out of town and I wanted to make sure Charlie received the gifts Lake, Lennon and I made for him (in an attempt to save money).

Lake has been so excited about these gifts. Lennon, well she had a mini meltdown while trying to do her part. Girlfriend does NOT like stuff on her hands. We're working on that. I hope Charlie loved them as much as we loved making them (we, as in Lake and myself).

During OT therapy this week, her therapist Patchez, along with two helpers (because that's how many people it took to get her hands on that paper), made this sweet little Daddy's Day happy for Charlie. Please make note: all involved had flesh colored paint everywhere afterwards. Girlfriend is strong... and quick like a cat.

Cute huh?! I know... not her usual smile... but how could you resist such a silly thing?

Tiny hands... LOVE. And now I have "Daddy's Hands" in my head. I am fully aware that is Lennon's prints, but I thought about how tiny they are in Charlie's hands. Thump thump goes my heart.

Lake and I decided to make "lunch bags" for Charlie. I happen to have brown paper bags and paint... and yarn. We just painted a bunch of bags, each with a different picture or scribbles or whatever we wanted on them. Every times he takes these with him on the road he will be reminded we love him more than anything.... and to hurry home, safely.

This particular project went down so differently in my head. I hate when that happens and then the gift is ruined. But, alas, isn't it the thought that counts? I put my hand prints in yellow and orange on the background everywhere. In hindsight... I would have left mine off all together. Next, I attempted the impossible and printed Lennon's feet as the tree trunk. Lake's hand prints are the leaves and limbs in two shades of blue and one shade of green. Then I just added some outlining so we could actually tell what this mess is. Ha! But seriously, this was not supposed to look a mess... in my head it was all nice and neat and not ... this. Anyhoos... here it is in all it's glory. Hanging on Charlie's side of the bed so that every morning, he wakes to see the hands that prepare his meals, wash his clothes... the hands that fit so perfectly inside his hands, accepting his guidance, and all those warm fuzzy feelings of safety and love.

Anyways... we love our Charles Preston Davidson (aka: "daddy", "da da").
Thank you, Love, for all you do.
It never goes unnoticed, and never unappreciated.