Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Been a While

Yes, I sang that title to the tune of a somewhat descent song by a not-even-somewhat-good band called Stained. Or was it Strained? Either way, my memory is stained with that song and the band is strained to make it much longer... if they haven't already moved into "one hit wonder" land... And then, just then, in my head, I pronounced "wonder" like "o'neader"... isn't that from a movie? I picture Steve Zahn saying it ....and Liv Tyler.... dang, I am going to have to IMDB that one now... The band was called "The Oneders", but it was pronounced "The Wonders"... but they were too cool to spell it right so everyone called them "The O'neaders"... Gotta remember to look it up.... And that my friends is how my brain works. Exhausting isn't it?

I would like to say there has been tons of amazing things happening in my life lately, but alas, there has not. No drama. No driving off the cliff like Thelma & Louise from screaming, crying, and whining children all day. No weight gain... little loss, but no gain. Nothing just slap-me-in-the-face wonderful, but nothing bury-my-head-in-the-sand bad either. I guess that's a good sign.

I have been very pleased with my Lennon bug. She is improving so much lately. She has become a teensy tiny bit more confident in taking steps toward walking every day. I work constantly with her. I almost annoy myself, but I am just so determined she can do it sooner than later. She eats almost anything I put in her mouth and she cries when I stop feeding her. She holds her sippy cup like a pro-sippy-cup-holder. She even holds her bottle... which is a biggie! She throws her food on the floor.... well, more like a raking motion, but on the floor it goes, with a quickness. "Put it on the spoon lady, or forget it." I can just see it in her eyes... the nerve of her, talking to me like she's from the Jersey Shore. She still refuses to pick the food up. She even bends her head over trying to lick it up because she doesn't want it on her hands. We have started working with slimy or wet textures in OT and Speech, due to her lack of wanting the food in her hands.

Addiction Alert: I am wayyyyyy wayyyyy wayyyyy addicted to Pinterest. If you have not been to the black hole of amazing ideas, inspirations, and must haves. You must go. Go now... do not tarry, for we never know when our time is up. Pin as much as you like. Repin as much as you like. Like as much as you like. I imagine everything I pin will be there in Heaven... it's just waiting on me.

I wish I had a few photo updates and since I don't, it's my sole goal (in my brain I said Soul Glow ... from the movie "Coming to America" - yes another ADHD moment) to take pictures soon. I am going to have a few next week from my trip to Arizona, to see these amazing people. I leave on Saturday morning. My babies... Oh I will miss their snuggles. My studhubs... Oh I will miss his non-stop mockery. (I know that sounds weird, but he makes me laugh so hard at myself that I nearly wet my knickers.)

Now that I have mentioned "Coming to America" (because my ADHD brain trails off like that) I must recall a silly memory. I had been dating (and breaking up with) a certain guy, who at the time worked at Sam's (while in college, this was not a life long dream to work at Sam's) with his best friend, who also worked there (at Sam's). One day, said best friend and I made a random trip to Poverty Point to check out the Indian burial grounds... because we're weird like that... and then to the company's (Sam's) Christmas banquet we would go. At the dinner, said best friend told so many people 9people he had never met) his name was Randy Watson... they called him Randy all night and we would die laughing because no one got it. Who doesn't know about "Sexual Chocolate"?!

Speaking of chocolate... if my sister doesn't stop taunting me with recipes of ooey gooey goodness I might blow up the grocery store. Not actually "blow it up"... but buy that sucker out. Girl is hungry... and it's too late to be eating. Ugh.... baby fat, let me be! (not to be confused with Baby Phat... which can also disappear whenever it pleases)

"Blowing it up" reminds me of yet another funny story (because I like to tell stories as if I were really there) ... my brother in law (who's name will not be mentioned), along with my sister, my other sister and her husband, were all eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. The menu stated "comes with a side of Ranch for dipping", so naturally he assumed it came with a side of Ranch for dipping. He orders that. When the meal appears in front of him, there is no Ranch. He politely explains to the waitress that someone forgot his Ranch for dipping. She proceeds to tell him "That will cost you $1.25 extra." He tells her, "No, it's on the menu. It comes with it." She then explains to him, "Well, that menu is wrong. My manager said that we have to charge for the Ranch." He not so politely explains to her how it "works". He tells her, "No, if it is on the menu, you have to honor it. Or get new menus." So they start to get in a verbal argument over the $1.25 Ranch for dipping that should have been free. He gets all flustered and annoyed and thinks to himself, "I am about to blow up (get mad) up in this place." When he speaks, it comes out (rather loudly), "I am going to blow this place up." (insert screeching record and music stopping here) Everyone at nearby tables is staring all wide-eyed and scared. The waitress is a nervous wreck now and people are whispering. Awwwkwarrrd.

Hanging With Friends... not actually hanging out with them, but the app on my phone... I just can't get into it as much. It's fun and addicting in it's own way but I think my obsession with finishing all seasons of "24" has overshadowed even my obsession with Words With Friends.

Charlie should be home in an hour and a half... I will stay awake until then. I cannot wait to give him his Father's Day gift. I hope he likes it. I hope he cries. What? You know you wish your husband would shed a few tears every now and then... happy tears are good for the soul.

Well, I think that was random and pointless enough. Time to go peek in on sleeping angels and hand out secret soft kisses on little foreheads. Happy mommy :)