Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I like weird art. It's true, I do.
Now, with that being said, weird makes it difficult to sell. Booo!
Not a lot of weirdos out there like me.
Where can I sell this stuff? On Etsy?
How come people in this town are all about being "traditional"?
Sometimes, I just don't feel like I belong here.
I belong in NYC, with green hair, and a tattoo'd sleeve. I belong there. I am afraid if I visit, I may find my "click" and never come home. I hope my children get a feel for all things weird and embrace their momma's heritage.
I hope they learn how to express themselves through art. My parents never encouraged it. I think I could be so much more than I am, in that area of my life, if they had.
Am I a fool to think anyone would want my version of "art"?
Probably so.
Will I fail at this endeavor of life
Probably so.
Why do I care what others think?
Because others will be the ones to buy my versions of art. Others will criticize.
And I am more fragile than I care to admit.