Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Things

10 Things... I hate about food:
Not all of us were born with high metabolisms. Not all of us were born with the natural ability to crap out our food as soon as we eat it. Not all of us were born to be 5'11" tall. I am 5'5" on a good day. I have always had to work hard at loosing weight. Most everyone one on my mom and dad's side of the family has diabetes or thyroid or blood sugar issues. I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with Lake... so I am at risk for type 2.
1. Food is necessary to live. I wish it weren't or I would just never eat.
2. When I eat, I can't stop. It's like my brain won't tell my stomach it's full.
3. I crave sugar. Literally could break out in tears if I don't get it sometimes.
4. When I eat sugar, it makes me feel HORRIBLE.
5. "Good for you" food is not necessarily the food that makes you skinny.
6. Portion control.... who likes that?
7. Nutella is the devil.
8. Salads, if eaten every day, will make me gag thinking about the next meal... a salad.
9. There are sugar and carbs in fruit. What the!?
10. I love food. I hate that I love food.
I am down 10 pounds in 2 weeks! So proud of myself. If it weren't for my friend, Tara, meeting me at the gym, I could not do it. I thank GOD for her.

10 Things... I love about summertime: (trying REALLY hard to be positive here)
1. Lake is out of school (this could also be on the "10 things that make me crazy" list)
2. We can go to the park anytime we want
3. Movie day = Tuesdays. We are joining the Tinseltown Movie Club :)
4. Library day = Wednesdays. We are going to go read books and learn all kind of stuff!
5. Water play = Thursdays. I will put out the slip-n-slides, pools, & sprinklers!
6. Jungle Gym = This will be every other week ... most days we'll go to the park.
7. Vacations! We have a few things planned and I am *excited* about my "me" getaway!
8. Sun... all natural vitamin D... and I need a tan. I have not been in a sunbed in 3 years! If you know me at all... this in itself is a great feat.
9. BBQ's... not that I get all excited about the food... I mean, I do... but I love getting together with our friends and their kids.
10. We don't have to be anywhere by 7:50 am ...Now, if only Lennon would get this through her head and learn to sleep late.
To be honest, that took a long time to type. I hate summer time. It's hot. It's humid. It's miserable. I don't like my hair to frizz or curl up. I don't like to sweat in my good clothes. It's hard to "start running" in this Louisiana heat. Louisiana makes me glad I have Jesus in my heart.

10 Things... I am doing to better myself:
1. I bought a day planner. Don't ask me how many of these I own. I plan to actually USE this one. No, really I do. What, you don't believe me? Well, you have good reason :-/
2. Garage Sale... means gut the house of anything I don't use or need anymore.
3. Baskets, storage bins, files, storage furniture.... we are desperate for organization.
4. Working out / Running / Cardio... I miss the old me.
5. Better eating habits. 21 days makes a habit right?! God help me. No really, help me.
6. Vitamins... start taking them. I have a cabinet full of good intentions.
7. Wash my face before bedtime... I know MOST of you cringe at the thought of laying down without a clean face.... but I don't. I know, it sounds crazy.
8. Pedi's / Mani's... once we get passed all the layers I built up from being in that concentration camp, I am going to do my best to be more "girl-ish". I will also, need the Lord's help in this. I just have never cared much if my polish is chipped. I mean, a country girl can survive without perfect nails.
9. Read my devotional(s). I have been slacking and I can feel it. My attitude shows it, as well.
10. Celebrate... I want to celebrate every good thing. Stop taking things for granted, no matter how small they may seem. All the little things add up to big things.

Well, that is more of the plan for the summer and hopefully most or all of it will eventually bleed into real life and become the new me. Here's to a new life and new habits ... I am tipping my imaginary "40" in the memory of the old. Good riddance.