Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 4 L's

I have always called Lake my little "booger bear". I have shortened it to "boog", "booger", "boogy", and I am sure there are others depending on my mood. Just the other day he told me, "I don't want you calling me that anymore. My name is Lake." Wow. Gee, Lake, why don't you just slap me in face, and take my lunch money? Apparently, he is growing up and I don't like it one bit. He forgets, I am his mommy and I will call him what I please. I am thinking, now I shall refer to him as "little turd" ;) ... but we'll just keep that between you (blog world) and I.

Lennon.... I wanted to name her Birdie (You've Got Mail reference) so badly but Charles wouldn't have it. I then thought Leni was a great name. Charlie thought she sounded like a mechanic from New Jersey. So, we ended up with Lennon. Who also goes by "Lady Lennon", "Lennon Bug", "Little Bug", "Lil' Cobra" (her rap-star name) and "Bug". Today in therapy, Lennon threw a big fat tantrum. Straight up tantrum. She wanted the whole box of toys instead of doing the evaluation or even cooperating at all. We moved the box where she couldn't get to it and she threw her arms down in frustration, and burst into tears. Ridiculous. Sometimes I forget she is a toddler. Anyways, I tried to calm her by letting her sit in my lap and do motor skill exercises, but oh no, she would have NONE of that. She bucked around like a wild bull, straightening every muscle in her body and flipping out. FLIPPED OUT. She wanted down, she wanted those toys, she wanted a nap. God help us. That little bull did NOT want therapy today. Her new nickname is "Little Bull". This is also in reference to my childhood because I was donned "The Bull". Yeah, not very lady-like, I know.

Charlie and I are getting ready to celebrate 7 years of marriage on May 29th :) If any of you are dumb enough to believe marriage is easy, please seek counsel as soon as possible. More than 50% of couples who marry will divorce. Sad, but true. The longer you are together, the higher your chances of never splitting. I am *happy* to report, we have no intentions of ever divorcing. We don't even use the "D" word in our house, and never will. I give all credit to The Lord for our success. My husband is the best person to ever happen to me. He is also an excellent dad, and I think we do a good job at partnering to raise our children in a happy, educational, and Godly home. So, "Go us!" and "Thank you, Jesus!"

Right now, I am starting to embrace this new low carb / low sugar life. I have lost 8 pounds! (Woot! x 8) It is a long way from where I was and a h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a long way away from where I need to be, but every pound I will celebrate. I treated myself this past Sunday to whatever I wanted and on Monday, I was back on the horse. I think every Sunday, as long as I am still losing, will be a celebration. That way, I don't completely hate this new life.

Summer days are fast approaching and I am quickly realizing I have got to get a schedule down for Lake, Lennon and my adventures. I have to get my jogging stroller tires aired up. I have to get ready for a garage sale soon. I have to start my projects list. I have to spend loads of time outside because I need a tan. Like, bad, yo. I put the "scare" in "scary".

Words With Friends... I heart you. I just cannot get enough. I love winning and I despise losing. I am currently involved in at least 12 games at one time and I am losing at 2/12. Those two are the ones I concentrate on the most. I will stare at the board for an hour. I will contemplate each possible play, adding up point to find which word will get me closest to winning. I do not look in the dictionary. I do not use "cheat sites". I simply use my brain. I *hate* when people cheat. Sometimes you just *know* when people cheat... and I think you all know what I mean.

How to know when someone is cheating:
  1. You *know* they aren't that smart. (Sorry, but we just *know*.)
  2. They play words like, "the", "cat", "pickle" and then all of a sudden after 3-4 games of beating their knickers off, they come back playing words like, "faqir", "ogrish", "avower"... and scoring max score every time.
  3. You *know* they aren't that smart. (That was worth repeating.)
Charlie and I aren't movie or tv people. I take that back, Charlie isn't movie or tv people, but I am. I have given up a lot... a LOT... of my tv / movie time in order to keep the house somewhat descent and spend time with my kids / husband. In return, my generous and loving soul mate, Charlie, has given in to Netflix. In the past few weeks we have started to watch a TV series. It's called "24". Yeah I know the show is over, but we never watched it. So far, it's my "LOST" (R.I.P.) substitute. I am *loving* this show. It doesn't hurt that Keifer is easy on the eyes. Right?! I really like his voice. He will forever be a Lost Boy to me. I totally have a thing for vampires.

OK so this blog was pretty random and boring but I needed something to do to avoid the dishes while Lennon slept. She is waking and I am going to get back to real life. I hope everyone has a happy hump day. Toodles.