Sunday, May 15, 2011

In My Head

In my head, my larger than average for a woman head, many thoughts swirl around.
Here are a few of them:

My friend Rebecca had her baby... a boy :) A mom for the first time. Gosh, it's just so great to see healthy babies born. It's even better to see good people have babies. Mr. Eli Wesson Sims is here and you can read his story here. He is precious in all his giraffe attire. I feel so bad for her because the labor/delivery went so badly they ended up putting her to sleep to take the baby out. Anyways, both are fine... and she said she is never having another baby again. I said the same thing after Lake. I think moms forget how horrible pregnancy / labor / delivery can be. It's so worth it though.... I mean if you like trying to lose weight over and over.

For Mother's Day, my darling hubster bought me a round-trip plane ticket to AZ to visit Rebecca and Aaron, and meet Eli! I am beside myself with excitement! Whooppee! I seriously could dance a jig. Iffin I even knew what a jig was.

Soooo.....Lake is sick. Booo. Hissss. He has Strep (*again*) and I swear if Lennon relapses, I will cut someone. Someone *will* get cut. I took him to the clinic today after we took his buddy (and partner in crime), Thomas Wade a birthday present. The party was at the Jungle Gym and Lake was absolutely beside himself that he could not go. He has asked me 407 times if the party was still going on. Dude, it's been like 6 hours... for his mother's sake and the children's safety, I hope not.

At the Dr I met a lady who was there with her sick daughter. She was really funny and had a great sense of humor. Being a small town, we knew some of the same people. We talked about kids, sicknesses, tee ball and school ...and then I look down at my leg. I am wearing my trusty black leggings and what do I see? Spit up. Thanks, Lennon... all down my leg. Gleaming cream on my black legs. How long has it been there? Enough time to dry and crust. Ugh. Oh the shame children will put you through. Yet when they become teenagers *we* embarrass them?! I finally understand my mother.... That's right, kids... It's called paybacks. Boo ya.

Anyways, we avoided direct talk about "shots", knowing already both our kids had Strep. So when the time came, for the throat swab, you would have thought they cut his tonsil out right then and there. He screamed better than the slut chick on Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was nearing shot time, and I thought I would go ahead and prepare him... ya know, let him know and he could understand why he needed it. For future reference, this is not good a parenting technique, so please do not try this at home. He immediately started screaming and continued to do so until the nurse came in with her hand behind her back... at which point I am almost certain Lake hit decibels that shatter glass. After it was all said and done, I a few bruises, and the nurse was sweating from trying to hold him down.

You must know, Lake cannot walk after he gets a shot. I mean, could you walk after that instrument of torture has nearly blown your leg off and into a billion pieces? At the pharmacy, waiting for his prescriptions to be filled, he was determined that he could not put any pressure on his leg or he would surely die... I have had rocephin (sp?) shots and I am pretty sure it's not that bad... but whatever. Since I was too exhausted from spending 3.5 hours at the Dr's office (and Charlie and I stayed up to nearly 2am watching the first season of 24... only to be awaken at 6am by a hungry Lennon) I decided to just put him in Lennon's umbrella stroller. Picture it, a tall 5 year old boy in a tiny umbrella stroller. I might as well give him a pacifier and a diaper. First thing out of his mouth, "Is anyone going to see me?" So at least we know he does have a little pride. I replied with, "Do you want to walk?" Of course not, so in the stroller he goes. Drama with a capital D, I tell ya. Now I have to make Lake an ENT appointment. He will probably get his tonsils and his adenoids out. I mean, Blue Cross / Blue Shield must love us... we really like to meet our insurance deductibles at least once a year.

Lennon is however doing good. She does have a stopped up nose so I am sucking it out with the bulb syringe. She is starting to get a little cough and Lake has been coughing. Per the Dr's orders, we will start breathing treatments on each, as preventative and to help with congestion. Yay... because I have all the time in the world to do breathing treatments.

Punta Cana is looking better and better... AUGUST, PLEASE HURRY. Fat or not I am going.