Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de what?!

Why oh why of all sacred days did I choose TODAY to start my new way of living ?!
A miserable low carb / low sugar lifestyle... chosen due to my speaking with a Dr., it is the only way my metabolism / pancreas is going to recover from years of torture.

In reading a new "friend's" blog... one in which she just had to go and show me THIS...
Now, I want to run to the nearest Mexican joint and bury myself in chips and salsa and guacamole and all things Spanish and cheesy.

I might have to start tomorrow... but isn't that how it always goes? Oh vey.
It's possible I will have to dip my chicken slices in salsa and guacamole.
It's entirely possible I will also eat chips.
In your face, low carb devil.
(and the crowd goes, ROAR!)

Not only is today a Mexican celebration but we also celebrate my sister, Robin...
The 3rd of 5 children (Middle child syndrome? It's always Marsha Marsha Marsha!), me being the oldest and better looking. Shout out.

I could elaborate on all the torture I put upon my sister as a child but who wants to hear those stories? Ok, ok... just one... or two.

Specifically this one:
One time, in my dad's tool box, I found those plastic zip ties. I decided to tie her arms around her back... tie her feet together then bring her feet up to her arms (behind her back) and tie the two set of limbs together. As if that wasn't enough, I tied her body to a tree with a rope (her laying in the grass - not hanging... gee, what kind of person did you think I was?!) and roll her to the ditch, where she would dangle over the water. Also where she would be eaten by 1,000 mosquitoes.
Boy. did my momma take care of me. I am not sure if you are familiar with a "whoopin".... it's not to be confused with a "spankin".

Another fond memory I like to purge up, are the times, my cousin, Galen, my brother, Chad and I would say, "Hey, Robin... wanna play hide and seek?" She, being the youngest, excitedly obliged. We hid "out of bounds" and watched.... giggling ....her search for an hour for us. If we weren't out of bounds, we'd just go inside and watch "Fifteen" on Nickelodeon and forget she was hiding, waiting for us to find her. Sometimes, we'd hide in the pear tree and invite her to come up and then throw pears at her as she struggled to grab another branch with a pear lobbed at her face.

Good times. Good times.

Anyways... she survived and she's better for it. I was just testing her, and toughening her up for the real world of adulthood, marriage, and motherhood. You passed, Robin! And, you are welcome. (Still waiting on my "Thank you.")

I love my sister. She is my best friend. She prayed me through a tough time in life... well many tough times. And though we don't always see eye to eye, and I have to fight the urge to throw pears at her..... Nowadays, I invite her to sit atop the tree and admire the fruits of her labor.

Happy Birthday and Cinco De Mayo, Robin! A toast to you!