Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving right along...

The last three weeks have been HELL on earth.
To put it lightly.
I am going to TRY to recap this the short version, but you know me... my mind starts running and my hands start typing and the next thing you know I am 2 paragraphs short a novel.
I am not even posting pics... because well they are all over facebook, twitter and instagram...
Also because I am lazy and looking at them makes me sad.

Monday 4/11 - Lennon started running fever... low, around 100.4 and kept it for about 3 -4 days. I would do Tylenol / Motrin and it would go away then a few hours later, return. She was a wee bit cranky and eating ok so I thought, teething.

Thursday 4/13 - I took her her into the doc anyways. "Virus" he said... no swabbing, nothing. 2-3 prior to that, she was in his office, he told me "her throat is red, similar to what we get as strep" still no swabbing. No ear infections.

Sunday 4/17 - (technically Monday) 1AM she starts puking, then diarrhea follows, then fever (102.5ish).

Monday 4/18 - I take her poo to him in 3 double layered bags (that is six layers) and you could STILL smell this crap (no pun intended). In his office, he cultures her poo (at my request only), and says "Virus.. let it run its course." Acute-gastro-something-or-another... aka bug in her belly.

Tuesday 4/19 - Dr King sees her about her old IV scar from Open Heart Surgery. It has a red ring around it. He says "It's probably from this rash she has... which looks to be Parvo B19". Do huh?! Isn't that what DOGS get?! "Yes, and no... B19, Fifth Disease, is the human strand. Call her pediatrician and let them know." This rash showed up 1 hour before our visit to Dr King. I called and left them a message. That night she got 104.2 fever and I took her to the After Hours. Confirmed 5th Disease, swabbed for flu. Negative on flu. She slept forever and would not eat.

Wednesday 4/20 - Made appt with pediatrician for late that afternoon. Cancelled because she took a turn for the better, I assumed it was "running it's course" right on outta there. Then within the hour... she declined... That afternoon I decided, we'll just go to the after hours again... because that whole day passed and she had slept 8 straight hours that day... refusing to eat, started back running fever, in which I could not get to break... so when I called pediatrician and they said, they are booked... I decided, no after hours, going to ER. Swabbed her for flu, RSV, yadda yadda yadda.... negative on all... So stopped up in her nose... Put her in a room with IV fluids and worked on trying to break the fever. That night around midnight I walked down to the nurse's station "I want her swabbed for strep". The next morning, she was swabbed... positive for strep. Though, her rash was definitely NOT scarlet fever rash. Still confirmed Fifth Disease and now Strep on top of that, and the stomach bug.

Thursday 4/21 - Still running fever. Started antibiotics / steroid to treat Strep.

Friday 4/22 - Fever finally breaks.

Saturday 4/23 - Neck / Throat start swelling, her tongue is hanging out all the way and is bubbling drool. Literally bubbles... very weird. She is having a very hard time breathing. She cannot hold her head up for more than 1-2 mins. Moved her to ICU. Did culture on her throat... Confirmed: Staff Infection.... on top of Strep... on top of Fifth Disease... on top of Acute-gastro-whatever.... and 2 ear infections. Stronger antibiotics, steroid.

Sunday 4/24 - Major difference in breathing. Made a turn for the better.

Monday 4/25 - Even more of a difference, started drinking bottles again. And at a little food! Moved us back to a room on the floor.

Tuesday 4/26 - Looking better.... eating more. Drinking more. ... pulled her 4th IV out... again. Started oral antibiotics. Put on "Isolation".

Wednesday 4/27 - Looking even better... still eating / drinking ... sent us home!

Not out of the woods... but getting much much better every day.

In ways this was more difficult than Open Heart Surgery, because I knew once she had surgery, she would be better. This not knowing what was killing her was killing me. I cried more than I have cried in a long time. So emotional, so in need of sleep. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours each night... mostly in 20 minute increments. One night, while she was in PICU, I knew the nurses were there round the clock so I snuck down to my room and got a snooze.

To be home, on my couch, in my bed, on my toilet, in my shower, opening my fridge, cleaning my floors, folding my laundry.... some things just cannot be taken for granted.

I know there were so many people praying and your prayers prevailed.
I cannot thank you enough, and especially those who helped out with Lake. Poor dude gets the back burner all the time to Lennon's sicknesses. I pray for him all the time, to have a softened heart... to not harbor jealousy.
God bless you, Pastor Beck, for stopping in praying God's holy word over our bug.... Knowing you had a newborn SON downstairs from us... Taking time out from that excitement means more than you will ever know. We were so weary... and growing faint in heart.
A million thanks to my friends who sent goodies and happies... they went to good use ;)
Thanks to those who stopped in on Saturday to check on us.... friendly faces and warm embraces help us to stay sane and realize we are cared for and loved during hard times.... Sometimes a fresh face, other than the hospital janitor, is just what the Dr ordered.
Thankful for sweet nurses and Dr's who truly care. My heart is full.

God is good people... and He is good, people ... We dodged yet another bullet...
I think I might start wearing a bullet proof vest and driving an armored vehicle.

As for my emotional / mental state...
Well, I keep sister attached to my hip and I'd Clorox her if I could.