Friday, April 15, 2011


I know you are thinking, "here she goes again, talking about drugs and usage" but you are wrong. This blog is completely pointless. Yet, fun. My husband told me yesterday when he kissed me goodbye as he was leaving for work, "You would live in a fun house if you could." It's fun! I love it, so fun! he said as he mocked me. Bears, my dear... remember what happened to the children in the bible? ... bears ;)

1. Blogs. I spend so much time searching new blogs and reading the blogs I follow. It's crazy to think there are people I have "known" for ten years or so and have never met. Yet, I know so much about their life. It's crazy to think I converse back and forth with some of these people, via phone, email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, or even Words With Friends - yet I have never actually seen them face to face. Weird. But I like it. If it weren't for blogs and such, I might never have found these gems. They are the perfect addition to my-so-called-life.

2. Nutella. This goes without saying if you have actually tried it. For those who have not... what is your problem? It's probably even good on chicken. I might try that next. (Updates to come) Get it. Love it. Thank me later. The end.

3. Photography. I will never be a photographer. Mostly because most everyone I know is. But, also because, well I do not have a talent for it. However, I LOVE it. I love finding new photographers and seeing how they are different from others. I love looking at each person's way of catching children in their innocence.

4. Caffeine. It's bad, I know. But I don't ever plan on giving it up. I take it however I can get it. It keeps me sane and allows me to put thoughts together that are more scattered, if that's possible, without it. I am a basket case without it. Let's be honest, I am a basket case anyhoos, but without it, I am down right ridiculous and a little scary. No need to scare the children, just give me my drinky drink and watch me run circles of crazy around you.

5. Teal. It's the perfect combination of green and blue. I will take it in any hue or shade. Love it. It makes me happy, makes my eyes pretty, compliments my hair and skin, and it looks great on furniture or walls. It's the best accent to any wardrobe or home. I think heaven is going to be loaded with it. Indulge yourself in teal. I do, frequently.

6. Hands. Not the ones on your body, but porcelain hands. I actually like metal and wood hands as well. I love how random and weird they are. I do not like "things with faces" but I love a random hand. I told you I was weird.

7. Spray paint. My bestie, Gypsy always says, "Spray paint can cover a multitude of sins" and she couldn't be more right. I would spray paint my floors if my husband would let me. And I would probably do it in teal. I keep spray paint in stock. God, help me, if they ever stop making spray paint.

8. Coconut anything. Coconut coffee creamer, cake, lotion, body spray, home scents, sun tan oil, coconuts... You name it, I will like it. Smells like heaven. I think heaven will be loaded with teal and smell like coconuts. Oh, I just got a **shiver** of excitement.

9. Tattoos. I love it. I want a "sleeve" but fat people just don't look good with tattoo sleeves. Sad, but true, people. So permanent, so artsy, so lovely. I love them. It's a "good hurt". Like you have accomplished something by going through the pain... and there there is this really beautiful creation on your arm. One day, I say... one day I will have the "sleeve" or at least something big and swirled around my forearm. (secretly praying my husband jumps on board)

10. My husband. I am addicted to him.... not like in a "I can't leave his presence or go anywhere without him" way, but more along the lines of "I am so in love with him" way. No, I don't get all ooey gooey over him, like some people on Facebook (Yeah, I'm talking about you!). Occasionally, I will post a sweet on his page to remind him I was thinking about him and that he is appreciated. He has been such a solid in my life over the past 12 years. He is truly the one thing, other than God, I know I can count on to help me see "the bright side". He is more patient than I, stronger willed than I, and more laid back than I - Thank God for that, or we would have a house full of crazy. He is the funniest person I know... and if you know him, you will agree. (You can follow him on Twitter @tweetchucktweet - even his Twitter name is funny because I bugged him about getting a Twitter... "Tweet Chuck, Tweet!")

So basically this is a random and pointless blog ... but I needed something to do to avoid the chaos in my bedroom. Ugh - laundry I hate you. Hope everyone is having a good day. Peace out.