Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am a lone reed.

"You are a lone reed. You are a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce."
- Frank Nevasky, You've Got Mail

I wake up in the morning and I do not feel like P Diddy. I do brush my teeth though.
And, I do feel like the luckiest lady in the world sometimes.
I have the most adorable children, a loving husband and the best job ever.
Wife and Mother. My heart feels full this morning, even if my head feels fuzzy.
I am thinking about yesterday .... Not a proud moment in Taryn-history. Nyquil was taken at 2:30am out of desperation to stop coughing, sneezing and snotty nosin' so I could rest. I do believe taking it that late in the evening/early in the morning is taking it too late... because when I woke, I was so out of it, I stood at the counter fixing Lennon's morning bottle.... Only to realize as I was about to give it to her, I had in fact, not fixed her bottle. I had simply put water in it. Weird, because I saw it do down differently in my head. Hmmm? Maybe I should've taken an Ultradorm instead.

Siblin' Lovin'
Lake loves his baby sister. Baby sister loves the dishwasher.
He was trying to give her some lovin before he left for school... she was busy playing in the dishwasher... or "helping mommy do the dishes", if you will.
This little dude has my heart. I was thinking how fast life has flewn by.
He will be in kindergarten next year.... after that, college. Ugh!
Dude got a new watch for his birthday (actual birthday is 3/23).
He now must tell us what time it is... all the time.
Literally. All. The. Time.
Lake: "Mommy, do you know what time it is?"
Me: "No, would you tell me, please?"
Lake: "Sure! It's 4:46."
Me: "Thank you! That means it's almost time for Lennon to eat."
(30 seconds later)
Lake: "Now, it is 4:47."
(1 minute later)
Lake: "Now it is 4:48."
(1 minute later)
Lake: "Now it is 4:49."
Me: "You know what?! Why don't we play Tic Tac Toe?"

Yeah.... it's like that. Funny, but a tad annoying.

In other news.... I saw an angel... she was chubby and had reddish brown hair:

Physical Therapy, at Home With Mommy
Here, you have Lennon, getting ready to scale a mountain.
To her, this IS a mountain... she has to climb over a hump, and then a bigger hump, to get to me (hiding under a blanket - which makes her giggle).
Baby steps... she keeps telling herself.... one hump down, one hump to go...
Maybe, a break... chew my finger and rest a bit? Pretend I am on the phone?
Forget it... ADD kicks in and she bails off the side...
Only because she was on a mission... to get the camera from me!
This is her chasing the camera... "Must destroy camera."
I envision that going thru her head in a robot-like voice.
She will stop at nothing to get the camera out of my face.
Yes, that is my striped socked foot. Love those socks.
She started climbing up into my lap, and then she ended with bowling me over, and pouncing on top of me like a lion...

Sum of it all
Basically this post is just to remind me .... that life is good on the home front.
Though the house might resemble something out of the movie "Twister"....
It's a "You've Got Mail" kinda day.... meaning....
Though, I have the personality of Patricia Eden: I make coffee nervous....
I am feeling more like Kathleen Kelly today.... it's going to be an enchanting day.
I just know it. I feel it in my 33 year old bones.
I wanna pick up my girl and twirl with her and sing to her.
I wanna go to the park and feed the ducks and geese.
I love this day. Simply because it's new... I have a chance to start over.
I got a re-do and for that I am thankful.