Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo Blog, take one

OK so if I haven't bragged on my studly husband enough now is the time to really do so. He (the Valens-time Fairy) bought me a camera for Valens-time. Every time I say Valens-time I think of Ritchie Valenz and I start singing "La Bamba" - it is one of my favorite movies! OK back to the Fairy. So anyways, here are my first attempts at using a camera that is smarter than me.

The camera is smarter than me.
I am working on making the photos look much better.
It's a work in progress, people. Don't judge.

Playing outside with chalk.... Me lovey Spring.

Lennon bug, looking all cute... bad lighting, yes. Cute baby, yes. Ignore bad lighting.
Lennon, learning to walk :)

Lake, doing what he does best. The DSi gets taken away all the time, for weeks at a time because he cannot stop running his mouth at school. Oh my. What to do with this motor mouth!?

Lake, playing in the cattle gap. A sentence I never thought I would use.

Lake, being a boy at the family reunion.

God's Country... Trout,LA

Bling bling baby! My goofball of a husband, Charlie.

The Miss Marisa... Lake's got her wrapped and vice versa.

Love him... my little dude-present.
That is all for now.. man it takes a lot longer for good quality photos to load ;)