Monday, January 3, 2011

In a Nut Shell

2010 : In A Nutshell
On 1/1/10 I started the year off with a bang... an all-girls trip to one of the (hands down) greatest places on this earth, Canton, TX... Trade Days Flea Market! I was almost 7 months pregnant and that trip landed me on bed rest by 1/6/2010. From that point, I kept it simple ... just me and my boy taking it easy for a few months. I taught him to paint, a past time I know he loves and will never forget even when I am long gone, he will remember the painting. March 23rd - My favorite big boy turned the big 4! Still so amazed at how grown he is. He is the reason I am a momma and all is right in this world. Then on March 24, God opened the heavens and down came the flood of His love on our lives once again... this time, just a wee bit different than the last. I never knew a special need would be like this. So wonderful, so fun and oh so challenging... I have grown a thicker skin. And now, where we are on this journey, I would never have guessed that it would fit my life like a glove. But it does. It's just perfect. She is just perfect. I am sure it was different for her at first too... she probably thought she was getting into a normal family. I guess the joke was on her! Just a measly 5 weeks later, that same little drop of heaven had her chest split wide open while a stranger held her heart in his hands, literally, open heart surgery. And again, my skin got even a little bit thicker and the hole in my heart got a bit smaller (metaphorically speaking). By mid-summer we owed it to our big boy for all his patience ... we took him to Gulf Shores. He rode his first (and probably last) roller coaster. In August, my hard working husband took me to Cancun - a much needed vacay from life. By October, I saw yet another birthday - 33! And while I was secretly convinced I would never live to see that age, I did. Now, onto many more ages! I took another all girls trip to Dallas to celebrate friends and aging well. Thanksgiving brought us to Chattanooga, TN where we visited with family and I reconnected with an old friend, and Lake made a new one. Since then, old friends have moved back to town, and I have quit my job to pursue motherhood to the fullest and to tap into creativity - see if I can actually make a living while living in a small town.

2011: The Plan
Part One - I'd be lying if I said I haven't been lazy. Partly due to catching flu and partly due to sheer exhaustion from the holidays. I am giving myself until the end of the week to end the madness and get on the ball. By "ball" I mean, lose this weight. It's part post baby weight and part fattest of fat. I mean really, it's just not cool to have a sack of meat hang off your body while you carry it around everywhere. At some point, it's got to go. Put down the sack meat and back away slowly... no, run... run like h*ll from the sack meat. I want to do it for me. I want to be that MILF I feel in my heart I am... I want to do it for Charlie. I want him to be so proud of his arm candy. I want to do it for my children. I want them to be proud of their pretty and healthy mom... an example of health is the best way to teach them.

Part Two - I am done with saying I am going to read more of the Word. I am going to do it. I always says this and I always feel I am setting myself up for failure, but honestly, I am a failure if I think I can go through this journey He has put me on and come out on top without diving deep at all. My children will reap the benefits, my husband will reap and Lord knows I will reap and He will reap and golly we all might reap a little blessing from me diving deep and learning a little more about Him and His ways and His path for my life.

Part Three - Creativity ... stop letting my fears of finance stop me from doing what I want. I saw a chair on the street the other day and I wanted to by it, redo it and sell it. It was GORGEOUS. I may have to go back tomorrow. I know it won't be there and I might cry a little. I love old furniture redone... It just rocks my socks off.

Part Four - Painting my house... indoors. Lake's room, needs to be finished. Lennon's room is done (minus curtains). The Den and Kitchen and Dining Room - I want to paint it white. White, and the trim too ... but gosh at the wall space... $$ and beyond more than I can handle doing on my own. I might have to do a wall a month. I also want to replace or redo all the fixtures. Can we say "out-dated"? Very good, class.

Part Five - BE A BETTER WIFE, and Mommy. Meaning, actually keep the house clean on a regular basis and the laundry and dreaded dishes too. Oh I loathe you dishes. As they sit right now, food crusting as I type, just waiting for me... screaming my name... I. Hate. Dishes. I would LIVE on paper plates if possible.

Part Six - Be a better sister, aunt, friend, daughter ... spend less time in front of the tube, more time calling and dropping by. My youngest sister and my oldest (younger than me) brother are each expecting babies this year! And my other sister (older of the two younger) is trying to be expecting... so the Dollar Clan will grow! NOTHING gets me all giddy in the tickler than thinking about Lake and Nora and Lennon and soon to be niece, Adleigh Jane, and the other soon to be baby Dollar (please God let it be a boy!) getting to know one another, growing up as not only cousins but good friends. I mean, long after we are gone, they will have each other to carry on our crazy antics and stories and silly ridiculousness and tales of Mamaw's "Back to Nature" Christmas. I know we all have moved away at one point and I believe God brought us all back. We need each other and our spawns need each other. God is so good when it comes to showing you how much family means. I have always been close to my cousins, but I know we could have been closer.... also if maybe just ONE of them had been a female... that might have helped.

Lennon's 1st birthday... I am almost overwhelmed at where to begin. March is such a windy wet month and I want to have it outside. I know what I need to do and I am going to get on the ball doing it... starting next week. Yeah, that's a good place to start...I will stick it right there, along side all the other things I want to start "next week".

Anyways... lots on my mind and not much of a good read, but, there. I did it. I put it out there and now I have to follow through! Yikes.