Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simulcasts and Simultaneous Napping

I feel like I won the lottery.
I have Lake, Lennon, Charlie (my stud), and my niece (Nora Kate) all down for a nap simultaneously.
Who needs millions of dollars when you can have SILENCE?!
Silence is totally underrated.

Moving on.

We just left our church from a 2 part marriage seminar (simulcast) led by Pastor Jimmy Evans, called "The Indestructible Marriage".
LOVE him and his wife.
They were pastors at our church, Gateway, when we lived in the DFW area....
and I follow him on Twitter.
Really great, down to earth Southern people.

Anyways... at the end, we all renewed our vows.
Now... I had already warned my friends that I was going to laugh during that part.
Not because I wasn't serious about my vows.
Just because, well, when I am nervous, I do one of two things... cry or giggle.
This time it was giggle.
At my wedding, it was cry.
This is why we should have eloped the first time...
and also should have said our vows in private again.
I just gotta give you a quick play by play of what went down between Charlie and I during this very serious, and completely wonderful, moment.
I tell ya, my ADHD rears it's ugly head at the most inopportune times.

Jimmy tells us to take off our rings and give to one another.
My ring was very hard to get off.
I knew it would be even harder to get back on.
We stand side by side... my arm around him, his around me.
I think to myself, "Should we be holding hands? Standing facing each other? Crap... most everyone is BEHIND us... what are they doing?!"
I am too nervous to look around.
"Concentrate on Jimmy" I say to myself.
At this point, I have questioned myself to death about how we are supposed to stand.
So much so, that I have NO IDEA what Jimmy just said to do.
Charlie, grabs my hand and says, "You need to face me."
Now I feel dumb. OK, so apparently he heard these directions?! Ugh!
I am still too nervous to look around at everyone else.
Then I start annoying myself with more brain jabbering...
"Shut up and listen, Taryn! Did he say something else? Crap... what did Jimmy say now?"
Charlie takes both my hands and starts his part of the vow.
I think, "Oh! We're starting... Do I still have his ring? Does he have mine? WHY am I not listening!?"
When he says, "I Charlie, take you Taryn..." I have no idea why, but I start giggling.
Maybe because he never talks to me with my name.
It's always, "Hey, babe... can we..."
Or "Babe, do you know where..."
You know?
It's never, "Taryn....."
Just way too formal.
So now I am giggling and thinking, "That sounded weird hearing him say my name."
He smiles awkwardly, and I know he is thinking, "No one else is giggling!"
So I straighten my smile and focus on his sweet words.
Now it's my turn ...and I think to myself again....
"Please don't let me mess this up. Wait... what did Jimmy say?!"
I catch the last part and figure out the rest...
"I, Taryn, take you Charlie.... "
Praise the Lord...
A very sobering non giggly moment presents itself and I grab it by the horns.
We say our vows and it's very sweet and I meant EVERY word and I know Charlie did.
To actually go into the full circle of where we have come and gone and come again in the last few years (as every marriage has and will at some point... possibly many points) would take more than a blog and it's a little more than I wanna share here. HA!
I will say, it was so so so nice to have this moment, to sort of start over.
I would love to do it again every year.
It was simply beautiful.
Then, it was time for him to place my ring on my finger.
I immediately start giggling... again.
Because I know this is going to be difficult.... because I put that thing on every day.
He can't get it past my knuckle (no shock!) and he starts giggling....
Ugh! The shame of fat fingers.
He leaves it on my knuckle as if that is where it is supposed to be.
I am not amused....
I easily slide his ring on... Totally not fair.
We say the last part of our vows... and then we kiss our spouse.
We are now Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Davidson.... again :)

If only we got another honeymoon to Hawaii.
I totally think we deserve it.

Instead, we pick up my sweet and beautiful niece, Nora Kate... who will be 3 years old on 10/17.
I am quite excited to spend time with her.
Then, we pick up our two love monkeys, Lake (5) & Lennon (17 months), and we head home.
I make lunch for all, get all three kiddos snacks, and then get everyone one down for a nap.
Then, I started laundry.
And while no, we did NOT get a second honeymoon, we totally got something even better.
We have two love monkeys, and we totally take pride in them....
The products of our love, devotion, and life long commitments to each other.
We are quite blessed.

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

Hilarious!! Love that you were able to do this together. Such a precious thing!