Sunday, July 10, 2011

Misery loves company.

So my "Mama's getaway" to Arizona was everything I needed it to be. Relaxing by the pool. Lazying around, watching tv. Doing nothing. I didn't have to be anywhere, or take care of anyone. It was great to visit with a great friend, and her husband, and to meet their little angel, Eli.

As amazing, and much needed, as it was, through all that lounging, I found myself missing my children too much. I wanted to be back home with my husband and in his arms. Five days is just a really long time. So, that last night, I found myself very homesick. Maybe it was the anticipation of my long flight across my country combined with my iPhone taking it's last ragged breath as I desperately searched for a bar, or signal, to tell my husband what was going on. I found myself in a pool of tears. It was bittersweet, to leave my friend again, knowing it could be another 2 years before we reunited again... Combined with longing to be home.

After a long day in airports and on planes, I finally made it home. At the airport, I was surprised with big hugs and a bouquet of flowers from Lake. Charlie said, "The flowers were all his idea." Is this kid for real? Love!

So, after I was home, my darling dear introduced me to my new phone. (insert happy dance here) I fall fast asleep and I sleep hard. My bed. My sheets. My husband. Oh how I had missed thee.

(I found this post still in draft status... Apparently I had more to say... but that is gone now.)


LP said...

You are so goofy!!! Your blog was much over due for an update!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I have to just tell you your pancakes are awesome!