Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Caught the 7 Year Itch

We caught it... and the best thing to do when you get it is listen to it. It will tell you to get away as fast as you can. Run like the wind, Forrest!
So that is just what we did. We got away, sans the children and had a GREAT time laughing with one another and allowing ourselves to fall in love all over again. No this isn't going to be a lovey dovey ooey gooey mushy post about how amazing my husband is, because if you know me at all, you know I won't be with someone I don't think is absolutely wonderful in every area of life. We celebrated 7 years this past weekend. So without further adieu (I love that word... adieu; it's fun to spell.) here is our anniversary weekend getaway in a nutshell.
"Help, I am in a nutshell."

Breakfast on vacation wouldn't be right without Starbucks for the road. Except well I didn't eat it on the road, but I did eat it near the road... outside in the fresh air... no children to interrupt my coffee inhalation... no children pulling on my pants leg wanting me to drop everything to pick them up. No children screaming "I need something to drink!" or "I'm hungry!" or "I wanna watch cartoons!" No children... none at all. Just me, a cool morning breeze and my coffee.

Once we hit the road, we eventually stopped to gas up our ride. At the gas station, I noticed these little creatures... in suckers. Now, I did try Chocolate Covered Crickets one time but you can bet your bottom dollar I will not be trying these. There is something just sickening about this. Aren't these things poisonous? I just can't understand the logic around this. Trust me, I stared these things down, giving them a full investigation. I had to make sure this was real. It was ... definitely real... Scorpions trapped in suckers. Who wants to eat Satan's little pets? Not I.

Enough about grossness. Onto greatness... in the form of my favorite burrito joint ever... FreeBird's. The pure pleasure I get when inhaling (because that is basically what I do when I eat) these massive burritos is comparable to little. This was our first stop in Dallas. The hot sauce... well I usually load up on about 6 cups of the stuff. I love the atmosphere, the decor, the food... basically everything... except they serve Pepsi Products and well, I am Coke girl.

After stuffing our faces like good little fat kids... we headed to the hotel and checked in. Then we checked right on into nap time. I didn't actually "sleep" because I am not a good napper. Charlie on the other hand, just needs to get sideways and he is down for the count. So not fair. Anyways... I stared out the window from the desk and admired our view. I was reminded of when we lived here in Dallas and we always contemplate moving back. I doubt we ever will. There is just too much to give up with family back home. I know my family and I aren't always getting along, but knowing they are right there, a hop-skip-and-a-jump away is not something I ever want to give up again.

We then showered and got all dolled up for a night on the town. First stop, Charlie's little piece of heaven on earth... the PGA Super Store. He tested clubs and I walked around looking at funny clothes and begged him to buy the argyle red pants. He politely declined and then we took turns at the batting cages... errr, the swinging cages.... errr, not really sure what it's called but we played around with golf clubs and hit balls into the simulator... where, I shocked my husband with my mad golfing skills. He must have been real impressed, because 3 hours later after dinner he randomly burst out with, "I don't know how accurate that golf thing was because you were hitting really well." Gee husband... thanks for that vote of confidence. I refrained from punching him. Some call him lucky. I call it "delayed" ... because it's coming ;)

I did however get him to try on this hat with faux hair. He shaves his head almost bald so to see him with blonde highlighted spikes.... It totally reminds me of his Shoo Fly Pi days. Sometimes I miss him being in a band, and most days I don't. I do miss the closeness of all the girlfriends and I sometimes really dislike that we have all grown up and apart. Things just aren't the same. We all have our own little lives and they rarely intertwine anymore. It just makes me sad.

You know I had to youtube this one and share.
Enjoy! I did for many years... mosh pit and all.

OK... back to current day. Well not current, if it is in the past, but you know what I mean, right?
After we left the PGA store we hit one of our favorite restaurants, Blue Mesa... only to realize they weren't taking any late customers due to a party. WHAT?! Ugh... I was so upset. My whole weekend was ruined just then and there. My Mexican food addiction was not being filled to the brim and overflowing with queso and salsa and chips. So, we did the next best thing... we went to Maggiano's, which is Italian, not Mexican. There, I loaded up on all things Italian and my belly was happy, and full. Too full, actually. I am convinced I gained 5 pounds that meal.

But the next day, was filled with an all day shopping spree.... and of course, one cannot start the day without Starbucks... especially if the Starbucks happens to be in your hotel lobby. Convenience at it's finest.
After breakfast, we hit the road to the Allen Outlet for an all day shopping extravaganza! We shopped til' we dropped.... the five pounds I ate the night before. Tons of walking and sweating. It was 101 degrees outside that day and the outlet is an outside venue. One big gigantic circle of shopping greatness.
No joke. It was flippin' hot.

We then lunched at a place called the Twisted Root. It's a burger joint and I don't really care for burgers... or any red meat. I do eat about 3 burgers a year... max. This was the second one this year.... and it might be the best I have ever had. Which could almost convert me to eating them all the time. So, I am glad and thankful we do not have a Twisted Root near my home in small time West Fun Row... aka, Stink Town. Twisted Root has a fun little way of calling out orders ready for pick up... you each are assigned a name of someone you know... such as James Brown, Chewbaca ... we were lucky enough to be..

Which happens to be the second reference to Forrest Gump in this post... not that I am counting because it is totally random and unplanned.

Anyways, back to the lecture at hand... Twisted Root also happens to have Watermelon Sweet Tea and Cranberry Lemonade. I do believe God poured the angels' sweat right there in my cup.

After lunch we drove around looking at all the new construction.... everything that was built after we moved back home. There were condos above the shopping and each condo was assigned a little lot for growing veggies and herbs. Brilliant. It was absolutely precious.... all the little rows and boxes of mini veggie and herb gardens. I just wanted to scoop them up and take them home with me.

That night, Charlie and I entered Splitsville.... now don't get your panties in a wad... it's a brand spanking new bowling alley. Black light bowling, a restaurant, brand new shoes ( and new clean socks for me ), your own waitress at your lane, two huge TV's per lane playing music videos and sports news. Seriously, one of the coolest places we have been for late night fun. They do have a couple of rules.... no one under 21 after 9pm... and they ask that you limit your victory dance to something that is appropriate for children and pregnant women to witness. Well, I am happy to announce Charlie offended none of the above... but only because they weren't there. If there had been pregnant women and children... offended they would have been. Honey was all but taking his shirt off and swinging it around his head like a helicopter. I had to bring him back down to earth on round two... and the over all score, well it speaks for itself.
Trust me.... There was plenty of rubbing it in and dancing on my part.

The next day we had Starbucks ... again... on the way to the Byron Nelson Championship. We did meet the longest drive winner, Gary Woodland... who from a distance, reminds me of a baseball player, not a golfer. What?! He has a big booty... even my husband noticed. That event turned out to be so different than I had expected... I loved every second of it and I would love to go again. I did get burned... badly, and my back is itching something vicious from peeling... but well worth it. I know Charlie absolutely had the best time and I was more than pleased to join him there. I felt like I was at the Kentucky Derby. All the women (except one little hooker in tall pink socks and cut off jean shorts with her shirt tied up under her bra, while wearing pigtails) were wearing pretty little sun dresses and Prada sun glasses, while carrying their Coach bags. It was fun to be a part of such a classy event.... and to get wrapped up in your favorite players games so close you could almost tackle them. Yeah, I though about that... tackling one of them just as they went to putt. How funny would that be?! No? Oh, maybe it was just me. Anyways... I just loved the whole day and I am actually sporting somewhat of a tan now. Score! Another score would be the fact that I have never seen so much green pretty grass and sat it so much green pretty grass in all my life... without the first ant. Amazing. It was heaven I tell you.

Anyways... I think it's safe to say we had a great time. A much needed getaway... and, there is nothing like going out with a bang... By bang, I mean..... Lake, Lennon and I ended up with Strep the next day. What?! Yeah, I know... that's my life... I try to squeeze in as many sicknesses as I can where I can.


Leah said...

Scorpions? Can we say REDNECK? That's got to be the most disgusting thing ever!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

ok, don't judge me, I have tried the scorpion lollypops. I didn't actually get to the bug. Just a taste and they are DISGUSTING! But it looks like you had an amazing time! So jealous!!

The Sims II said...

I bet you spelled it adoo before you started needing it for "words with friends"! Also I always look at the pics first and thought I was gonna have to call charlie myself and have an intervention about that spike hair. And 3rd, can we make a deal that we both move back to the big D in the next 10 years...starting now....GO!

tarynddavidson said...

Leah - it is very redneck. ha!

Sarah - i fear for your safety! ha!

Rebecca - i am an avid speller. haha! as for moving back to dallas... the only way i move is if we buy houses next door to each other! ;)