Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates & Whatnots

Bragging rights:
I am just so proud of Lennon :) She has done so extremely well with textured foods the last few days. She ate rice, a fruit strip, a breakfast bar, and ravioli... none of it was smooshed! She has started taking small bites! This may seem like small potatoes, but to a kid who has serious food texture issues this is huge! She still will not pick up food and eat it. She will pick it up, but it's not an easy task. When she does, she just wants to throw it. She likes to help me hold the spoon and bring it to her mouth, but if I try to help her grasp food with her fingers and bring it to her mouth she won't allow it. Weird. She is still learning to walk. We've started letting go of one hand, and you can tell she is not confident, but getting there. She is very unstable in her steps.

Mother's Day:
I have such a sweet family. They let me sleep late! He fed the kids and cooked a breakfast spread. Then he brought it to me in bed, along with coffee, and cranked up my favorite movie (thanks to Angela). Then, Lake brought me cute little drawings he and Lennon had made along with having a Tea Party in bed. I laid there relaxing and loving on my kids until 10am! Best morning I have had in a long while. As if that wasn't enough... My sweet Charlie got me the coolest mom's day gift ever ... a ROUND TRIP PLANE TICKET TO SEE REBECCA & BABY ELI! Yay! Excited doesn't even begin to explain it! I am supposed to go at the end of June. So I still have time to lose some weight so that the plane can lift off the ground.

Excercise and Dieting:
I have started a new way of eating and I am sticking to it. Low carbs and almost no sugar. I started walking today. I went to Kiroli Park and walked the trails with my stroller. Note to self: Must get jogging stroller out of the attic, or put Lennon on a diet. It was ROUGH pushing that heavy monster uphill and on rough terrain. I sweated like a wild banshee and it felt GREAT. The plan is to go there no less than 3 times a week. I am hoping we cancel our Anytime Fitness and join the Wellness so that I can go during the day and leave Lennon (God help us) in the daycare there.

Noises and Mischief:
Lennon has started making so many new noises... a loud squeal, "thsssh" sounds, and just a ton of babble. Still doesn't call me Mama :( But it's coming. I just know it. Drawers. She is now tall enough to reach kitchen and bathroom drawers and open them ... which leads to digging in with her fingertips and pulling out things like, scissors. (insert "gasp" here) She is a mess! She keeps me on my toes for sure.

Lennon is having her adenoids out tomorrow. I am praying this is the final surgery! I know it's a simple surgery, but Dr Mickey said the only problem is fitting the tools in ... her canals and mouth are small. Please say a prayer all goes well and smoothly. Also, my sister, Robin, is getting ready to have neck surgery. She was rear ended and it totalled her SUV. Not only did she have to get a new car, but she has been going to Physical Therapy for the damage in her neck. She had an MRI done and 3 different doctors told her it will have to be surgically fixed. Which means putting life on hold for 6 weeks. They will go in through the front of her neck to work on her spine and vertebrae. PLEASE keep her in your prayers. She is really devastated, as any of us would be. She has already been through so much. I know God has His reasons for allowing this all to happen, so I am praying she finds a peace in it all and learns a great deal more about His love for her and that a constant reminder of His promise is on her heart. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Anyways... that is about it on the home front today. I will update everyone about Lennon's surgery tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers. It's always scary when they put your baby to sleep. I know God is in control.

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rachel said...

As a texture eater myself, I can totally sympathize with Lennon. And I'm sure I drove my mom crazy too because I would just refuse to eat certain things!