Thursday, May 12, 2011

Project Run-away

The summer is nearing and I have so much I want to do.
Most of which starts with making my house feel and look more like "my" house instead of the builder's idea of what my house should look like. Charlie is busy improving our landscape and he is doing a smashing job. I always seem to have "projects in the making" but never finish anything... that will all change this summer. It's my life's goal to improve me. Take that, procrastination devil!

This is the front of my house... It's completely "traditional" and if you know me even a little, I am anything but traditional. If money were not an option I would paint it white, add wood columns and a porch. But we have yet to win the lottery.... we pretend to play every week. What gives?!
Project #1
Replace nasty flooring. UGH! Nothing makes me want bury my head in the sand more than my flooring. We plan to replace everything with new carpet in bedrooms, and dark grey lamanent everywhere else.

Project #2
Replace pantry door with an old screen door - preferably a red one. One reason, it will FORCE me to keep this area nice and neat. I am also going to start adding baskets on the shelves as storage.

Project #3
Paint the iron outdoor furniture I bought at a garage sale. I am going to paint it a light pink, so that it reflects it's heritage. I am going to replace the cushions with some sort of "vintage-like" cushions as well.

Project #4
Garage Sale. My neighborhood is having one June 4th. I better get on the ball. I will be selling most everything I can find in my house. Tons and tons of vases, picture frames, throw pillows, quilt and curtain set, and all my skinny clothes. Well, most of them.

Project #5
My front door WILL BE PAINTED... not sure of the color, as to the fact I hate my brick color. I would love to stain the brick a dark brown... At which point I would paint the door orange. But my brick is red so black is probably going to be the color of choice. I am open to suggestions.... anyone?

Project #6
My dining table has seen better days. I am painting it white. Chairs too... and I might even get crazy and try to find a set of old chairs at an antique shop. $$$$

Project #7
Lake's room is half way done. We are getting ready to buy him storage for his toys and other crap he collects. I am going to add shelves to his wall using "L" brackets and skateboards. Then I am making his curtains. Then I am going to add a Robot decal. He wants his room "Robots and Skateboards". Why does he have to be so difficult?

Project #8
Artwork in the den and my bedroom. I am going to get back into painting and trying other ways to be creative with artwork on my walls. I want to hang a big piece in my bedroom and a few big pieces in my den / dining room.

Project #9
Hardware.... all of the hardware in my house is hideous. Brass or silver... who knows, because each room might have two, or even three different styles. Who does that?! I am painting my cabinet knobs all green. Green will be the universal color for all around the house. A for door knobs... one day I will replace those.

Project #10
Lighting.... So, I am painting my brass chandeliers white. I am replacing the fans in the bedrooms with funky cool something or another's using lamp shades I find at Dirt Cheap.

I think that is enough to keep me busy and crazy... as if I needed any more crazy.
I hope to post before and after pictures!!
What will you be doing this summer? If you aren't busy, I can put you to work!


Leah said...

Pictures, please. I need to be able to tell you what I would do. Because that's what I do. Welcome to being my friend.

tarynddavidson said...

I will post pics asap!

Leah said...

Ok, so do you ever read The Lettered Cottage? A couple of months ago They built shutters for their windows uber inexpensively with just 2-3 planks of wood and a slat at the top and bottom to hold it all together. You could do that and paint them whatever color you want and then paint your door a bright color. It would POP uber quick! And would probably cost you less than $50

tarynddavidson said...

what is the greatness you speak of?! Link please.
I am so hating the color of my house - therefore i draw a blank on the color for shutters and door :(

tarynddavidson said...

I was thinking along the lines of a burnt yellow door - i also want to add a pot to each side of the door

rachel said...

Do you read this blog:

Even more ideas! Also, have you thought about painting your front door blue? I love houses with red and blue doors, but red might be too much for your house.

Leah said...

Might help to include the link... oops!

Leah said...

Here you go, girl. They are magical...absolutely magical. And I totally agree. A yellow door would be BRILLIANT! Maybe will some pretty dark browny-gray shutters and white trim. Ahhhh. Jealous...

Jenny said...

I think if green is going to be the universal color in the house, then having a green door would be ideal. Then you could do black could work if you picked just the right green.