Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Gum Ball Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

I am really needing motivation today.
My throat is killing me.
I swear, it's like, a thousand ninjas are warring it out on my tonsils.
I am afraid my right tonsil has been replaced with one of these:
I am not exaggerating.
I don't even want to swallow, but the fear of looking like this, forces me to swallow at least every 10 minutes.... That is, once my mouth completely fills up with saliva.
The thought of gargling with salt water is so horrid.
I don't know what is worse, the pain or the thought of gargling with salt water.
It might have something to do with my mom telling me, "You need put a lot of salt in a warm-as-you-can-stand-it glass of water." She didn't tell me to "gargle" so I tried drinking that whole 10 oz glass of hot very salty water. I threw up several times before I even finished the glass.
Never again. Now, the sheer thought of that taste sends a shiver down my spine.
So, I tell her, "I can't. I keep throwing it up." She thinks this is the funniest thing ever.
Why is she laughing? Well, she decided now is a prime opportunity to tell me that one time when I was a baby, the Dr told her to make a little "saline" and give it to me as often as she could to clear up my nose. She called the Dr later that day explaining, "I did what you said, but she will NOT drink that salt water for anything". You can imagine the Dr's laughter was similar to my mom's laughing at me.
Like mother like daughter.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Auto-correct.... my iPhone has me busting a gut laughing sometimes (I secretly wish my gut would bust open, and bleed off some of the fat it is storing). I should totally keep a log of funny things it tries to say I am saying. Today, I was responding to an email about her cousin's very talented art adventures, when auto-correct thought I should tell her he was very "helmeted" instead of talented. That might not have gone over so well... me implying he must be one of those dudes that wears a helmet at all times. One day, and this was a long time ago (one in which I try to forget), I stated something about pennies and it told my mother-in-law "penis". Like I wouldn't know how to spell penis. Puh-lease, I went to college. It auto-corrects shut to "s**t" all the time. Like I said, I am going to start a log.

Chicklets.... for some reason this word makes me laugh. I think of big front teeth, such as my own, and I chuckle inside. Also, it's a word I have read and heard several times this week. Weird.

Psycho Mom.... I really think my children think I am a psycho some days. Like, sometimes, we just play and the house is a disaster and food is still on the table from lunch, but we're having a good time playing chase or hide and seek or whatever ... then all of a sudden, I "realize" there is this complete disaster surrounding me and I immediately switch to Psycho Mom Mode. "Clean up this mess... pick that up, put that away, I gotta do the dishes, the laundry needs folding". Out goes "Fun Mom"... in comes "Psycho Mom". After Lake has his mini-meltdown, one that happens at least 12 times a day, he cleans his mess and we have a pleasant snack (his is pleasant, mine is carb free - which is similar to taste free) and we play outside. Life is all good again.... for a moment anyways.

My mom and texting.... some things just don't mix. It doesn't help the woman that she is near blind with her glasses on. Her texting is down right funny at times... mostly because if it were a life or death situation, she would be dead because I have no flippin' clue what she is trying to tell me half the time. She tries to use texting lingo but confuses it with shorthand and that just makes for mass confusion. She thinks LOL stands for LOTS OF LOVE. For example, a few weeks ago, I texted her "Lennon in ICU, please pray" and she responds with "LOL". I texted back, "That was not a joke, why are you laughing?!" You can see my dilemma, right? Mom + Texting = Argument Waiting to Happen.

Napping.... getting my kids down for simultaneous napping is equivalent to winning the lottery. It almost never happens... to me. The difference I think, lies within my difference in parenting techniques with each child. Lake, my good sleeper, is a baby wise baby. He knows it's nap time after lunch, so he goes to his room and goes to sleep. Lennon has almost no schedule whatsoever, due to therapy sessions, and everything else I allow to get in the way, so she naps when it's convenient. She also HATES to go down for a nap... she cries and fights sleep so badly. Lake will sleep 3 hours, easy. Lennon.... we're lucky to get 1.5 out of her. I don't understand this... I love sleep. I would KILL to have a nap every day, no matter the time. Maybe Psycho Mom wouldn't appear so often if I did get proper rest.

Anniversary Weekend Getaway.... The hubster and I are going to Dallas for the weekend. We will be celebrating his birthday and our 7th wedding anniversary. We made it 7 years! Amazing. It wasn't without hard work, but we did it. Here's to many more! We have been together since April 1999. That's a really long time in dog years.

Every day I want to go do fun stuff, aka: buy stuff for my house, but I never do. How can I earn money, without selling products (Note: I am a terrible salesperson)?

Poop.... Lennon is the most constipated of anyone I know. We use Miralax and I swear it's a miracle drug. However, if I have given her too much "fibrous" foods and also given her the usual dosage of Miralax, it causes me severe anxiety. Poop is everywhere. Literally. It makes me want to curl into the fetal position and cry "Dear God, No! Why me?!" because changing her diaper is much like changing the diaper of a Copperhead Snake. She squirms and wiggles and kicks her feet in the poop. She rolls over with the quickness of an alligator wrestling it's prey. It's just not fun. Not that changing any poop is "fun", but you know what I mean.

Every time I think of eating a piece of cheesecake, I think of getting a tummy tuck and implants and the craving passes. Though, it resurfaces often, and with vengeance.

Pedicure.... I broke down and gave myself a mini-pedi. My feet no longer look like I have been in a concentration camp for 4 years. It's more like I was trapped on "the island" (R.I.P. LOST) for 2 years. I guess that's a step up, right?

Cheese makes your breath smell like dead animals. No really, it does. It's almost as bad as that smell your urine produces after you eat asparagus. Don't act like you haven't noticed.

Enough with all this randomness... Tornado Baby has awoken from her short slumber. Lake is still snoozing.... like a good little baby-wiser should. God love him. He might be an emotional whiny disaster most days, but he will always be my good little boy.

Recent Lake-isms (age 5):
"I want to quit my job and stay home with my kids. I'm tired of working all the time."
"I have a good idea, let's sit down with daddy tonight and go over my list of chores so you can start paying me to do them."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I like weird art. It's true, I do.
Now, with that being said, weird makes it difficult to sell. Booo!
Not a lot of weirdos out there like me.
Where can I sell this stuff? On Etsy?
How come people in this town are all about being "traditional"?
Sometimes, I just don't feel like I belong here.
I belong in NYC, with green hair, and a tattoo'd sleeve. I belong there. I am afraid if I visit, I may find my "click" and never come home. I hope my children get a feel for all things weird and embrace their momma's heritage.
I hope they learn how to express themselves through art. My parents never encouraged it. I think I could be so much more than I am, in that area of my life, if they had.
Am I a fool to think anyone would want my version of "art"?
Probably so.
Will I fail at this endeavor of life
Probably so.
Why do I care what others think?
Because others will be the ones to buy my versions of art. Others will criticize.
And I am more fragile than I care to admit.

Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Things

10 Things... I hate about food:
Not all of us were born with high metabolisms. Not all of us were born with the natural ability to crap out our food as soon as we eat it. Not all of us were born to be 5'11" tall. I am 5'5" on a good day. I have always had to work hard at loosing weight. Most everyone one on my mom and dad's side of the family has diabetes or thyroid or blood sugar issues. I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with Lake... so I am at risk for type 2.
1. Food is necessary to live. I wish it weren't or I would just never eat.
2. When I eat, I can't stop. It's like my brain won't tell my stomach it's full.
3. I crave sugar. Literally could break out in tears if I don't get it sometimes.
4. When I eat sugar, it makes me feel HORRIBLE.
5. "Good for you" food is not necessarily the food that makes you skinny.
6. Portion control.... who likes that?
7. Nutella is the devil.
8. Salads, if eaten every day, will make me gag thinking about the next meal... a salad.
9. There are sugar and carbs in fruit. What the!?
10. I love food. I hate that I love food.
I am down 10 pounds in 2 weeks! So proud of myself. If it weren't for my friend, Tara, meeting me at the gym, I could not do it. I thank GOD for her.

10 Things... I love about summertime: (trying REALLY hard to be positive here)
1. Lake is out of school (this could also be on the "10 things that make me crazy" list)
2. We can go to the park anytime we want
3. Movie day = Tuesdays. We are joining the Tinseltown Movie Club :)
4. Library day = Wednesdays. We are going to go read books and learn all kind of stuff!
5. Water play = Thursdays. I will put out the slip-n-slides, pools, & sprinklers!
6. Jungle Gym = This will be every other week ... most days we'll go to the park.
7. Vacations! We have a few things planned and I am *excited* about my "me" getaway!
8. Sun... all natural vitamin D... and I need a tan. I have not been in a sunbed in 3 years! If you know me at all... this in itself is a great feat.
9. BBQ's... not that I get all excited about the food... I mean, I do... but I love getting together with our friends and their kids.
10. We don't have to be anywhere by 7:50 am ...Now, if only Lennon would get this through her head and learn to sleep late.
To be honest, that took a long time to type. I hate summer time. It's hot. It's humid. It's miserable. I don't like my hair to frizz or curl up. I don't like to sweat in my good clothes. It's hard to "start running" in this Louisiana heat. Louisiana makes me glad I have Jesus in my heart.

10 Things... I am doing to better myself:
1. I bought a day planner. Don't ask me how many of these I own. I plan to actually USE this one. No, really I do. What, you don't believe me? Well, you have good reason :-/
2. Garage Sale... means gut the house of anything I don't use or need anymore.
3. Baskets, storage bins, files, storage furniture.... we are desperate for organization.
4. Working out / Running / Cardio... I miss the old me.
5. Better eating habits. 21 days makes a habit right?! God help me. No really, help me.
6. Vitamins... start taking them. I have a cabinet full of good intentions.
7. Wash my face before bedtime... I know MOST of you cringe at the thought of laying down without a clean face.... but I don't. I know, it sounds crazy.
8. Pedi's / Mani's... once we get passed all the layers I built up from being in that concentration camp, I am going to do my best to be more "girl-ish". I will also, need the Lord's help in this. I just have never cared much if my polish is chipped. I mean, a country girl can survive without perfect nails.
9. Read my devotional(s). I have been slacking and I can feel it. My attitude shows it, as well.
10. Celebrate... I want to celebrate every good thing. Stop taking things for granted, no matter how small they may seem. All the little things add up to big things.

Well, that is more of the plan for the summer and hopefully most or all of it will eventually bleed into real life and become the new me. Here's to a new life and new habits ... I am tipping my imaginary "40" in the memory of the old. Good riddance.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 4 L's

I have always called Lake my little "booger bear". I have shortened it to "boog", "booger", "boogy", and I am sure there are others depending on my mood. Just the other day he told me, "I don't want you calling me that anymore. My name is Lake." Wow. Gee, Lake, why don't you just slap me in face, and take my lunch money? Apparently, he is growing up and I don't like it one bit. He forgets, I am his mommy and I will call him what I please. I am thinking, now I shall refer to him as "little turd" ;) ... but we'll just keep that between you (blog world) and I.

Lennon.... I wanted to name her Birdie (You've Got Mail reference) so badly but Charles wouldn't have it. I then thought Leni was a great name. Charlie thought she sounded like a mechanic from New Jersey. So, we ended up with Lennon. Who also goes by "Lady Lennon", "Lennon Bug", "Little Bug", "Lil' Cobra" (her rap-star name) and "Bug". Today in therapy, Lennon threw a big fat tantrum. Straight up tantrum. She wanted the whole box of toys instead of doing the evaluation or even cooperating at all. We moved the box where she couldn't get to it and she threw her arms down in frustration, and burst into tears. Ridiculous. Sometimes I forget she is a toddler. Anyways, I tried to calm her by letting her sit in my lap and do motor skill exercises, but oh no, she would have NONE of that. She bucked around like a wild bull, straightening every muscle in her body and flipping out. FLIPPED OUT. She wanted down, she wanted those toys, she wanted a nap. God help us. That little bull did NOT want therapy today. Her new nickname is "Little Bull". This is also in reference to my childhood because I was donned "The Bull". Yeah, not very lady-like, I know.

Charlie and I are getting ready to celebrate 7 years of marriage on May 29th :) If any of you are dumb enough to believe marriage is easy, please seek counsel as soon as possible. More than 50% of couples who marry will divorce. Sad, but true. The longer you are together, the higher your chances of never splitting. I am *happy* to report, we have no intentions of ever divorcing. We don't even use the "D" word in our house, and never will. I give all credit to The Lord for our success. My husband is the best person to ever happen to me. He is also an excellent dad, and I think we do a good job at partnering to raise our children in a happy, educational, and Godly home. So, "Go us!" and "Thank you, Jesus!"

Right now, I am starting to embrace this new low carb / low sugar life. I have lost 8 pounds! (Woot! x 8) It is a long way from where I was and a h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a long way away from where I need to be, but every pound I will celebrate. I treated myself this past Sunday to whatever I wanted and on Monday, I was back on the horse. I think every Sunday, as long as I am still losing, will be a celebration. That way, I don't completely hate this new life.

Summer days are fast approaching and I am quickly realizing I have got to get a schedule down for Lake, Lennon and my adventures. I have to get my jogging stroller tires aired up. I have to get ready for a garage sale soon. I have to start my projects list. I have to spend loads of time outside because I need a tan. Like, bad, yo. I put the "scare" in "scary".

Words With Friends... I heart you. I just cannot get enough. I love winning and I despise losing. I am currently involved in at least 12 games at one time and I am losing at 2/12. Those two are the ones I concentrate on the most. I will stare at the board for an hour. I will contemplate each possible play, adding up point to find which word will get me closest to winning. I do not look in the dictionary. I do not use "cheat sites". I simply use my brain. I *hate* when people cheat. Sometimes you just *know* when people cheat... and I think you all know what I mean.

How to know when someone is cheating:
  1. You *know* they aren't that smart. (Sorry, but we just *know*.)
  2. They play words like, "the", "cat", "pickle" and then all of a sudden after 3-4 games of beating their knickers off, they come back playing words like, "faqir", "ogrish", "avower"... and scoring max score every time.
  3. You *know* they aren't that smart. (That was worth repeating.)
Charlie and I aren't movie or tv people. I take that back, Charlie isn't movie or tv people, but I am. I have given up a lot... a LOT... of my tv / movie time in order to keep the house somewhat descent and spend time with my kids / husband. In return, my generous and loving soul mate, Charlie, has given in to Netflix. In the past few weeks we have started to watch a TV series. It's called "24". Yeah I know the show is over, but we never watched it. So far, it's my "LOST" (R.I.P.) substitute. I am *loving* this show. It doesn't hurt that Keifer is easy on the eyes. Right?! I really like his voice. He will forever be a Lost Boy to me. I totally have a thing for vampires.

OK so this blog was pretty random and boring but I needed something to do to avoid the dishes while Lennon slept. She is waking and I am going to get back to real life. I hope everyone has a happy hump day. Toodles.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In My Head

In my head, my larger than average for a woman head, many thoughts swirl around.
Here are a few of them:

My friend Rebecca had her baby... a boy :) A mom for the first time. Gosh, it's just so great to see healthy babies born. It's even better to see good people have babies. Mr. Eli Wesson Sims is here and you can read his story here. He is precious in all his giraffe attire. I feel so bad for her because the labor/delivery went so badly they ended up putting her to sleep to take the baby out. Anyways, both are fine... and she said she is never having another baby again. I said the same thing after Lake. I think moms forget how horrible pregnancy / labor / delivery can be. It's so worth it though.... I mean if you like trying to lose weight over and over.

For Mother's Day, my darling hubster bought me a round-trip plane ticket to AZ to visit Rebecca and Aaron, and meet Eli! I am beside myself with excitement! Whooppee! I seriously could dance a jig. Iffin I even knew what a jig was.

Soooo.....Lake is sick. Booo. Hissss. He has Strep (*again*) and I swear if Lennon relapses, I will cut someone. Someone *will* get cut. I took him to the clinic today after we took his buddy (and partner in crime), Thomas Wade a birthday present. The party was at the Jungle Gym and Lake was absolutely beside himself that he could not go. He has asked me 407 times if the party was still going on. Dude, it's been like 6 hours... for his mother's sake and the children's safety, I hope not.

At the Dr I met a lady who was there with her sick daughter. She was really funny and had a great sense of humor. Being a small town, we knew some of the same people. We talked about kids, sicknesses, tee ball and school ...and then I look down at my leg. I am wearing my trusty black leggings and what do I see? Spit up. Thanks, Lennon... all down my leg. Gleaming cream on my black legs. How long has it been there? Enough time to dry and crust. Ugh. Oh the shame children will put you through. Yet when they become teenagers *we* embarrass them?! I finally understand my mother.... That's right, kids... It's called paybacks. Boo ya.

Anyways, we avoided direct talk about "shots", knowing already both our kids had Strep. So when the time came, for the throat swab, you would have thought they cut his tonsil out right then and there. He screamed better than the slut chick on Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was nearing shot time, and I thought I would go ahead and prepare him... ya know, let him know and he could understand why he needed it. For future reference, this is not good a parenting technique, so please do not try this at home. He immediately started screaming and continued to do so until the nurse came in with her hand behind her back... at which point I am almost certain Lake hit decibels that shatter glass. After it was all said and done, I a few bruises, and the nurse was sweating from trying to hold him down.

You must know, Lake cannot walk after he gets a shot. I mean, could you walk after that instrument of torture has nearly blown your leg off and into a billion pieces? At the pharmacy, waiting for his prescriptions to be filled, he was determined that he could not put any pressure on his leg or he would surely die... I have had rocephin (sp?) shots and I am pretty sure it's not that bad... but whatever. Since I was too exhausted from spending 3.5 hours at the Dr's office (and Charlie and I stayed up to nearly 2am watching the first season of 24... only to be awaken at 6am by a hungry Lennon) I decided to just put him in Lennon's umbrella stroller. Picture it, a tall 5 year old boy in a tiny umbrella stroller. I might as well give him a pacifier and a diaper. First thing out of his mouth, "Is anyone going to see me?" So at least we know he does have a little pride. I replied with, "Do you want to walk?" Of course not, so in the stroller he goes. Drama with a capital D, I tell ya. Now I have to make Lake an ENT appointment. He will probably get his tonsils and his adenoids out. I mean, Blue Cross / Blue Shield must love us... we really like to meet our insurance deductibles at least once a year.

Lennon is however doing good. She does have a stopped up nose so I am sucking it out with the bulb syringe. She is starting to get a little cough and Lake has been coughing. Per the Dr's orders, we will start breathing treatments on each, as preventative and to help with congestion. Yay... because I have all the time in the world to do breathing treatments.

Punta Cana is looking better and better... AUGUST, PLEASE HURRY. Fat or not I am going.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Project Run-away

The summer is nearing and I have so much I want to do.
Most of which starts with making my house feel and look more like "my" house instead of the builder's idea of what my house should look like. Charlie is busy improving our landscape and he is doing a smashing job. I always seem to have "projects in the making" but never finish anything... that will all change this summer. It's my life's goal to improve me. Take that, procrastination devil!

This is the front of my house... It's completely "traditional" and if you know me even a little, I am anything but traditional. If money were not an option I would paint it white, add wood columns and a porch. But we have yet to win the lottery.... we pretend to play every week. What gives?!
Project #1
Replace nasty flooring. UGH! Nothing makes me want bury my head in the sand more than my flooring. We plan to replace everything with new carpet in bedrooms, and dark grey lamanent everywhere else.

Project #2
Replace pantry door with an old screen door - preferably a red one. One reason, it will FORCE me to keep this area nice and neat. I am also going to start adding baskets on the shelves as storage.

Project #3
Paint the iron outdoor furniture I bought at a garage sale. I am going to paint it a light pink, so that it reflects it's heritage. I am going to replace the cushions with some sort of "vintage-like" cushions as well.

Project #4
Garage Sale. My neighborhood is having one June 4th. I better get on the ball. I will be selling most everything I can find in my house. Tons and tons of vases, picture frames, throw pillows, quilt and curtain set, and all my skinny clothes. Well, most of them.

Project #5
My front door WILL BE PAINTED... not sure of the color, as to the fact I hate my brick color. I would love to stain the brick a dark brown... At which point I would paint the door orange. But my brick is red so black is probably going to be the color of choice. I am open to suggestions.... anyone?

Project #6
My dining table has seen better days. I am painting it white. Chairs too... and I might even get crazy and try to find a set of old chairs at an antique shop. $$$$

Project #7
Lake's room is half way done. We are getting ready to buy him storage for his toys and other crap he collects. I am going to add shelves to his wall using "L" brackets and skateboards. Then I am making his curtains. Then I am going to add a Robot decal. He wants his room "Robots and Skateboards". Why does he have to be so difficult?

Project #8
Artwork in the den and my bedroom. I am going to get back into painting and trying other ways to be creative with artwork on my walls. I want to hang a big piece in my bedroom and a few big pieces in my den / dining room.

Project #9
Hardware.... all of the hardware in my house is hideous. Brass or silver... who knows, because each room might have two, or even three different styles. Who does that?! I am painting my cabinet knobs all green. Green will be the universal color for all around the house. A for door knobs... one day I will replace those.

Project #10
Lighting.... So, I am painting my brass chandeliers white. I am replacing the fans in the bedrooms with funky cool something or another's using lamp shades I find at Dirt Cheap.

I think that is enough to keep me busy and crazy... as if I needed any more crazy.
I hope to post before and after pictures!!
What will you be doing this summer? If you aren't busy, I can put you to work!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Poo" Is Priority

Oh. My. Gosh.
Where to begin....??!!
Just as I typed an all too pleasant "Thank you Jesus for sanity in the storm" Facebook status update... the storm quickly turned into a Flood Warning... without a warning.

I had just fed Lennon breakfast and thought, "Ooh she would really like a bubble bath this morning". So while I ran her water, I used the restroom. After washing my hands, I went to get her out of her high chair. I took her to her room, where I removed her diaper, and then took her to the bathroom.

THE TOILET OVERFLOWED. We have such issues with this toilet.... it has overflowed so many times, but never "over" the rim, we usually catch it and plunge it to death. This time, not so much.... Pee water was EVERYWHERE... I was not paying attention as I walked right into it... I looked on the ground and saw all the water flowing out and onto the floor... heading for the hall / carpet.

So, I threw naked Lennon in her pack-n-play and ran to get as many towels as I could. The water had finally stopped flowing out once I got in there... so I began to mop it up as best I could. As I was taking all 7 sopping wet towels to the laundry room... fully knowing I am now covered in not only Lennon's breakfast, but my own pee water. I shiver at the thought.

I pass Lennon playing naked in her pack-n-play.... "What is that familiar smell?" I ask myself... and with towels in tow, it hits me.... "OH **** Lennon pooped! Naked! In her pack-n-play!" I run, literally RUN, to the nearest hamper and drop the pee covered towels in. I sprint... literally sprint .... to her pack-n-play. My worst fear has come to life. POO EVERYWHERE, even on her toys. She has stomped in it and smeared it.

I pick her poo covered body up - holding her away from my pee covered body - and take her to the bath... where I scrub her down... then I put her diaper on. Now I have to go back to the poo-covered-pack-n-play and clean up that MESS. All the while, the pee water on the bathroom floor awaits me.

Not only do I have to clean the bathroom, but I have to scrub the tub, which was not in my plans today. Now I have to wash clothes which was not in my plans today.

Is this real life?!

Dear God... What just happened here?!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates & Whatnots

Bragging rights:
I am just so proud of Lennon :) She has done so extremely well with textured foods the last few days. She ate rice, a fruit strip, a breakfast bar, and ravioli... none of it was smooshed! She has started taking small bites! This may seem like small potatoes, but to a kid who has serious food texture issues this is huge! She still will not pick up food and eat it. She will pick it up, but it's not an easy task. When she does, she just wants to throw it. She likes to help me hold the spoon and bring it to her mouth, but if I try to help her grasp food with her fingers and bring it to her mouth she won't allow it. Weird. She is still learning to walk. We've started letting go of one hand, and you can tell she is not confident, but getting there. She is very unstable in her steps.

Mother's Day:
I have such a sweet family. They let me sleep late! He fed the kids and cooked a breakfast spread. Then he brought it to me in bed, along with coffee, and cranked up my favorite movie (thanks to Angela). Then, Lake brought me cute little drawings he and Lennon had made along with having a Tea Party in bed. I laid there relaxing and loving on my kids until 10am! Best morning I have had in a long while. As if that wasn't enough... My sweet Charlie got me the coolest mom's day gift ever ... a ROUND TRIP PLANE TICKET TO SEE REBECCA & BABY ELI! Yay! Excited doesn't even begin to explain it! I am supposed to go at the end of June. So I still have time to lose some weight so that the plane can lift off the ground.

Excercise and Dieting:
I have started a new way of eating and I am sticking to it. Low carbs and almost no sugar. I started walking today. I went to Kiroli Park and walked the trails with my stroller. Note to self: Must get jogging stroller out of the attic, or put Lennon on a diet. It was ROUGH pushing that heavy monster uphill and on rough terrain. I sweated like a wild banshee and it felt GREAT. The plan is to go there no less than 3 times a week. I am hoping we cancel our Anytime Fitness and join the Wellness so that I can go during the day and leave Lennon (God help us) in the daycare there.

Noises and Mischief:
Lennon has started making so many new noises... a loud squeal, "thsssh" sounds, and just a ton of babble. Still doesn't call me Mama :( But it's coming. I just know it. Drawers. She is now tall enough to reach kitchen and bathroom drawers and open them ... which leads to digging in with her fingertips and pulling out things like, scissors. (insert "gasp" here) She is a mess! She keeps me on my toes for sure.

Lennon is having her adenoids out tomorrow. I am praying this is the final surgery! I know it's a simple surgery, but Dr Mickey said the only problem is fitting the tools in ... her canals and mouth are small. Please say a prayer all goes well and smoothly. Also, my sister, Robin, is getting ready to have neck surgery. She was rear ended and it totalled her SUV. Not only did she have to get a new car, but she has been going to Physical Therapy for the damage in her neck. She had an MRI done and 3 different doctors told her it will have to be surgically fixed. Which means putting life on hold for 6 weeks. They will go in through the front of her neck to work on her spine and vertebrae. PLEASE keep her in your prayers. She is really devastated, as any of us would be. She has already been through so much. I know God has His reasons for allowing this all to happen, so I am praying she finds a peace in it all and learns a great deal more about His love for her and that a constant reminder of His promise is on her heart. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Anyways... that is about it on the home front today. I will update everyone about Lennon's surgery tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers. It's always scary when they put your baby to sleep. I know God is in control.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Enamour - Verb (used with object)

1. to fill or inflame with love (usually used in the passive and followed by of or sometimes with):

to be enamored of acertain lady; a brilliant woman with whom he became enamored.

2. to charm or captivate.

I am completely enamoured with my son, Lake. His heart, his smile, his passion, his silliness, the way he loves Lennon, the compliments he gives his mommy, the way he looks at his daddy with such pride in his eyes. He outshines even the brightest stars. He warms my heart so. Today, I went to "Muffins with Mom" at his school. I am pleased to announce my muffin top was not a major topic. I did eat ONE blueberry muffin, and Lake had one, as well… In which he followed up with, "This muffin is delicious" …because he's really 50 years old. I heart the moments I get to spend just he and I because they are so few and far between. He made me a pretty little Mother's Day gift, in which his teachers' passed out at breakfast. LOVE! Also, he answered two questions about his mommy: 1) What is something you and your mommy like to do together? Play Legos! 2) What is something you and your mommy like to eat together? Crescent Rolls with Nutella inside! Couldn't you just eat him alive?! Precious little monkey. And now, a scripture: (clears throat)

Psalm 127:3-5 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.



[kuhmf-tuh-buhhttp://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/dictionary/graphics/luna/thinsp.pngl, kuhm-fer-tuh-buhhttp://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/dictionary/graphics/luna/thinsp.pngl] http://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/g/d/dictionary_questionbutton_default.gif Show IPA


(of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease:

a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes.


being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease:

to be comfortable in new shoes; Idon't feel comfortable in the same room with her.


(of a person, situation, etc.) producing mental comfort or ease;

easy to accommodate oneself to or associate with: She's a comfortable person to be with

I am slowly realizing how comfortable I am with my "new life". It's become part of me instead of this "extension" of me. If that makes sense. Like, Lennon has always fitted us like a glove, but the whole DS thing just seemed like an extension, and it's becoming less and less of an extension and more of the whole picture. It's a progress... and I am ok with the results. Even on the hardest of days, I know at the end of it, we are better for it. It's a good feeling, this acceptance. Of course, having new and old friends to lean on who have been through similar situations is key. However, I am NOT comfortable is fat body. Ugh. Fat girl needs to leave and re-enter skinny girl. And now, a poem: (clears throat)

Skinny me, I scream and shout... drying, trying, clawing to get out,

Pound by pound, until I've won... battle of the bulge, until it's gone.


 - Adjective



of no use; not serving the purpose or any purpose; unavailing or futile:

It is useless to reason with him.


without useful qualities; of no practical good: a useless person; a useless gadget.

When I am confronted with news of death and dispair... I become like a deer in headlights. I can encourage through a tough time, because I know it's temporary... but with death, I lose all train of thought. Recently, a friend lost her infant child and I had nothing to say except, "I'm sorry". I felt such guilt that my kids were healthy, I prayed and asked God, "why her and not me?" It just wasn't fair. I have had no answers from God, so far as to why. Just a "trust me, I've got this under control". My heart is still heavy with that burden. Now, my brother-in-law is losing someone dear to his family. A precious lady, by the name of Joy. Joy recently found out she had Acute Leukemia and within a few very short weeks has been put on "comfort care" until she passes. I just have no words. You would think, losing my dad at such a young age, I would cope with death better than I do. Instead, I clam up and get silent (which is unlike me) and I just hurt for them. And now, a hymn: (clears throat)
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my soul. It is well, with my soul, It is well, it is well, with my soul.