Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving right along...

The last three weeks have been HELL on earth.
To put it lightly.
I am going to TRY to recap this the short version, but you know me... my mind starts running and my hands start typing and the next thing you know I am 2 paragraphs short a novel.
I am not even posting pics... because well they are all over facebook, twitter and instagram...
Also because I am lazy and looking at them makes me sad.

Monday 4/11 - Lennon started running fever... low, around 100.4 and kept it for about 3 -4 days. I would do Tylenol / Motrin and it would go away then a few hours later, return. She was a wee bit cranky and eating ok so I thought, teething.

Thursday 4/13 - I took her her into the doc anyways. "Virus" he said... no swabbing, nothing. 2-3 prior to that, she was in his office, he told me "her throat is red, similar to what we get as strep" still no swabbing. No ear infections.

Sunday 4/17 - (technically Monday) 1AM she starts puking, then diarrhea follows, then fever (102.5ish).

Monday 4/18 - I take her poo to him in 3 double layered bags (that is six layers) and you could STILL smell this crap (no pun intended). In his office, he cultures her poo (at my request only), and says "Virus.. let it run its course." Acute-gastro-something-or-another... aka bug in her belly.

Tuesday 4/19 - Dr King sees her about her old IV scar from Open Heart Surgery. It has a red ring around it. He says "It's probably from this rash she has... which looks to be Parvo B19". Do huh?! Isn't that what DOGS get?! "Yes, and no... B19, Fifth Disease, is the human strand. Call her pediatrician and let them know." This rash showed up 1 hour before our visit to Dr King. I called and left them a message. That night she got 104.2 fever and I took her to the After Hours. Confirmed 5th Disease, swabbed for flu. Negative on flu. She slept forever and would not eat.

Wednesday 4/20 - Made appt with pediatrician for late that afternoon. Cancelled because she took a turn for the better, I assumed it was "running it's course" right on outta there. Then within the hour... she declined... That afternoon I decided, we'll just go to the after hours again... because that whole day passed and she had slept 8 straight hours that day... refusing to eat, started back running fever, in which I could not get to break... so when I called pediatrician and they said, they are booked... I decided, no after hours, going to ER. Swabbed her for flu, RSV, yadda yadda yadda.... negative on all... So stopped up in her nose... Put her in a room with IV fluids and worked on trying to break the fever. That night around midnight I walked down to the nurse's station "I want her swabbed for strep". The next morning, she was swabbed... positive for strep. Though, her rash was definitely NOT scarlet fever rash. Still confirmed Fifth Disease and now Strep on top of that, and the stomach bug.

Thursday 4/21 - Still running fever. Started antibiotics / steroid to treat Strep.

Friday 4/22 - Fever finally breaks.

Saturday 4/23 - Neck / Throat start swelling, her tongue is hanging out all the way and is bubbling drool. Literally bubbles... very weird. She is having a very hard time breathing. She cannot hold her head up for more than 1-2 mins. Moved her to ICU. Did culture on her throat... Confirmed: Staff Infection.... on top of Strep... on top of Fifth Disease... on top of Acute-gastro-whatever.... and 2 ear infections. Stronger antibiotics, steroid.

Sunday 4/24 - Major difference in breathing. Made a turn for the better.

Monday 4/25 - Even more of a difference, started drinking bottles again. And at a little food! Moved us back to a room on the floor.

Tuesday 4/26 - Looking better.... eating more. Drinking more. ... pulled her 4th IV out... again. Started oral antibiotics. Put on "Isolation".

Wednesday 4/27 - Looking even better... still eating / drinking ... sent us home!

Not out of the woods... but getting much much better every day.

In ways this was more difficult than Open Heart Surgery, because I knew once she had surgery, she would be better. This not knowing what was killing her was killing me. I cried more than I have cried in a long time. So emotional, so in need of sleep. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours each night... mostly in 20 minute increments. One night, while she was in PICU, I knew the nurses were there round the clock so I snuck down to my room and got a snooze.

To be home, on my couch, in my bed, on my toilet, in my shower, opening my fridge, cleaning my floors, folding my laundry.... some things just cannot be taken for granted.

I know there were so many people praying and your prayers prevailed.
I cannot thank you enough, and especially those who helped out with Lake. Poor dude gets the back burner all the time to Lennon's sicknesses. I pray for him all the time, to have a softened heart... to not harbor jealousy.
God bless you, Pastor Beck, for stopping in praying God's holy word over our bug.... Knowing you had a newborn SON downstairs from us... Taking time out from that excitement means more than you will ever know. We were so weary... and growing faint in heart.
A million thanks to my friends who sent goodies and happies... they went to good use ;)
Thanks to those who stopped in on Saturday to check on us.... friendly faces and warm embraces help us to stay sane and realize we are cared for and loved during hard times.... Sometimes a fresh face, other than the hospital janitor, is just what the Dr ordered.
Thankful for sweet nurses and Dr's who truly care. My heart is full.

God is good people... and He is good, people ... We dodged yet another bullet...
I think I might start wearing a bullet proof vest and driving an armored vehicle.

As for my emotional / mental state...
Well, I keep sister attached to my hip and I'd Clorox her if I could.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I know you are thinking, "here she goes again, talking about drugs and usage" but you are wrong. This blog is completely pointless. Yet, fun. My husband told me yesterday when he kissed me goodbye as he was leaving for work, "You would live in a fun house if you could." It's fun! I love it, so fun! he said as he mocked me. Bears, my dear... remember what happened to the children in the bible? ... bears ;)

1. Blogs. I spend so much time searching new blogs and reading the blogs I follow. It's crazy to think there are people I have "known" for ten years or so and have never met. Yet, I know so much about their life. It's crazy to think I converse back and forth with some of these people, via phone, email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, or even Words With Friends - yet I have never actually seen them face to face. Weird. But I like it. If it weren't for blogs and such, I might never have found these gems. They are the perfect addition to my-so-called-life.

2. Nutella. This goes without saying if you have actually tried it. For those who have not... what is your problem? It's probably even good on chicken. I might try that next. (Updates to come) Get it. Love it. Thank me later. The end.

3. Photography. I will never be a photographer. Mostly because most everyone I know is. But, also because, well I do not have a talent for it. However, I LOVE it. I love finding new photographers and seeing how they are different from others. I love looking at each person's way of catching children in their innocence.

4. Caffeine. It's bad, I know. But I don't ever plan on giving it up. I take it however I can get it. It keeps me sane and allows me to put thoughts together that are more scattered, if that's possible, without it. I am a basket case without it. Let's be honest, I am a basket case anyhoos, but without it, I am down right ridiculous and a little scary. No need to scare the children, just give me my drinky drink and watch me run circles of crazy around you.

5. Teal. It's the perfect combination of green and blue. I will take it in any hue or shade. Love it. It makes me happy, makes my eyes pretty, compliments my hair and skin, and it looks great on furniture or walls. It's the best accent to any wardrobe or home. I think heaven is going to be loaded with it. Indulge yourself in teal. I do, frequently.

6. Hands. Not the ones on your body, but porcelain hands. I actually like metal and wood hands as well. I love how random and weird they are. I do not like "things with faces" but I love a random hand. I told you I was weird.

7. Spray paint. My bestie, Gypsy always says, "Spray paint can cover a multitude of sins" and she couldn't be more right. I would spray paint my floors if my husband would let me. And I would probably do it in teal. I keep spray paint in stock. God, help me, if they ever stop making spray paint.

8. Coconut anything. Coconut coffee creamer, cake, lotion, body spray, home scents, sun tan oil, coconuts... You name it, I will like it. Smells like heaven. I think heaven will be loaded with teal and smell like coconuts. Oh, I just got a **shiver** of excitement.

9. Tattoos. I love it. I want a "sleeve" but fat people just don't look good with tattoo sleeves. Sad, but true, people. So permanent, so artsy, so lovely. I love them. It's a "good hurt". Like you have accomplished something by going through the pain... and there there is this really beautiful creation on your arm. One day, I say... one day I will have the "sleeve" or at least something big and swirled around my forearm. (secretly praying my husband jumps on board)

10. My husband. I am addicted to him.... not like in a "I can't leave his presence or go anywhere without him" way, but more along the lines of "I am so in love with him" way. No, I don't get all ooey gooey over him, like some people on Facebook (Yeah, I'm talking about you!). Occasionally, I will post a sweet on his page to remind him I was thinking about him and that he is appreciated. He has been such a solid in my life over the past 12 years. He is truly the one thing, other than God, I know I can count on to help me see "the bright side". He is more patient than I, stronger willed than I, and more laid back than I - Thank God for that, or we would have a house full of crazy. He is the funniest person I know... and if you know him, you will agree. (You can follow him on Twitter @tweetchucktweet - even his Twitter name is funny because I bugged him about getting a Twitter... "Tweet Chuck, Tweet!")

So basically this is a random and pointless blog ... but I needed something to do to avoid the chaos in my bedroom. Ugh - laundry I hate you. Hope everyone is having a good day. Peace out.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Little miss thang has a few favorites.... "Bunny" (Yes, original name, I know) has been a favorite since birth. Recently acquired "Shovel" (mommy stepped in "bucket" and her fat foot broke it) as a chew toy and "Little Quack" is the cutest book from her Great Aunt Denise. She LOVES this book. We read it every day several times. She giggles every time I point and say "Bees". Not sure if it's the goofy way I say it or what? She also pointed to the butterfly when asked today - which was a FIRST! :) **Happy Dance** Love my miss thang. She amazes me with her smarts every day.
I took the advice of a friend and started (during the winter) a journal for things I wanna try with my wardrobe. Shamefully, I have only entered 3 items... and all are for the WINTER. I just cannot make myself enjoy or even look forward to this summer. SO FREAKIN HOT. I despise sweating in my good clothes. So, it might just pile up with winter wardrobe ideas until I move to somewhere cooler. At which point, I will probably long for a warm summer LA day. Nah, not a chance.
Craft night with Lake. Tonight we are "modge podging" (fully aware I say it incorrectly) a box for his teacher, Mrs. T for "Teacher Appreciation Week". The whole class put $ in for a gift but we wanted to do a little something from just Lake. Mrs. T is wonderful and puts up with his motor mouth every day. It's the least we can do.
Books... I am currently picking back up an old book from my friend Rebecca Sims (previously Rebecca Nibbe.... Charlie nick named "Becky Nibble" and that still makes me laugh). The book is "Praying the Scriptures Over Your Children" and I absolutely love it. There is nothing more powerful than God's holy word and speaking it directly over your children and their life... calling out any obstacle and claiming greatness and His will for their life. I am still reading "God Loves Ugly" by my friend (glad to finally call her that :), Christa Black. She has always had a gift of writing and a gift of talent with instruments and her voice. So happy she is bringing it all together in a cd/book combo... One I HIGHLY suggest to any woman, girl or even teenager.
Lake is my creative cat. He is always doing something clever... Like finding ways NOT to eat. Here is one example... "Mommy, I made a man out of my pizza". Last time it was the letter L.
I love that toot. He makes me laugh even when I want to put him in a corner for wasting good pizza and money - ha!
Baseball season is here! Can I get a woot woot?! He is so stinking handsome. I just cannot get enough of him. I am so thankful our team colors are great. I have seen some really NOT SO GREAT uniforms out there! Ugh! And Navy looks good on me... because you know I have my "LAKE'S MOM #25" t-shirt. Wearing it with pride, baby. You know what else rocks... knowing he is playing with or against all his little buddies. God totally worked it out that myself and so many of my friends would have our baby boys at the same time. Totally unplanned by us and completely unique.

Daddy with his baby girl. He truly is a great dad and so loving. He wanted a baby girl for so long. Almost makes me feel bad for pushing back and saying "I'm not ready". But when the time came, God knew what we needed and there she is :)
So I try to make my way into the "Moms of Kids with Down Syndrome" world. I reached out to one mom... who has the MOST ADORABLE little boy, named Nash (rockin' name!). Nash happens to be the same age as Lennon and has an older sister who happens to be the same age as Lake. And as you can see, Lake and Anna hit it off just fine... We caught them holding hands at the park! I might need to reign this little ladies man in a bit. Makes me nervous with all his smoothness and cuteness. Lennon loved loved LOVED hanging out with Nash. She smiled and giggled and "talked" up a storm to him. She also ended up with a sunburn this day... Boo!

My goof ball of a son. He really is a card. Charlie took him out to see the "Super Moon" a few weeks ago. I will say, that sucker was bright. Felt like day time on my street. Weird.... and pretty cool at the same time.

Lennon bug and I had lunch with Lake at his school on his birthday. He was so surprised and excited. He loves showing off his baby sister too. He asked me just this morning, "Mommy, do you think you could bring Lennon by my school today to show her off to my friends. They would love to see her!" He melts my heart!

OK, and I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY the lower half of this post is underlined and I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW to fix it. Deal with it.
Lennon Bug is having her much awaited birthday party this weekend. WOOO! So excited! There will be a little area set up for the little girls to have a "tea party" and there will be loads of cupcakes, candy and all kinds of sugar :) Thanks to all my girl friends and their help in getting this party started!

Rebecca is about to embark on the motherhood journey. Baby Eli is due very soon :) I cannot wait to see Rebecca in action as a mom. However, Rebecca has no clue what Garbage Pail Kids are. How is this possible? Probably because she is almost 10 years younger than me -- booo.
So, I wanted to share these with her so that she can hunt them down on ebay and collect them all for baby Eli. Rebecca, you also need to know there is a movie... Garbage Pail Kids the Movie... and it is fabulous. Buy it... find out what really is in Pandora's box.

So anyways... that is what's going on and has gone on in the past few weeks... I am about to jump in the shower and put little miss down for a quick nap before I head off to get Lake from school. I guess I will get there a little early so we can "show her to his friends".
Peace out, blog world.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Life at the Zoo

Hanging Out at The Zoo.
Right now, Lennon is having Speech Therapy. I am taking a step back and letting them work with her without me in the room. Two reasons, I can still "watch" and I think it's going to be good for her. You must know, this is also a nice "break" for mommy. A much needed one, at that. I did however, warn them about the "Cobra Strike" (Thanks, Andrea! for giving it a proper name). She will have your eyeball in her paws in a matter of seconds. Not an exaggeration.
She is a climber. Girl can climb. She is amazingly determined to scale anything. Including, but not limited to backwards flips on and off the changing table. A monkey she is. Changing clothes, diapers, fixing hair.... all of this has suddenly become a great feat to complete the task at hand. You gotta bow up with her. Like, really work your muscles.
Feeding time is taking a turn for the better! I just cannot thank Him enough. Answered prayers and a lot of hard work. Few texture issues! Like, slim to none, people! However, the Cobra Strike will have the spoon, and all food particles, on all parts of the house, and me. Nothing is exempt. Nothing. Now, if we can just get her to put the food in her mouth on her own :/

The Zoo Is Expanding.
I am an aunt - again! A new little monkey has arrived in the form of Miss Adleigh Jane. Precious isn't she? So perfect and beautiful. I will be keeping this doll in 6 weeks when her mommy, my sister, goes back to school, returning from Maternity Leave. I still cannot believe my baby sister has a baby. CRAZY. Now, she knows... she knows what all the other mommies know... that there is NOTHING like the love you have for your child. She knows what it's like to cry for no reason, other than the fact that you are simply in love. She knows now, what it's like to look at other moms that don't "measure up" and think "Why? Why would you not do everything in your power to protect and nurture this angel?" She knows now, what it means to have your heart walking around outside your body.

The Monkeys Are Loose.
...and wreaking havoc in my brain. So the other day, while I was putting on my face, I was in my usual "I'm in a hurry and don't know why" mode (sung in tune to Alabama's song)... I dropped the bottle of base, which hit the ground, bounced ...and hit the ground again... and bounced.... not one, not two, but three times... All the while spraying everything within a 10 foot radius. Including, but not limited to, my dress, my leggings, my feet, the wall, the trim, the cabinets, the floor, the carpet, the door, the door jam.... And then, like the 10 year old me...who sat in the driveway, heart broken because momma forgot remove my Teddy Bear (the last gift from my daddy before he died) from the back of the Suburban, where it had been drying in the hot LA sun after it's "bath". Momma drove away... So there I sat, on the floor of my bathroom, covered from head to toe, amongst a spray of Classic Ivory N2, resembling the crime scene of Tammy Faye Baker's hypothetical death ... and I cried.... Because it's was perfect end to a really crappy four days. Four of the days on Spring Break were crap. Literally. Lake got Strep. We had to drive home early, and Lennon screamed 4 solid hours in the car on the way home from Dallas. I stopped six times before I crazy thoughts and got a hotel 1.5 hours from our house because I simply could not go on. The next day, I was throwing away some things and I fell in the trash can, due to exhaustion. Yes, you read that right... I fell in. In.The.Trash. People, do you know how disgusting that is? Ugh. It is funny and scary at the same time. I had never been so tired. I just leaned over a bit and kept going.
Yesterday I found out a friend's baby died... I cannot type much about this without crying so I will just say this. Few can understand the pain.... Please pray for this family.
Oh but the drama doesn't stop there... in true "Dramanator" fashion (RIP Xanga)... this morning, my car wouldn't start. 'Oh joy!' (note: sarcasm) I thought joy came in the morning? Typical Monday. I can only hope it starts when I go to pick up Lake from school and take Lennon to the ENT today. Her earplugs aren't working and I am afraid it's leaking into her ears - not good if your kid has tubes!

So here I am blogging... because the laundry is .... dare I say it... "Almost" caught up. But only because I have an AMAZING husband. Seriously folks, he knows I my crazy and he loves me anyways. Today I celebrate him because 12 years ago on this day we met.. and had our first kiss.... and my life has been the better for it. He might not have known the future ...and I am positive if he did he would have ran for the hills. But I have him now... all trapped in marriage and crazy ;) Ha! I love you Charlie Davidson. More than you know.