Sunday, March 6, 2011


1. I am not a very nice person. I try, but honestly it's very hard for me to be all ooey gooey sweet.

2. I am always tired. Maybe that has something to do with me not being nice all the time.

3. I have lost 5 pounds on the Hairy Rosie O challenge between my friend and I.

4. I just ate two chocolate chip cookies and two uncooked ones as well. Hmph.

5. I use the term "gay" too loosely and I mean NO HARM. Just a very bad habit.

6. I feel like throwing myself an adults only party just for making it through this week without hitting someone. Lennon + Croup + Bronchitis + 2 ear infections + a trip to ER + a trip to ENT finding puss oozing out one ear + teething = Mommy's losing it. Mommy. Is. Loosing. It.

7. Confession: It has been almost one year (May 2) since I have had a pedicure or manicure. I feel like a troll. I look like one too. But when do I have time or $ to spend on myself?

8. I am so far behind on planning Lennon's FIRST birthday party - I just cry thinking about it. Almost want to cancel it just out of frustration. Yes, it's that bad. Parties are expensive :(

9. I made a really good lunch today - Mexican Meat-zza Pizza (saw it on Rachel Ray 30 minute meals back in 2004).

10. Had a good visit from my mom today. It was nice. She has done really well the last month. I am very proud of her.

11. Somehow the laundry is all backed up again. I can't even find a clean bib. Ugh!

12. I am the only one awake in my house again for the second time in two days. Unbelievable. I love the silence. I crave it.

13. The neighbor is getting a new fridge. There is a big Lowe's truck out front.

14. I want to live on 3-5 acres so bad. I want to air-dry my laundry on a line in the sun.

15. Lake is getting so much better at t-ball. MAKES ME SO PROUD! Especially since last year basically was the most boring games I have ever been to. Mostly because the kids were just too young and coaching sucked as well.

16. I am afraid of how many 5 hour energy drinks I could drink if I didn't have self control. I limit myself to one.

17. Lennon is waking from her nap. So much for quiet ;)

18. Lake did not eat all his lunch so he will not be going to the movies tonight with his Aunt Robbie and cousin Nora Kate. He really needs to learn to eat.

19. I can make Lennon giggle so hard my eyes water from laughing with her.

20. Thinking about that put a smile on my face.

21. I still have not gotten Lake's birthday present and his party is this weekend. Procrastinate much?

22. I have a really cute coffee table and I need to move it because Lennon's left nostril looks like she has leprosy from slamming into it. I don't have anywhere to put the table.

23. Charlie and Lake came home from the grocery store with a bag full of bomb pops. Those are my favorite!

24. I am surprising myself with how content I am about Lennon having Down Syndrome. Yes, there are days I want to throw bricks at windows because it does make things so much more difficult. However, I do think it is a blessing to view the world through her eyes. It's so worth the trouble.

25. Reminds me, I gotta take her and myself to an eye doctor appointment very soon.

26. I said I would never sun bed again, but the warmer the weather the more I am tempted. Don't judge.

27. I wish Facebook would allow you to opt out of things, like when people add you to mass messages.

28. My husband swore he would never Twitter. He is now a full blown addict.

29. Charlie is covered up, napping, with a big furry brown blanket. It's like I'm snuggling with a giant bear. I love it.

30. I think I am going to try to nap now.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, we are *so* similar!

I am also not a very gooey-nice person. And I'm tired all the time. Connection? Possibly. :)

Andrew doesn't eat well either. It drives me NUTS.

I saw you are into Babywise. ME TOO! Love it and used it for all my kids, though it was a little tougher for Benjamin b/c of his surgeries.

Valerie told me your kids' birthdays, and that's when I about flipped.

Andrew will be 5 on March 24, and Thomas will be 1 on March 25. CRAZY that it's only one day off from your kids. (But Benjamin, my son w Down syndrome will be 3 on April 24.) STILL--Wow!

Okay, time for bed so I won't be so tired tomorrow. And maybe I'll try to be nicer, too. :)