Monday, March 7, 2011

Come What May

Come what may, my love will never change.
It is all up from here... right?!
I am choosing to be in a better mood today.
I have that power.
Seriously... it's much needed, considering the past week or so.

Attacking the camera... LOVE HER!
She cannot stand me to have the camera blocking my face.
I guess my phone was a little more inconspicuous.
She climbs all up in the lens trying to get to me ... makes it very hard to take pictures.
But it is fun wrestling with her... she giggles the whole time!
She looks just like Lake here ;)
Doing her model pose... she is totally rocking this dress, bow and boots.

Rain or Shine - so glad she is mine... and she suits me just fine.
In This Wonderful Life is doing a giveaway...check out her blog!

Lennon bug is walking with her walker more and more every day!
Words cannot express how proud I am of my determined little toot toot!
I CANNOT believe she is about to be a year... it seems like yesterday we were having heart surgery and now just look at her - so big!

I wish so badly I could get on video two things... 1) her expression when we start the "Signing Time" vidoes... She goes nuts! Laughing and flailing her arms! Hysterical! 2) her watching the SPROUT morning show. When Chica comes on she talks to it... and giggles. It is the cutest EVER!

Happy thoughts, people... keep 'em going.
Life is too short to walk around pissy.



lindsey lowe said...

she is so precious!! love her and her model pose. :)

Duncan Family said...

Love the Pics and the quote at the bottom about being pissy! that needs to be my motto!