Monday, February 7, 2011

Life is Good

Right about now is the time where I should get in a real big hurry and clean like a psycho, but too much on my already wandering mind means it's blogging time. Blogging relaxes me.

Weekend wrap-up
Friday came and went and honestly I couldn't tell you what we did... Is that bad?
Saturday I went to an over-priced Estate Sell, then we had dinner with friends. Carla and her precious boys, and Caroline and her adorable family.... Chili might be my absolute favorite meal ever. Caroline was gracious enough to cook it up right and my belly was happy! Much coffee, brownies and laughter later, the night ended with Caroline's little boy, Lake's buddy Brayden, cannon balling off the top bunk and nearly breaking his back. Thank God it was just a nasty scratch - one in which, I am sure will bruise nicely.
Sunday was church, bridal shower, then Super Bowl party. I donned a giant block of cheese on top of my head... a first for me. Then I left the party a bit early because I wanted to snuggle my bug all to myself in a quiet house. She never wants to lay and snuggle any more. She is all play, that one. Rocking, she does, but laying she doesn't much.... until last night. She talked and giggled all the way home from granny's. I was sure she would be fast asleep as we hit the road, but she surprised me. Once our jammies were on and we were snug in my bed, she crawled over to me, hunkered down beside me in the dark, laid her arm over my chest and before I knew it, all was quiet in the house, except the slow sleepy breaths from my little star. I found myself smiling in the dark. At that moment, in euphoria.... I started to miss my Lake. A few minutes later, he and Charlie came home and Lake went off to bed. I heard Charlie tell him, "Shhh. Don't wake mommy and Lennon". Once Charlie climbed into bed, I scooped Lennon bug up and took her to her room. After I was back in my bed, Charlie said, "With this weather, I bet Lake will be sneaking in here." Before he could finish his sentence, a sweet little voice pierced the dark, "It's thundering and lightening outside." We all giggled and he jumped between us until the weather calmed. Lake said, "We're like a sandwich, you and daddy are the bread and I am the ham!" Never a dull moment with that one.

So morning is here and even though it is NEVER a smooth one... I am choosing to think of all the cuddles I got last night... and all is right in the world.


lindsey lowe said...

sweet! i love this post. i bet that lennon is a great snuggler.

Aaron said...

I find your writings to be very relaxing and pleasant. Love your kids - hug them, kiss them!
Keep writing!