Monday, February 7, 2011

Catch Me, I'm Falling

A few days ago I read THIS ... and I was reminded of my own "Net". No, I don't have a cute little name for you all and to list each one would take too long and I would most likely get all ADD and forget someone and some feelings would be hurt.

The bottom line is... you caught me when I was falling.

Ten short months ago, I needed you all and you were there in one way or another.
Through, heartache and heartbreak and healing.
Through tantrums and fear and tears.
You all rallied around me, with hugs and support and food and conversation and cups of coffee.
With emails and calls and cards and gifts and visits and so much more.
You held my bug in your heart and my family in prayer.
You wouldn't let me throw in the towel when I didn't even know if I was breathing.
When my faith wanted to fail me, you didn't.
Thank you seems so petty in comparison to all that was done.
I thank my God for you.

We have come full circle because of you.

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LP said...

I learned that a "net" is very very important...especially when you feel your faith has failed you...I didn't have much of a "net" thru everything so count your blessings!!! :) Love ya!