Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last night Santa came and Santa went - undetected, yet again. Leaving behind a trail of his presence in the form of tighter waistbands, thicker thighs and a few Christmas goodies for a few Christmas Cuties... named Lake and Lennon. As Lake gets older, he seems to be torn between "what did I get for Christmas" and "Christmas is Jesus' Birthday". As parents we are constantly trying to put the emphasis on the Birth of a Savior part. I feel each year, we might need to slack off in the gift department and start focusing more on who can we bless today. Traditionally, we buy him three gifts every year - one "good" gift and two decent gifts. He knows the reason for the "3"... because when Jesus was born, 3 Wise Men brought him each a gift... frankincense, myrrh and gold.
Ever since Lake's first Christmas, I started a Davidson family tradition... Lake and I bake a cake for Jesus' birthday, light the candles and our little family sings "Happy Birthday" to our Savior. This year was no different. I am excited that Lennon gets to experience this with us.
And while you might think I am Martha Stewart in the kitchen (so many do), you couldn't be more wrong. I am a terrible baker! Cooking I can do... Baking I cannot. My cookies are usually burned, my cakes are falling apart, even my cobblers are tasteless messes of dough-y grossness. However, my son thinks I am the greatest and that is all that matters.
My mom was unable to join us this year due to a terrible bacterial infection in her stomach / intestines.... one that landed her in the ER twice. Two days in a row. It was not the same without her ... but we had a wonderful visit... three families combined into one... my husband, Charlie's family, my entire family and my brother-in-law's mom. Blessed, we are.
Lennon loved ALL her gifts, Lake was thrilled with everything new and all bellies are full beyond capacity. Life is good on the home front.
And though you might be thinking this will be a long post about a bunch of sappy Christmas lovin' ... again, you will be wrong... because I am slap exhausted.
Lennon is still wheezing, even while on breathing treatments for a week, and I am getting up early to take her to the clinic - missing church AGAIN. So with spit up on my sweater, green icing under my fingernails and knowing my boots have been on for entirely too many country girl hours....
I bid farewell and a good night to all. I am off to watch "The Chronicles of Narnia" snuggled next to my Booger Bear until we both fall deep into a turkey coma.
Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night.