Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Empty Hens' Nests

The weekend came and the weekend went... and it went out with a bang. Two bangs actually, two ear infections smack dab in the middle of my bug's ears. Boo. Boo, hiss. Though they are all that linger of the weekend, the memories we made will last for a lifetime. A much needed girls trip to celebrate two birthdays.... Mine and Nikki's.

Relaxation and laughter are all I need to have a good time. And a new pair of boots. Make that two pair. And the Tigers winning by the skin of their teeth, yet again.

After a long wait in Car Wash West, I got my oil changed and my ride cleaned because I wouldn't as much let a dog ride in it, much less my friends. Oh how my ride must loathe me every chance it gets. It is dubbed the MILK DUD for more reasons than necessary.

And after a good cup of Joe and a shot of 5 hour energy, we hit the open road... all but screaming with delight like little girls on Christmas morning. Nikki and I drove and talked and talked and drove and talked and laughed and laughed and talked all the way to Dallas... sharing life stories and giggling at such n such and singing Britney Spears simply because we can.

Once we arrived to the big D, we had lunch, and I introduced Nikki to a good friend, IKEA. I am pretty sure they hit it off just as I thought they would. And life long friends they will be. All the while, my toll tag was sported proudly in the window like bling bling, because I'm chill like that. Oh D, how I have missed thee and thee hath missed me.

The day came and slowly went, and the sun fell on D... bringing to life the lights and the skyline I love. We headed to the hotel, luggage in tow, ready to primp and shine and dine. Though my hotel bed was a bit on the dramatic side... doing everything it could to wound us, but we made it work and we didn't complain because we didn't have a complaining bone in our bodies at this point. Why? Because we were on vacation. When the flat iron was hot and my new eyeshadow was making it's way onto my face, and we were anticipating the arrival of the other half of our all girls getaway gang.... that's when we got the call.... Ashley called, and while I just knew she was going to tell me she was downstairs in the lobby... she surprised me with, "Taryn... it kills me to do this ... But, we are lost. We have been driving around and paid the same toll lady twice. Can you come get us?" And after much, and I do mean MUCH laughter... I drove all of 50 yards to where Ashley and Jennifer were parked and showed them the way to their home away from home.

The gang left dinner to be decided upon me... so I chose my favorite Mexican restaurant, Blue Mesa Grill... I ate all the sweet potato chips and smoky salsa my heart and belly could handle. Shortly after we arrived, a friend from back home met us there and the five of us shared much laughter and many wise cracks until the waiter came to announce the kitchen was closing. That was our cue. Time to go. So we left and said our good byes... until next time. Though the night was young, alas we were not. We drove and drove and drove and drove, looking for trouble but trouble must have aged with us... and after much adieu about nothing... we opted for stretchy pajamas, sans the over shoulder boulder holders, and late night chats during a risky game of Go Fish amidst our hotel sheets. It was just what the doctor ordered.

The morning greeted us with a Starbucks in our hotel lobby. I had my usual, Hazelnut Breve. Soon after, we hit the city on a mission.... our mission? Sam Moon... And to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. I nearly bought a hat, a hat that would turn out to be a mistake, as almost all hats are. (Insert "You've Got Mail" quote... Check!) After I nearly had a nervous breakdown in Sam Moon, not because of all the girlie whose-its and whats-its galore... but because the place is similar to a scene out of Animal Kingdom... lionesses on the prowl, looking for small slow gazelles to prey on. It's amazing how a good sale can take a nice old blue hair and turn her into Medusa, the snake haired witch. After our visit to Animal Kingdom was done, we shoe shopped til we dropped... and we landed at California Pizza Kitchen with a table full of appetizers and pizza. Then we shoe shopped some more until we plopped our tired kidless, and husbandless bodies in the AMC theater for a chick flick... a sappy romantic comedy with a little bit of eye candy. And after we shoe shopped, yet again, I finally found a pair of boots that would "do" until I could feel good about shoveling over $350 on the boots I really wanted ... the boots I know will make my heart sing. High Boots Davidson, strikes again. Twice.

Then it was off to the hotel for a freshen up and change of clothes... sportin that Purple and Gold. Our friend, Summer, met us for dinner.... and we lived it up like a bunch of bachelors with chicken wings, french fries, onion rings and football. And when I jumped up screamin and hoopin and hollerin for those Tigers, my chair flew backwards and fell over, nearly taking down a waiter carrying a tray of drinks.... still, I didn't care. My Tigers won!

The next day was filled with Pappadeaux's and more Starbucks.... and then the ride home... That is where we saw the biggest rack of antlers I have ever seen and the most unattractive man on a motorcycle with a his shirt poofed out like a balloon. Many more laughs... a four hour road trip full of HeyTell shout outs, old school rap and an entire round of Britney Spears' greatest hits.... home was looking better and better... because my booger and my bug were needing my hugs and I was needing theirs.

Then I got the call, she was running fever and crying... she NEVER cries. I knew something was wrong. I have heard her cry three times... once when she got her shots, once when she got her leg stuck in the crib slats, and once when she didn't want her momma to put her down after her momma had been in Cancun for a week. She wouldn't eat and I couldn't get there soon enough. I took her to the after hours clinic where "Doctor Aunt Robbie" checked her out and told me she had not one but two ear infections. My heart broke. I knew she was in pain... she moaned and moaned and whined... but when she would look at momma and smile through those swollen eyes... I would melt.

I am home with her today, still running a little fever, and shoveling meds down... I am getting all the snuggles I can from a sick and sleepy baby bug. Just reminiscing of the fun filled weekend I had and all the memories that were made....
I couldn't love my life and my friends more. It's absolute bliss when you have those you can be 100% yourself and they still love you. Even if Nikki thinks I need intervention for all my ADHD flaws ;)
Love you girls... and thanks for a wonderful birthday weekend! 21 and holding!