Monday, July 26, 2010

Living the Snug Life

I feel so cheery right now. At this moment, I am reflecting on the snuggles I received last night. I had snuggled with my bug for a while before I laid her in her bed for the night. After she was fast asleep and off to dream land, where sleepy grins live on her face without her knowing, my booger told me he wanted to snuggle before he went to bed. I offered to rock him in the rocking chair of Lennon's room if he could be quiet while she slept. He excitedly obliged. We sat there rocking in silence, when I realized, he is so big. He is almost my height... well not almost, but close. Lake is now 42 inches tall and I am 65 inches tall. He is barely four years old and I know soon he will pass me up. He will always be my baby boy. He is growing so fast... and just as I was about to tell him how much I loved him, he looked up at me and whispered, "You are such a sweet mommy." My heart was immediately mush and with tears in my eyes, I said "I love you more than anything in this world." Then, I put his big boy self in his big boy bunk bed and kissed him good night.

This morning, my alarm sounds to awaken me from a deep slumber. It is the sound of church bells. I love hearing them because it reminds me of my grandmother's house in 'Strop City (that's Bastrop for everyone else). When I was younger, she lived close enough to a church with a bell tower that would sound every hour. I can remember perfect spring days out on her porch. Enjoying life, drinking sweet tea and swinging on the porch swing. It gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it. I long for the day I have a house with a porch, surrounded by land and trees... neighbors far away... nothing but the sound of birds and bees and my kids chatting about silly things that make them laugh or what happened that week ... a place where me and my love and our booger and bug can sit and swing or rocking our chairs, drinking lemonade and sweet tea.

I love nothing more than to snug up with a soft blanket on the couch in a cold house, warm hazelnut coffee in hand, and a good something to read. As I type, sitting next to me is a large mug of warm hazelnut coffee topped with Redi Whipped Cream and I am missing my friend. I miss our late night chats. I miss our good cries and most of all, our hearty laughter .... mostly at what a moron I am. I am seeing a road trip in my near future.

This past weekend, I spent more time with one of my oldest and dearest "besties" than we have spent together in probably 10 years. It made us both realize how badly we needed that reconnection. It also made me wish so badly she lived here. She snuggled my bug all day. I know Lennon was in snug heaven. She loves nothing more than snuggling and attention. I wish her boys knew me... like really KNEW me... not just as that lady that accidentally broke my arm. Ok, so I didn't break it... it was a mutual breaking, involving a 4 year old jumping on my back and me rolling over before he could land again. Followed by a trip to the emergency room. Followed by a visit two years later, where he politely said, "Do you remember when you broke my arm?" and me saying "I remember when you jumped on my back and I rolled over and you landed on your arm and it broke." Kids, they are so clever.

I realize again today how truly blessed I am. I have an amazing husband who makes me laugh and see the world as one big joke. I have two amazing children who steal my heart with one look. I have amazing friends who will cry with me, laugh with me and hold me accountable without judgement. I have a God who loves me as I am, while teaching me to love myself, in spite of myself. On days like today I realize my life might be perfect, even when I am not.

"Today was a good day." - Ice Cube