Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jena Jena Bo Bena

Lady Lennon finished appointment number two today of OT with Patchez. Momma made sure her chunky bug was dressed to impress, as usual. I found it quite hysterical that the lady working the front desk thought it necessary to tell me, "She doesn't have the strong features of Trisomy 21. To be honest, with her small eyes, you would think her dad might be Asian." So you are saying my daughter looks Asian? Interesting.

Today is a sad day, but only for a minute as we hugged Uncle JC and sent up prayers for him and his family with the loss of his beloved sister. In order to do this, we had to make the 1.5 hour drive to a little place I like to call "God's Country"... Jena,LA.
My future designing diva patiently waited for mommy to get dressed for the wake. She watched her favorite (or is that mommy's favorite?), David Bromstad pull off yet another beautiful design for yet another lucky family... when, oh when will my day come? She is holding her head up so well, for minutes at a time... just so proud I could squeal.
We packed the diaper bag and strapped the kids in their seats. Then we hit the road, after a quick run through Wendy's for a spicy chicken sandwich. At this time I would like to explain a moment of lost brain cells. I do hope they return. I have ordered the same thing my entire life. Spicy chicken, no mayo add mustard cheese and pickles. For some reason, I ordered "Spicy chicken, no mayo add mustard ketchup and pickles". So to my surprise, when I opened my sandwich I was angry because my beloved cheese had been replaced with ketchup. Charlie and Lake both told me I did not order cheese but in fact, ketchup. I recall none of this. Anyways.... Both kids fell fast alseep almost immediately.
Here my bug is, looking all fabulous for her Aunt Val and Uncle JC.

It was only sad for a minute because I know he has a peace about his sister and we were able to spend time with Aunt Val and Uncle JC, and friends. Nurse Lark was there. I have no doubt she was enamored with her as she was the day she met and helped deliver her. Yet, I wondered the whole evening, if she remembered seeing her pulled from my belly and noticing "it". The traits of Trisomy 21 that grace my bug's face and body. I pushed those feelings down deep and breathed. Then we had fun.

At the Jena funeral home, Aunt Val took in every chance she got to love on the bug. We laughed and joked about the fact that Jena now has a prison that holds 1800 inmates... "It's kind of on the DL, down low", she said. As if a prison on the DL isn't funny enough, Valerie didn't think Poppa knew about it, but I told her I would place money on the fact. Poppa knows a little about most things and lot about Jena. So she asked Poppa, "Did you know Jena has a prison with 1800 inmates?" Poppa looked at her with a reassuring, "Yes." Laughter broke out between Val and I because Poppa never lets us down, especially when in reference to the town of Jena.

I was searching my iphone for pictures of the bug to show Val and pictures of booger to show Stephanie when I realized, my phone was not on WIFI. I asked Charlie, "Does this place have WIFI?" My Charlie laughed and made a joke, as he usually does, "WIFI in a funeral home? Not really the place you wanna draw a crowd." Then he pretended a conversation between himself and a Jena resident (said in his best country accent), "Man, who died?" ... "Aw, no one, just checkin my email." Coincidentally enough, as we were leaving the parking lot, Charlie said, "What do you know, I just got WIFI - Town of Jena, WIFI."

Still daylight and hot as hades outside, we left the funeral home and said our good byes. Then headed to the one and only place to eat in Jena, Burger Barn. It is just as you imagine, a red barn. Next door to Burger Barn, the owners decided to venture out and open up the Burger Barn Brisket House. And because I just love to eat with carcasses hanging over me, we chose chose option two, Burger Barn Brisket House.
On the ride home, Charlie asked Lake, "Do you know another word for Donkey?" Now, don't let your mind go to the gutter like I did. I glanced at Charlie with a furrowed brow, daring him to teach our 4 year old son a dirty word. He said, "Another word for donkey is Burrow." I had totally forgotten that word existed. Mind out of gutter.

We passed thru the tiny town of Olla and remembered the morning after the F3 tornado blew thru, almost leveling the tiny town with only a blinking yellow light. Zooming by the "Git R Done" car wash on the left, and "Nita's Gifts" on the right.... I noticed Nita was selling her business if your interested... including the contents. Passing thru Columbia, the town - not the country, we drove past many convenient stores. I saw what I thought at first was a sumo wrestler in red sumo "undies"... but in actuality, it was just a redneck in red swim trunks. My bad.

Nearing home, we turned on the radio at Lake's request. Skipping over explicit rap stations we stopping on country music. Charlie made reference to how I knew most every song. I reminded him I grew up in Swartz and went to Ouachita, and that my high school was smack dab in the middle of corn and cotton fields. I also reminded him I wouldn't mind if he drove an F250 and we lived in "God's Country". That's when he reminded me he listened to "alternative" music and did not and never would drive a big truck and that I knew that about him when we met and married him. That is when I reminded him I married him anyway and I loved that he wasn't like everyone I went to school with.

We ended up home around 10pm where Charlie snuggled with Lake til he fell asleep and I snuggled with the bug after her last bottle. Then my head hit the pillow and I don't remember much after that.... except a scary dream I will never repeat.