Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today was plain awesome.

So, I am singing the title of this blog to the tune of "Little Orphan Annie"... "Yesterday was plain awful! You can say that again. Yesterday was plain awful!" But today, not so much... it was plain awesome and you can definitely say that again!

Booya! Just in case you didn't read my super proud mom Facebook / Twitter update.... My bug, my beautiful little ray of sunshine, reached a milestone today! She rolled over from her belly to her back! Not only once, not only twice, but THREE times in a row! Then she was tired. Ha! Just in case you don't think this is a big deal... I looked up the average milestones for children with DS (see below). Keep in mind, she just turned 3 months on June 24th!

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Children with Down Syndrome
Rolls from stomach to back
6m = Average
5m to 12m = Range
Lennon can do this!
Supports body on arms, lifts head and chest when lying on stomach
6m = Average
3m to 10m = Range
Lennon can do this!

Today in the pediatrician's office, for her 3 month check up... I was waiting... she was laying in nothing but her diaper on the little "bed". They weighed her and checked her height. They measured her head. She is almost at the top of the chart on all these things. Just one more confirmation from God. He is still at work on her body. I placed her on her stomach, still careful not to put pressure under her armpits... and I got down face to face with her. I put her on her elbows and she sat up, holding her own... chest up and head up, checking out the painted alligator on the wall. Then she turned her head sideways and rolled. I thought, "Ok, I have showed her how to do this so many times, let me just place her arms by her sides and see if she can remember to bring them up and push herself up." So I did. There she was, laying on her belly, arms by her sides and cheek down still looking at the alligator on the wall. Then, just like we had rehearsed time and time again, she brought her arms up to her face. Then, she moved those elbows underneath herself and pushed up so she could get her head and chest up... That is when she arched her back and head to the left and threw her knee up, pushing on the bed with her foot and rolled! I was so excited I almost scared her. I kissed and laughed with her. Then that nasty devil came in and tried to take my joy saying "Are you SURE she did that?" So I rolled her back over and we showed that devil! She showed him two more times!! I literally started crying. Tears of joy streamed down my face, because she was doing so well and I knew it was something I prayed so hard for and God heard me. I called and He answered. Dr Stanley walked in just then and I laughed and said, "I promise this is tears of joy!" He laughed and said, "Ok what are we celebrating?" I said, "She just rolled over three times! From belly to back." I placed her on her belly to show him and she lifted her body up on her elbows, and tried to hard to get that leg over but she got tired and laid down. That stinker! She did it on purpose I am sure! She was so tired... but Dr Stanley knew I was not lying. He said, "That is really really good... not only for a 3 month old but especially a Downs 3 month old! That is awesome!"

You know, I have believed since she was diagnosed that she would A) not be the "average" DS kid and B) that God would heal her completely. I don't usually tell people that I believe that because the few times I have said it, I know the look on people's face... it is always "Riiiighht... got your hopes up do ya?" They they follow up with, "Of course" as if to reassure me they actually believe in miracles. I pray this all the time and if you think I didn't rejoice and praise my gracious powerful God today, you are an idiot. I literally cried... Ok, you got me... I wailed in my car on the way home because I was so over joyed and happy. Ugh, I am so dramatic I get on my own nerves. But I was sooooo excited an relieved! I worked with her so much to get her to roll, but I know, ultimately she is in God's hands and on His time. I can only do what I humanly can do. He does the rest. It reminds me of how God wants to see if He can trust us with the little things before He opens the door to bigger things. Once again, my God showed me who He is. Once again, He reminded me He is slowly healing her and bringing her that much closer to the miracle I believe and pray for every day.... total restoration. Complete healing of Down Syndrome. I know some people are reading this thinking, "Oh yes, God can do it..." but deep down, they had a fleeting thought, "But will He? Yikes, I don't know, but it's good to have faith like that." Well guess what? Those thoughts are not faith. So where is yours? If we don't have healing then all the beating Jesus took was in vain. I do not think for a second what He did was in vain. It was for us, for our benefit. I have all the faith in the world that not only He can, but He will. It won't be because of anything I did... it will be to bring Him glory. He will prove to everyone who He really is and what He is capable of. It will be right on time when it happens - even if it is many many years from now. I know that I know that I know it is going to happen. I have known Lennon will be something special, something magnificent and someone who knows who her Healer is. She will not take any credit for it, she will give it all to her God. Because of the miracle He is performing in her body, there are going to be lives changed. People are going to see God for the powerful being He is. I get so excited thinking about it. She is going to be married, have kids and experience all I dreamed she would. She will not be robbed of any of these great things God and life has to offer. I pray even now for her husband, that he is a strong Christian man who has a healthy fear of God. I pray that he will lead Lennon and their family to a long and lasting relationship with Christ, if He should tarry His coming.

Today has been so wonderful. In more ways than one. Not only did I get to experience this great milestone in a Bug's life... but we had dinner tonight with a super sweet family. I love hanging with people who just make you laugh and feel at ease. There is no pressure for conversation... it just flows naturally. Our kids love each other and get along great. As a matter of fact, I get so tickled thinking about how funny Lake and Bailey are... When I told him we were having dinner with Bailey he said, "I haven't seen Bailey in weeks!" Ha! I don't know if he even knows what a week is! The last time they saw each other, they were playing hide and seek in my house... then Charlie came home and they wanted to hide from him. I don't know who's idea it was but they hid really well. He couldn't find them... where were they, you ask? Well, Bailey was sitting on the toilet and Lake was in her lap! I let out a hardy belly laugh just re-picturing it all over again! Overall, they are just really down to earth good people and I am so thankful for their friendship. We definitely don't hangout enough! We have hung out with the kids often enough so next time, I am planning an all adult dinner! I might even cook! And I might invite Nikki's sister and her boyfriend. Who knows what we'll do but I am sure it will involve much much more laughter and real conversation! Yay for good people! This world needs more people like Levi and Nikki.

Here is a pic of Bailey and Lake from two years ago... I always joke with Levi that we'll be inlaws one day and we'll look back at these pics and say "That was the day it all began..." I laughed out loud at that... I just picture the "what if" it gives Levi! Ha!

(Yes that is a buffalo in the background)

Lake is now the proud kid with after pre-K care! Woot woot! Thanks to Kaitlyn! I cannot tell you what a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't trust many people, but Kailtyn I trust. Everyone has always said such great things about her. She will be keeping Lake and his friend, MJ for sure and possibly his friend Noah if they have not found care yet, in our house until we get home from work. Yay! I am doing my happy dance right now! It involves much booty shaking and hand waving.

OK... enough blogging. I gotta get used to going to bed early! I am going back to work in a few weeks! YUCK!!