Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lake Knows Everything... Just Ask Him

So it's been a while since I blogged. Reason being, I have been busy. And exhausted. I am keeping my cousin's step daughter during the week. She is 8. I am not getting a paycheck until I return to work, so $ anyway I can get it I will take it. She is super sweet and a big help. She did want to challenge me in a coloring contest and I tried to warn her that I am an excellent colorer (if that is even a word). By the end of my page being colored, she had her head on the table saying "I am not good at this and you are so much better." Lesson learned, never challenge an adult at coloring. We have way too much experience. Plus, I am better than the average colorer. It's just the truth.

Lake: Yesterday morning, I woke up to Lake talking very loud and waving the American flag in my face. He's saying, "Mommy! Mommy! I am all dressed for school all by myself. See.... Look! Did you know you have to pledge legiance to this flag? And you have to put your hand over your heart." Not the usual morning greeting I get, but hey, he's more patriotic than our president. Yes, I just said that. Laughing, I corrected him, "Yes, we do pledge allegiance to that flag. It's the American flag." He responds with, "I can say the pledge.... I pledge allegiance to the flag....I don't remember the rest." I said, smiling and very tired, "You are so smart." He responded with, "Yeah, I am smart. I know everything." HA! What a hoot he is! "Let's start over and say it together." And it went something like this:

Lake/Me: "I pledge allegiance to the flag..."
Me: "Of the United..."
Lake: "States of America."

Then, I finished the rest. We'll have to work on that one. At least he knows what flag we're pledging to. He proceeded to tell me more about the flag, a bit of information, I was unaware of. "Mommy, you know we have to bring this when we go to heaven. This flag. Jesus wants it."
Confused as to why this was important, I responded, "Oh really? I didn't know that."
Lake said, "Yeah, Jesus wants us each to bring an American Flag to heaven. He likes them."

Represent! (Getting Ghetto... Throwin up my deuce deuce!) I am literally laughing out loud as I pictured me walking up to Jesus, "Hey, Jesus... yeah, I was gonna offer my life up to you and all, but, I heard you like American Flags. So I picked one up on the way here." I don't see that going over too well. Makes me wonder if Lake has it in his head that our homes in Heaven will need a flag to show where we are from.

"When we get to heaven, will we all go together?" Ugh, I hated to start this conversation. "Well, that depends... Jesus might come and take us all at once and He might not." Lake said, "So He might get us one by one?" He is so smart. "Yes, and a lot of the time the older ones go first. But you never know." He said, "So daddy will go first?" I had to laugh at this because I am older than Charlie, by two years. "Ha! No... Actually I am older than daddy." He said, "So Jesus will take you first then daddy... " It was like a light bulb went off in his head, "Jesus will take Daddy, then you, then me and then Lennon." I had to explain to him that Granny and Poppa were older than us so they might go before us. He thought Granny would be first then Poppa. Ha! I told him Poppa was oldest. Of course we had to go back to talking about how Jesus might come and take us all at one time. That would be best, we both agreed. It's hard having this conversation with a 4 year old. Makes me sad, but happy that he knows Jesus will come and get us.

Lake has this new thing... I try to joke with him and tell him something that is way exaggerated or not true... like for lunch today, I ate a bridge. He used to laugh hysterically and say, "I ate a building." Now, he just laughs a little then gets this serious face, "Mommy are you being true?" Well, crap, I don't want to be a liar and all. Where has all the fun gone? He has started to figure me out.

Still have not found anyone to pick Lake up from Crosley for after school care. If you know of anyone, please let me know... I am desperate. Well, not that desperate... I want someone I trust.

Lennon: I worry constantly about Lennon's development. So every time it crosses my mind, I will stop what I am doing and we will work on tummy time, muscles, joints, and getting her to hold onto to toys. Tummy time has been a big one since for weeks after her surgery she really couldn't do tummy time and the few times we tried she would cry and I was afraid it hurt her. So I am convinced that by Monday... she will have rolled from belly to back... she loves being on her back and her back muscles are very strong. If she doesn't do it I will be a little sad but I know it's coming very soon. No matter what, she is still doing very well. If I could just get her to stay awake. She LOVES to sleep. She has found her hands. Yay! She will hold them in front of her face and open and close her fist over and over... just looking at them, like, "I am doing that." It's so funny. She also is a thumb sucker (insert scary horror movie music & scream here). I know you will probably think I am a bad mommy but I have encouraged it. That's right, I said it! She cannot hold a pacifier due to her fat tongue pushing it out... her thumb she can hold in her mouth with no problem. We will cross the "taking away her thumb" bridge when we get there.

We go for her check up at the cardiologist this coming week. Next week to her pediatrician. The week after that, we can start picking her up underneath her armpits! Woot Woot! Man, life will all of a sudden get easier. The school she will be attending when I return to work, has applied for a grant with ARCO. They have another child that has autism and are looking to get any sort of assistance with helping these kids develop. They met last week with ARCO and along with what Early Steps will be doing for us, evaluating Lennon and sending someone to work with her, ARCO will be also doing that. So that is double the care and attention she will be getting. It really puts my mind at ease when it comes to me returning to work. Just knowing the school is going to put her needs first and not just "babysit" her. I am so thankful for McGuire Methodist CDC.

Charlie and I: We leave for Cancun in 6 weeks!!