Saturday, June 12, 2010

50 Things About Me

  1. I will gag and most likely vomit if I chew or eat the following items: Steak, shrimp, mayo, raw onions, beets, turnips/greens, oysters. I know this to be true because I have vomited trying most of the items listed.
  2. I am OCD about the pillows on my couch. They must be in perfect position at all times. I am known to move them back to their perfect and upright positions if I have company and said company leaves the room to go to the restroom.
  3. I don't really care for pets, but I wouldn't mind a tiny fluffy non-shedding non-barking dog that is house trained and loves children. Know of one? If it were a male dog I would name it: Kravitz and if it were a female dog I would name it: Janice
  4. Cats are incredible creatures and I also think they are closely related to the devil.
  5. I want numerous plastic surgeries: Brow lift, tummy tuck, breast implants... possible lip implants. Most likely will never have any of these surgeries.
  6. I totally neglect my feet and hands due to laziness and I hate to spend money on myself.
  7. I will spend large sums of money on make up and hair products.
  8. Tanning is a slight addiction of mine. Once I start, it's hard to stop. I will probably at some point have every mole removed. So far 5 have been removed and one had cancer cells.
  9. I love skim organic milk and vanilla soy milk. I drink it out of the carton (soy).
  10. I have wanted to write a book since I was in Jr High school - I even bought a "how to write a novel" book once - but I am nervous because do not do well with rejection or compliments.
  11. I think Martha Stewart is one of the most brilliant women. I also think she might be a robot.
  12. I heart comedians.
  13. I hate to wear shoes.
  14. I have always wanted to be six feet tall.
  15. Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods.
  16. The Monroe/West Monroe local news embarrasses me. I do not watch it. I think it is the country accents the people have. I also hope I do not sound like that.
  17. I love inappropriate humor more than anything else. I use it alot.
  18. I must end my gas pumping with $.00
  19. I make a darn good tuna burger from canned tuna, egg and crackers.
  20. I want a 4th tattoo but my husband would kill me.
  21. I hate to dust.
  22. I want to live on a lot of land in a small house.
  23. I have received about 15 speeding tickets (LA/TX) and I have been pulled over for speeding more times than I can count where no ticket was given
  24. I have received a DWI
  25. I pulled a "Paris Hilton" - pulled over with a suspended license due to a DWI
  26. I have been pulled over 3 times in one month by the same cop - no ticket given
  27. I have received 2 seat belt tickets
  28. I received 2 stop sign tickets
  29. I pulled out in front of a cop and almost hit him head on - no ticket given
  30. I tried to outrun the police so's not to receive a ticket when I was 16 - ticket given - also had police hold me at gunpoint because they thought I was running because I sold drugs.
  31. I have been in 6 car accidents, 3 of which I was driving
  32. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
  33. My favorite color is teal
  34. I own one piece of "real" jewelry - my wedding ring
  35. I have entirely too many pictures/frames in my house but I cannot bare to part with any
  36. My dream job is to own a small store where I sell remodeled shabby chic / retro furniture, home accents/crafts (pillows,curtains,shower curtains,etc.), painted art... and so forth... all made / recreated by me. I would call it "Theodore Barksdale's".
  37. I think anyone who drives a sports car is a major douche bag. I have little respect for them. It's my opinion and I will not apologize for it.
  38. I hate super hero crap. Again with the douche baggery.
  39. I do love the Twilight Saga. It is not the same as super hero crap. It is like The Notebook but with Vampires and Wolves. (I also hate that I love it)
  40. I save all my Martha Stewart Magazines, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Southern Living magazines. I think they will come in handy when we build our dream home.
  41. I am addicted to coffee and sometimes make up to 3 pots a day.
  42. I do not like red or pink painted on my fingernails... I think it makes me look like a transvestite.
  43. Kelly Green looks great on me. Though, I feel like a leprechaun when I wear it.
  44. I thought I would hate Twitter but I like it. I made fun of people for it. I also use the wrong lingo such as "twit" instead of tweet.
  45. I miss tv shows like Friends, Dawson's Creek and Felicity - they just don't make them like that anymore.
  46. If I ever get to my goal weight, I am cutting my hair off ... extremely short. Shorter than you are imagining.
  47. I think Mary Kate Olsen is a very interesting person. I love her style.
  48. I did not vote during the Barak Obama presidential election. I was living in LA and registered in TX.
  49. I do not like the ocean or any dark water. Pools or tubs are it for me.
  50. Ants and sharks are my biggest fears.

Do Dreams Really Mean Anything?

What a day! Charlie is playing golf today, and I am happy for him. He loves that, and he doesn't get to do it enough... at least not with other people. So, I took Lake to his friend, Nona's birthday party. He was pooped afterwards. When he wakes from his nap, we will go to yet, another birthday party for his friend, Sophie! Ahhh, the life of a mommy.

First let me get this dream in writing before I forget. Last night, I had the CRAZIEST dream. I dreamed that Charlie, myself, Lake, Lennon and our other baby boy were coming back from vacation. (No we do not have another child, and I guess that is why this one was never named in my dream) We were in the car and the kids were sleeping while Charlie drove. It was night time... and I was looking in the passenger fold down mirror. The mirror light was on, shining on my face so that I could see better. I wiggled my front tooth and it fell out. I was freaking out, to say the least. I didn't know if I shoul tell Charlie or not... I tried to put it back in, and then another tooth fell out... before I knew it... SIX teeth fell out! I was in tears at this point. I turned to Charlie as he was driving and I said, "LOOK! My teeth are falling out! Six teeth fell out! What is wrong with me and why is this happening? Does it look bad?" Knowing all too well this looked HORRIBLE! I was hoping Charlie would reassure me, even if he had to lie, "Oh my gosh! Yes, it looks horrible! You will need to get veneers as soon as we get home! I cannot have a wife without teeth! You look homely and gross!" I was literally in tears as we pulled in the drive way. I gathered my teeth and put them in my pocket. (I am literally laughing out loud as I type and recall this!) We get our luggage and all "3" kids in the house... Charlie says he has to run and do something down the street, so he jumps back in the car and leaves. I go inside our house (which happens to be the house I grew up in), worried he is going to see a girlfriend who has all her teeth. Our dog was so happy to see us... he was barking and barking (we do not currently own a dog). It was a little brown and black fluffy thing. Not sure of it's name. But it was a male. Anyways, so I laid the baby down on the bed, and Lake, who was 8 years old, and Lennon, who was 4, started to play with their toys in my room. The dog had wound it's leash around the baby's fat neck and I was stressing trying to get it unwound before it choked the baby, when Charlie burst through the door. He locked the door in a hurry and seemed frantic. He said, in a nervously scared voice, "Lock all the doors and windows! Where are the kids? Keep them away from the windows!" I now started to panic, and said, gathering Lake and Lennon onto the bed, "What is going on?!" Before Charlie could get it out of his mouth, a loud bang slammed against our window. It startled us all. We all gasped! The dog is going crazy and I am trying to calm it down and keep it away from the window. I looked out the window, wishing I had drawn the curtains. There were all these vampire children clawing and screaming trying to get in. The little girl children had bright red lipstick on, and it was smearing on the window as they showed their teeth... Now that I think of it, it might have been blood. Either way, it was freaking scary!! Charlie said, paniced, "They were chasing me... all those vampire children... I got here as fast as I could!" I yelled, trying not to scare my kids anymore than they already were, "What are going to do?!" And then I woke up.

Do you think dreams really mean something? Why did I have another child and a dog in this dream and what is with the vampire CHILDREN. Please, if you have any clue what is going on with my teeth falling out... I need to know!

Ok... onto happy thoughts:
Last night, Lake told me, "Mommy... I love Lennon the most, then daddy, then you, and Jesus and I love myself." It makes me laugh that he chooses who he loves "most". I was very proud of him saying he loved himself. I think that is a good start down the right road. Also, he has started opening the door for me and Lennon and closing it behind us, all the while telling us, "Ladies first! I am a gentleman! Gentlemen open the doors for the ladies." He is going to make someone a good husband one day.

Something else about my booger.... He had his little friend, Silas over the other day. I had the pool set up so they could swim and let me and Lennon stay indoors. Silas' dad was out there watching them... just in case you were about to call CPS on me. Anyways, after all the swimming was done, his dad came in and told me of the conversation these two 4 year old boys were having. He wasn't sure who started the conversation, and assured me it was probably his son. He said Silas will bring up the cross at any time. I told him, have no fear, Lake will ask you if you know Jesus and the story of the cross at any time. My point is, the conversation went something like this:
Lake> "Did you know Jesus died on the cross?"
Silas> "Yes. Do you know why he died?"
Lake> "Yes. He died for us and for the bad people too."
Silas> "He died for our sins."
Lake> "Did you know the stone was rolled away?"
Silas> "Yes, and Jesus was not dead anymore."
Lake> "Yeah. Jesus is still alive."
I may not have gotten it perfect, but that was the basics of this 4 year old conversation. Do I even have to tell you how amazing that feels to know that is on my son's mind?

Just last week, Lake put me in my place. He has these Christmas pajamas. They have snowmen and reindeer on them and he wants to wear them all the time. I keep trying to tell him to wear some of his new pajamas but it doesn't fair well with him. He told me, "Mommy, I want to wear these pajamas." I said, "Baby, those are Christmas pajamas, and Christmas is over." He told me, "Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus' birthday." I said, "Yes, that is right." Then he told me, "We should celebrate Jesus everyday." So I let him wear the Christmas pajamas.

I know I have said it before but this kid has my heart.

OK so that is basically what is on my mind today as my children take naps.
Please explain my dream if you have any clue as to what it meant!
Freaked. Out.