Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parental Duties

Charlie, My Love, and I celebrated six years of marriage on May 29th. Statistics say, if you can make past the first 7 years you have a better chance of staying together forever. Those same statistics used to say 5 years. Sad, but true. We are well on our way to staying together forever! I can remember getting our pre-marital counseling and all the awkward talks we had beforehand. Yikes! However, it was all worth it. There are a few things I have found to be solid advice. A few of those are:

  1. You might have 5 bad years, but 50-60 good good years. Don't give up.

  2. Marriage is work.

  3. You cannot be a good parent if your marriage is not great.

  4. Marriage is like a pair of shears, severing anything that tries to come between them.

With that being said, we decided to take a little time away.... after 4 months on bed rest, 7 weeks in the hospital, our infant having open heart surgery and me being cooped up in this house for weeks... this was a much needed getaway for the sake of our sanity and future. We simply drove to Madison, MS. We spent a few hours shopping and had dinner. It was so much fun. I felt like I was doing something wrong by not being at home with my children. The Dr had cleared my in laws to stay with the kids and they graciously did so. My husband keeps me laughing constantly. We laughed about everything and each other the entire time. It's funny how you start to know each others thoughts. Now, I just hope we don't start looking like one another. Unless, I am going to grow a few inches.

One thing we got so tickled about was our waiter. He was very ADD. He talked entirely too much, but he was funny so it wasn't a big deal. Our dinner was fabulous! We noticed while we were waiting on our ticket that everyone else's table had bread. Now, being bread connoisseurs, we were a little annoyed we didn't get bread before our meal. We looked on our table and there were the cracked pepper and spices, along with the oil for dipping. So, when he returned to fill my water, I asked, "What is this oil and spice for?" He looked like a deer in headlights. "Oh my gosh. I am so sorry, that was for your appetizer, bread." Charlie said, because we needed more calories, "Oh, well does that come with the meal? Or do you order it?" It came with the meal, so I said, "We would like some." Nothing like eating your appetizer bread after you have finished your entire meal. Trust me, when I say, we didn't leave a crumb.... we didn't leave a crumb. Our waiter even gave us a free dessert since he forgot our bread. Score! He brought us the one he thought we needed to try. Obviously, we look too skinny and needed to put on a few pounds.

This whole little getaway was just what the Dr ordered. I highly suggest any married couple making sure you date one another on a regular basis. It is necessary for a long happy marriage. You gotta work on falling in love with each other over and over. If not, you will be working on falling out of love with each other, over and over. There is no middle, in my book.

Now, other parental duties, aside of working on my marriage, include working on my kids. Today, Charlie came home a bit early from work to watch Lennon while I took Lake to get his shots for pre-K. I have been telling him he would be getting them. He responded with, "Why would you do that to me mommy?" Ok, so that broke my heart! I did my best to explain to him that if he wanted to not be sick and end up in the hospital he had to get them. He understood and with a promise of a new toy afterwards for being a big boy, he obliged. As if he had a choice. (insert evil laugh here) So after the screaming was over, we went to Toys R Us as promised and he picked out a toy. It is called Sky Ball. It has two paddles and a bouncy ball that is supposed to go as far as 75 feet when hit. He picked out the orange and blue paddles with the silver ball. He told me that, if he had gotten the orange ball, it would turn into flames when he hit it. At first I was like, what in the world is he talking about. Then I noticed on the paddle, the emblem of "sky ball":

He honestly thought it would start flaming. I guess that is why he chose the silver ball.

Charlie was getting ready to go to the gym tonight and Lake came into the kitchen where I was cleaning up from dinner. He told me, "Mommy, I am going to need you to carry me. Daddy is going to work out and since Lennon is going to bed, I need you to carry me because my legs hurt from the shots." He really makes me laugh. He also proceeded to tell me, "I cannot take a bath. My band aids will come off and where they poked holes in my skin, water will get in me." I hate to have to tell him, he is 80% water anyway. He is petrified of those band aids coming off. He thinks he is going to bleed to death or something will get in there. He really has an imagination. It doesn't stop there. He has been telling me for a week, he is going to work at the paper mill, like Mr Brandon. He is so intrigued by this paper mill and it's stench. Should I be worried?

I always sing silly songs to him. The other day I was singing "Stinky Boy" to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". He immediately said, "Are you singing a church song?" I love that he has paid enough attention the music I play to know the tune and the lyrics to what I was singing do not match. He even knew that was a church song. Love him!

My Booger has become quite the little flirt. The other day, after his last wee ball game, he wanted to go to his favorite place to eat... CiCi's Pizza. As much as I hate to admit, I could eat my weight in their Taco Pizza. The young girl taking our money at the door said, noticing his uniform, "Did you have a game today?" Well that was all he needed... he told her about his game, him hitting a home run, running the bases, and that it was his last game. He went on and on about it. She, of course, encouraged every bit. Once we sat down at the table to eat, Charlie said, "I think that girl liked you." Lake laughed and said, "She did." Well, after that, he went out of his way to get her to look at him again, casually walking near the cash register when we were refilling our already too full bellies with more pizza. When we were leaving, he wanted to go out the entrance instead of the exit. He nearly broke his neck looking around to see if she was looking at him. It's already starting. I am no longer the leading lady in his life. He even told me he loved Lennon more than me. The nerve of him!

I was giving Lady Lennon a bath tonight. She has only had two real baths. One was after we brought her home when she was 16 days old, before she went into congestive heart failure. Ugh, those words just bring back terrible memories of stress and fear. The second was this week, once her biggest scab fell off. Tonight was her third real bath. She really did love it. I had her smiling at first then she got too comfortable and nearly fell asleep. I did manage to get a few pictures of the little fat girl in her birthday suit.

Look at that belly. I love every inch of it! Her scar is almost invisible in the middle. However, since she loves to arch her back and try to roll over, she burst open her sutures at the top and the bottom. The top is much worse than the bottom. It is so big. They tell me it will get smaller as she gets older. I try to put her in cute little sundresses, but the ugly thing peeks out. I guess I shouldn't hate it... I mean, without it, she wouldn't be here. So, yeah, it's not "ugly", it was necessary. I am ok with the trade off.

Well, that is about it for my parental duties today. The kids are in the bed, the husband is working on his hot bod at the gym and I am done cleaning for the evening. Time to put the clean sheets on the bed and make good use of them. Or as those rednecks like to say, "I'm about to get horizontal." Now that I have said that, I hope they were just talking about sleep.