Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Baby, The Trip and the Wardrobe

So the more I think about myself in Cancun, in a swimsuit ... heck, the more I think about myself in a short sleeved shirt, the more I want to Zumba, run, gym and throw up my food. Ok, so I am not going to do the latter, but I will cut back on my fatty intake and carbs. I am trying to eat less, but I swear I do not have a shut off button when it comes to eating. Maybe I have Prader Willi or a tapeworm?

In an attempt to get rid of this post baby body and get back into my old wardrobe AND get ready for Cancun, I am Zumba'ing it up. What I have learned so far: Zumba and Carpet do not mesh. OK. So, I know I told you I was uncoordinated. That was no joke. I nearly had our flooring for dinner. My tennis shoes did not want to move across the carpet as swift as my body was trying to move with the dvd. I tripped, but caught myself. Whew! I ended up moving to the dining room area. The wood floor was so much easier to Zumba on. I really want to start back running, and I did attempt it once last week. Boy, if that doesn't depress you, nothing will. When I last ran, I was running 13 miles non-stop. That was back in early 2009. Now, I cannot even run 13 seconds without getting side cramps! I know it will all come back with a lot of hard work.

Yesterday, I was laughing at my own thoughts....I tend to think I am pretty funny. I had just finished my Zumba workout for the day and Lennon was fussing the last few minutes because she was ready for a nap. After I finished, I picked her up to put her down for her nap. (picked her up to put her down - that could be a country song) I dripped sweat on her chest. Oops! I remembered the days where I was dripping tears on her chest as we prepared for her heart surgery. Praise the Lord, those days are over.

I am completely convinced Lady Lennon is the most beautiful girl on the planet. Now this is just my observation, not me being her parent. This morning, I was researching modeling for Down Syndrome... I think she would be a great poster child for it one day. If not now. I came across this site ... this person is a photographer. I hope you all will look at these beautiful kids. I love the name she has for her blog "A Little Extra" ... in reference to the extra chromosome. Clever. Very clever.

Sometimes I want people to keep their two cents to themselves. Someone told me they "knew a Down Syndrome guy that lived to be 50 and that is a long time". As if I had not done the research on the life expectancy. I know that is considered "old" in DS years but it broke my heart to think I might outlive my daughter. Then I got even more upset that I am going back to work in a few weeks and that will be more hours of every day I do not get to spend with her. I love modern medicine, and I am very thankful that they are improving the life of these amazing people and I hope they continue to do so. I want her around when I am 100.... I know I will live to be 100 (unless the rapture takes place) because it is in my genes.... my great great grandmother was 103, her daughter was 100 and my grandmother is still kickin in her mid-late 80s... now my mom may end that streak because she is a smoker, but it will pick back up with me.

Well, my little bug is getting chunkier every day. She finally has learned to listen to her stomach.... meaning, she is getting hungry and fussy so momma's gotta get off the computer and fill her belly full of formula and rice cereal.