Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Let me go ahead and start this by saying... I made amazing granola bars, just like Jaime. That's right folks. I figured out what I needed to do... refrigerate them. Who knew?!

Pranksta Pranksta _____ This morning I, along with two other friends arrived at the Pre-K / Kindergarten school to register our boys in Pre-K. We were told people camp out at a near by elementary, so we figured we had better get there early! Try 4:30am early! We were not going to be outdone by some Super Mom in a Swagger Wagon. So we got coffee, made a quick detour because I had no idea where I was driving, and finally made our destination... only to realize NO ONE was there. No one. I mean, not a soul. The school was dark and creepy; there was not a car in the parking lot. Not even a car on the street. We laughed at the thought of how early we were... but were proud of ourselves for doing it! After all, we are new mommies, and Pre-K is a BIG DEAL. Now, there was supposed to be another friend that arrived with us, but she did not show. So we sent her a few text messages to make sure she was coming and awake. She finally texted us back and asked if there were a lot of people. We laughed because, other than us, no one was there! So I responded with "Yes, about 50 people or so --- hurry up!" She called about 5 minutes later, from her car. She was freaking out about getting there asap and getting her son registered. She said, "Are people going to be mad if I cut in line with you?" I responded, "Not at all... everyone is really nice here. Plus, we are basically calling the shots around here since we got here first." The other two girls and myself laughed hysterically and debated on whether we should tell her the truth. We didn't. About 4 mins later, my friend's SUV rounds the corner of the school on two wheels, squealing tires. She was in the biggest hurry to get in line. She drove up to our car and we rolled our window down. She rolled hers down and said, "I didn't even brush my teeth!" I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Her hair was all a mess and she had to leave straight from there to go to her daughter's school for Kindergarten Graduation. Man, I am mean, but it sho' was fun. I am more than glad she has a great sense of humor.

Growing Too Fast _____ After we got the boys registered, we all took at tour of the school. It is much bigger than the private school Lake is in now. He will even get to ride the the big yellow bus on field trips! I took pictures of everything - classrooms, playgrounds, cafeteria, boards, reading nooks, art centers, the library... I even took a picture of the mini potties in the bathroom. I wanted to show him everything and get him excited about his new school. I know it will be different and he will miss his current school and teachers so much. I know he will be scared at first and I **pray** he gets at least one of his church buddies in his class. The class will be twice the size of his current class. All of this change will be good for him and prepare him for his transition to Kindergarten, but mommy is the one who will need a valium. Sending my baby off into the big boy school makes me a nervous wreck. It also made it very real... he is growing up. Too fast. When I got home I showed him all the pictures and gave him a mini virtual tour. He was soooo excited about the "Cheese Wagon" as I knew he would be! He will realize later on in life, that riding it is not the coolest thing. Then he left to go to his little private school, the one I am comfortable with for now. This is also the school Lennon will be attending once I am off my maternity leave. I was thinking about that and tears welled up in my eyes. How is it that it that my baby boy is going off to big boy school and my baby girl is going to little daycare school? She is already 8 weeks old. She now weighs 10 pounds and her hair is getting longer. I noticed that her eyelashes are getting longer as well. She is starting to think things are a little funny and crack smiles at me when I blow bubbles on her belly, and when I give her kisses on her neck so that it tickles her. She is getting better at lifting her head and her personality is starting to show. I wish I had a time stopper. I would stop time for a long while and enjoy these stages of my kids a little longer.

Dr Appointments / Support Group _____ After a long day of diaper changes, bottle feedings, and taking Lennon to her weekly cardiologist appointment, I wanted so badly to take a nap... but that did not happen, as usual. Darn ADHD. Lennon's cardiologist said her heart sounds "great" and that it was an "excellent repair"! He also said her pulse-ox was 100%! Praise the Lord! I was very worried because her eating habits have changed, dwindled, the last few days. He told me to rest at ease, it was not because of her heart. However, it could be because of the Down Syndrome or because of acid reflux. Both of which I will discuss with her pediatrician tomorrow. She has an appointment with him next week. On June 5, it will be nice to talk to the other moms about their Downs children at our meeting - A support group meeting I am VERY nervous about attending. I don't know why, but I am.

Hens's Night _____ The day was long, but had only begun for this lady. I had plans with the other hens for a MUCH NEEDED ladies' night! We had lots of sushi and lots of laughs and lots of laughs at sushi. Case in point:

Out of fear that I might say something inappropriate, I will let the picture speak for itself. Rest assured, this caused hardy laughter in the restaurant - all coming from our table. I love my fellow Hens. I look forward to our get togethers more than anything! All though, I have not known these girls as long as I have known my other friends, I feel like I have known them my whole life. That is what real friendships are supposed to feel like. I feel at home when I am with them. I know I can be myself 100% and they will not judge me. I know they would travel to the moon for me and I for them. They have been such a breath of fresh air in my life. They make me want to sell everything and move out to the country. God knew how badly I needed them.

A Means to an End _____ The night ended with a little trip to Books-A-Million.... Which reminded me I am in the middle of three books I need to finish reading before I start another ...And here I am, up late again and blogging. It is quiet in my house. Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Not a whole lot is on my mind tonight except for thankfulness. I am thankful I have a husband who loves to see me happy. I am thankful for the precious time I have with my kids. I am thankful for amazing friends from all walks of my life. I have a wonderful life and so many memories have yet to be made.