Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Root Word of Smother is Mother

See, what had happened was..... I git it from my momma. Well actually, I get it from 3 generations of crazy.

My Great Grandmother - The Fighter
My great grandmother, Minnie, will forever be the old lady in the wheelchair with a good story. When I was a teenager, I realized she wasn't going to be around forever, and decided to pay her a visit. She told me something that I have carried in my heart for years. I am a better woman because of her. First, let me paint a picture of this woman. On the day I visited: She is 99 years old. She is in a wheelchair because her bones are simply too fragile to hold her up all day. Her hair is light grey, very long and in a bun. She is a tiny old woman, with a country come to town accent that will make you smile no matter who you are. She does not have any life threatening ailments. She lives in an assisted living apartment all on her own. She is a prayer. Not a "prayer", but a "pray-er" (verb). Then, she began to speak.... Granny said, "I want to tell you something. When I was younger, after I had all ten of my children, I was cooking lunch. My husband and the children were in field tending to the small crops we lived off of because we did not have a lot of money. But we were happy and just fine the way we were. There was a woman, who lived down the road a ways. This woman made her way to our house. She offered to help in the gardening and my husband put her to work along side the kids. One of my daughters came inside and said 'Momma! That woman is flirting with daddy!' I told her to hush up and go tell everyone to wash up because it was time to eat. Everyone came in, washed their hands and we all sat down to eat. I invited the woman to eat with us and she obliged. After everyone was seated, we said the blessing. Then, I stood up, walked over to the kitchen drawer and pulled out my carving knife. I walked back towards the table, stopping behind the woman, grabbing her by her hair and leaned her neck back. I put that knife to her throat and told her 'If you ever come around my husband again. If you so much as speak to my husband again. I will kill you. Now, we appreciate your help, so eat the meal I have prepared for you as thanks and leave.' She ate without saying a word, wiped her face and told me Thank You. Then she left. Now, I am telling you this so that one day when you are married, you don't let anyone come between you and your husband." I think it goes without saying what I learned from my Granny. So let that be a warning to all you hussies out there.

My Grandmother - The Believer
My grandmother, Doris, is a feisty old lady with a fake tooth. She often forgets to put that tooth in and it scares Lake and Nora Kate, my niece. However, when it is in, I see the same smile my mom has. Mamaw is the funniest and craziest old woman and I love her for it. Mamaw would try to spank us with a belt and somehow end up hitting herself. She hated it when one of her grandchildren would poot during bedtime prayers. She never uses anything low fat or skim or sugar free. She pronounces things incorrectly, such as "po-leece" (police). But, above all her humor and crazy, she is a believer. She believes Jesus is the answer in everything. She believes fully in the power of prayer. Still to this day, when I just need someone to pray because I cannot find the words, I will call my mamaw. She will immediately without question, drop everything she is doing, and start a prayer so powerful I have no doubt Satan is running for cover. It calms my fears every time to know I have such an amazing woman in my corner. I have learned from this woman that in everything we should pray. We should pray without ceasing and believe God's got our best interest at heart.

My Mom - Loves Unconditionally
My mom, Vicki, was not the uber classy, well dressed, high heel wearing, purse carrying, hair flinging, long nail growing, make up doing, southern bell I am. I laughed at that myself. My mom was the ratty jeans, dirty shoes, frizzy hair and I don't care flinging , redneck and proud of it kinda woman. Her jeans are ratty because she works hard labor like a man to provide for herself. Her shoes were never top of the line because she sacrificed so that I would have them. Her hair was frizzy because she hot rolled it every day - I like to think she feels like a young Farrah Fawcett at heart. She is a redneck to the core and it scares me how proud of that she is. However, when needed, she does put on a dress, flat irons her hair and her makeup always looks natural, not overdone. She doesn't need a lot of jewelry, because you're never fully dressed without a smile.... And a beautiful big smile she has (I also gained that trait - a trait I have passed onto my son, and most likely my daughter). To say my mom did everything right would be a lie. But then again, none of us do that. If there is one thing that stands out about my mom among all the wrong things she did do, it is the fact that she loves unconditionally. Almost to a flaw. My mom always looked at people for who they could be and not who they are. She would give the shirt off her back to someone in need. I will admit, sometimes I can be very prideful, but my mom is not. She will befriend the lowliest of people without a single ounce of judgement. I know there were moms who looked at my mom as if she weren't worth their time and friendship, but if they had half the heart she does they would have been better for it. If there is anything I learn from her, I hope it is to love unconditionally just like her. After all, isn't that what Jesus wants anyways?

My Mother In Law - Wife of Noble Character
My mother in law, Angie, is a classy, fun-loving, God-fearing, silly when she needs to be, home cooking, picture of grace.... that is just the tip of the ice berg. Mrs Angie, is always looking for ways to bless others. Whether it is cooking for them, cleaning for them, blessing them with gifts, or just being a shoulder to lean on (cry and slobber my tears on)... she is always putting herself last. Her husband will always be lifted up with words of affirmation. Her children will always be clothed in prayer. Her heart is always full. She is a true ray of light in a dark world. If there is anything I have learned from her, it is perseverance through hard times and always finding something to be happy about in a tough situation. She rarely lets things get her down and if she does she goes to God about it for guidance and wisdom. She speaks The Word of God over her family daily. She has taught me to be faithful in my walk with God.... To always lift my husband up with kind words and to make a happy home for him to come home to after a long day at work. She has taught me to be a fun loving, silly when I need to be, tower of strength for my children. She also has taught me to cook! If it weren't for this woman, my husband would not be the man he is today. For that, I am forever grateful.

I am who I am today because of the women in my life. They are all examples of who I inspire to be in one way or another. I cannot imagine life without them.