Friday, May 7, 2010

Lake-isms & Moments Like This

I love writing about Lake-isms. In case you are wondering what those are, allow me to explain. My son, Lake, turned 4 years old the day before Lennon was born. Now, if I can just NOT get the two days mixed up I will consider myself a good mother. Yes, I have very high standards for mothers these days. Lake has always had a great sense of humor, even when he was much younger.... His first word was puppy. That was his first "real" word. Not the Ma-ma or Da-da. Then followed by "Hey". Hey gave us many laughs, be it in the grocery store, restaurants, Target, the Wendy's drive thru. Once in a restaurant, he was sitting in his high chair, he could not have been more than seven or eight months old. A table of four sat down behind him and there sat a pretty lady. He always noticed the pretty ones, just like his father. Instead of turning around to talk to her, he leans backwards in his high chair and starts whispering "Hey." She did not notice at first so he got a little louder, but still a whisper... "Hey!" She looked at him and smiled and said "hey" back to him, which prompted him to say it back. This went on until the lady was summoned by her man to pay attention to him. Lake looks at the man and says "Hey!" So now the man, laughed because he had to admit to himself, this kid is pretty cute hanging upside down... and said "Hey!" back to Lake. Before you know it, the whole restaurant is saying "Hey" to Lake. He always has been an attention getter.

Today, Lake's vocabulary is much stronger. He never ceases to have Charlie and I in stitches. Last night, we were enjoying the evening and the fact that we are all together as a family. I was cooking, Lake was eating - because it takes him twice as long to eat - and Charlie was talking to Lennon. Charlie was talking to her in that "daddy" voice saying "Hey little girl... whatchyou doin? You lookin at daddy? Do you hear your daddy's voice?" It was really sweet and funny at the same time. Lennon was looking at him with a solemn look as if she were studying his every word. Lake, who tends to be a motor mouth, says "Daddy, does she even like you?" I nearly burned myself on the oven because I was laughing so hard. Charlie held his composure just long enough to say "I hope so!"

After dinner, I was going through some of the things Lake had made at school. He has been learning the days of the week and how to write them. He had made a little booklet. Each page said "Today is ____." He filled in the blanks on each page with the days of the week in order. I started to read each page and he would say what day of the week he wrote.

Me: Today is... Lake: Monday.

Me: Today is... Lake: Tuesday.

Me: Today is... Lake: Wednesday.

Me: Today is... Lake: That's the word Honeysuckle.

Me: Uhmmm, no, that says Thursday. Lake: No, that's the word Honeysuckle.

Me: No, you wrote Thursday, Thursday comes after Wednesday.

Lake: Yes it does. But that says Honeysuckle. I wrote Honeysuckle.

How do you argue with that? I was laughing and Charlie was looking over my shoulder to see what we were reading. He tried to explain to this "more than serious about it being Honeysuckle kid" that it did indeed say Thursday. But Lake insisted that day was Honeysuckle. So, we finished the days of the week and he got them all right. Except Thursday. Lake never cracked a smile. Charlie and I were giving hearty belly laughs. I wonder sometimes what in the world goes on in his head.

So here we are today. I just returned from Lake's weeball game, Lennon is fed and napping, and Lake and I are sitting down to eat his request for Lunch (a tradition we kinda started after weeball games) - Johnny's Pizza. I get up to put my plate away into the sink and then walk to the pantry where the trash can is located, to throw away my leftovers and napkin. Suddenly I hear a voice, "Come back here, muffin!" I turn and look at Lake who is the only person in the room. I said, "What did you say?" He repeated, "I said, come back here, muffin!" I said, "Who are you talking to?" Lake said, "I'm talking to you. That is your nickname. Muffin." (I have never been called this in my life). Amused, I let out a laugh and told him he is silly. Seeing as how I have never been nicknamed Muffin, I can only assume he noticed my muffin top on my post-baby bod. I said, "What if I don't want to be called muffin?" To which Lake replies, "Okay, my turd." I think I shall stick with muffin. So quickly I change the subject to something else. Disappointed that he even knows the word "turd" (I did not teach him this), I turn around to leave the room, and the first thing that catches my eye is something he made me at school for mother's day. A picture of himself taped/glued to a piece of construction paper that says " I Love It When My Mommy _____" He of course filled in the blanks, and it reads like this: "I love it when my mommy hugs me. She smells so good." Melt my heart! He is always telling me I smell like donuts. I am not sure whether this is another jab at my weight or to be happy about it because, I will admit, donuts smell pretty darn good.

These are the moments I live for as a mom. The random things my Booger says that make me all giddy on the inside and his ability to light up any room with his gigantic smile. Other moments I live for these days are the little ones I have with my Bug. They aren't nearly as witty but I have no doubt those days are sooner than I think. With her the moments I cherish are ones most moms usually dread. If I am completely honest, some of these reasons are the ones I was so hesitant to ever get pregnant again. These moments include: middle of the night feedings, diaper blowouts, sleepy head doesn't want to wake to eat, screaming fits from gas / reflux, waking up solely to give medicine in the middle of the night, changing outfits three times a day due to excessive spit up, my pacifier fell out a hundred times so I will cry a hundred times ... and the list goes on. The reason I live for these moments are simply because, for the first 6 weeks of Lennon's life, nurses were changing her diapers, feeding tubes were feeding her and nurses were giving her meds, and so on .... basically, I did less than half of these things. One night I was at the hospital imagining life when we got home for good.... I told God, "I will NEVER COMPLAIN about the little things again." Because, there is nothing I wouldn't do to wake up at home, in my own bed and her in hers, just to feed her or change a dirty diaper at 2am. Because that would mean we were back to a 'normal' life and my baby was healed.

Well... Those days are finally here. And if at some point, you see me bleeding out the mouth, pay me no mind.... I am just biting my tongue.