Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Life, Take 1

Yesterday I sent an email stating I will not be finishing my last week at work.
The reason:
Lennon is still on (and hating every bit of) breathing treatments. Can't exactly send her to school like this. So we are stuck at home, again, like we have been for the past, gee... I don't even know how many days it's been now... a lot, that is for sure. So we made the best of it. It was a pretty day and we all had cabin fever. I packed up the kids, packed a bag of crackers for the ducks and geese (who never showed up), threw a quilt in and headed to the park. Fresh air could do us all a little good. Still not believing it was as hot as it was just days before Christmas.
Ugh! :( ... gross LA weather.

Little Miss Tooty Bug was showing off her half crawling skills. I do believe her face must be sore at the end of the day from all her smiling. She almost never stops. Unless, of course that one "new" person is trying desperately to get her to smile and she is looking at them with the "give it up" face. Makes me laugh every time, because as soon as they give up and start talking to me or Charlie, she is all smiles staring straight at them.

Random cuteness: Look who has curls! Ok so yeah, it's not much ... but is it not the single cutest curl you have seen?! I hope her whole head fills up with a billion of them and they turn bright red!

This picture truly makes my day... I have the most adorable children and I am not saying that in a because-i-am-the-mother-way ... If you were honest you would admit to yourself, they are they cutest kids. Ever.

Look at the way she looks at him. I swear it... he has NO IDEA how much she LOVES him. She is completely smitten with him. She will scream at him if he gets close. Not a "I'm scared" scream, but a "Oh if I could talk and walk I would chase you down and kiss you and hug you to death" scream. It's the funniest thing ... we literally pile on the couch... Charlie, Lake, Lennon and myself... and let her just go nuts trying to get Lake. She will crawl and climb all over the place until she has his cheek in her mouth or his hair in her hands. She is wild about him. She is wild anyways... but really wild about him!

And there she goes... screaming at him! It's hysterical!

If she could just get her hands on him...

Ooooh... got an ear!

And there they are.... just loving life and each other... These are the moments you realize, life is perfect ... even through sickness and heartache and pain... life can sneak in and just be perfect.

The beauty of loving unconditionally, lies within this little girl's heart ... it's going to teach us all a thing or two. She has already taught us so much.... about what really matters.

I could write on this for days ... as you know. But not tonight. Tonight I will make this short. Because my husband is sleeping and he is sick, as well. And when he is sick and running fever, I like to snuggle against him... because he is warm and my feet are cold. (I pretend he part of the wolf-pack... joking!) But I do snuggle up because I think, no I know, it makes him feel better.

One thing I must share before I head off to sleepy land... My Lake drew a pretty picture. And because he wants to be just like me... he told us he was going to sell his art. So I asked him how much for the "turkey" drawing... and he told me "It is an airplane, not a turkey, and it costs a dollar." But I was out of a dollar so he politely accepted 12 cents... and raced to his room to put it in his piggy bank. It still looks like a turkey with a candy cane nose to me. Your thoughts?!

He sold Charlie the "Wolf" (this was originally a "house" - but once I told him, nice try, but it looks more like a dog he finally admitted it might look that way). He did make a dollar in quarters on this one. And if I do say so myself, it is a darn good painting of a dog... I mean, "Wolf" (I stand corrected, per Lake).

I truly love my kids more than life. And I love that they love each other. And I love that Lake wants to be just like me. And I love that Lennon only laughs really hard and out loud at me. And I love that it's almost Christmas. And I love that we will be baking and decorating Jesus' birthday cake again and singing "Happy Birthday" to Him as we do every year.
I will teach my children that Christmas is about the ultimate gift... the gift that never stops giving.... no, not Charlie's vasectomy.... The gift of a Savior... Jesus IS the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Jessica said...

those are the sweetest pics of lennon & lake! and i can totally see she is smitten with him! such a sweet thing!

and you DO have pretty cute & adorable babies!

Duncan Family said...

its most definitely an airplane! how can you not see it??