Monday, December 27, 2010

Chronicles of Lake

Last night Lake and I were watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It was right about the part where Azlan died and came back to life when Lake said, "Why did Azlan come back alive?" I told him, "It's kind of like when Jesus beat death and came back alive... they killed a man who did no wrong."

As we all know, answers to questions lead to more questions, especially when you are 4 years old. Lake asked, "Where do we go when we die?" I said, "Well, those who have asked Jesus to come live in their heart will go to heaven. Jesus will be there and we will have new bodies. We will get to finally see Jesus' face." His eyes got huge with excitement and his mouth wide open! It was priceless. He almost screamed, "I want him to live in my heart!" I said, "Baby, all you have to do is ask him." He smiled and looked upwards and yelled, "Jesus, please come live in my heart!" Then he looked at me with a huge smile. I said, "And now He is there... forever in your heart!" Lake said, "Yay! Jesus is in my heart!!!...." Then he paused and said,"Where do other people go who don't have Jesus in their heart?" The little hamsters in his brain are working overtime at this point... And as much as I don't want to scare a 4 year old, I answered, "They go to live with the devil. Forever." He got a very sad look on his face and said, "What do I do now that Jesus is in my heart?" I said, "Share him with other people."

This morning after breakfast I started typing this blog, and just as I am typing the above paragraph, Lake walks up to me with a huge smile, "Mommy, are you so happy Jesus is living in my heart now?!" Ha! Of course I am! I was excited that he was still thinking about it! He ran to our bedroom screaming, "Daddy, last night I asked Jesus into my heart!" That is when I had to get up and get a mop because my cup ranneth over.

I know there are a lot of people that don't believe in Jesus and this might be a controversial blog post. I know there are a lot of people who say they believe but don't do anything to show they believe. Those people inspire me. Meaning, they make me want to show my children more and more that we do believe in Jesus, because actions speak louder than words. I thank God for my children, because they make me want to be a better person. I know I will never be perfect and someone will always think I am selfish at some point, or I said the wrong thing or I acted one way instead of another. But, I know that those moments are learning curves on this road of life. They don't define me. They push me.

Last week, we were leaving my mom's house and as we passed the cemetery Lake said, "Is Mamaw going to die from smoking those cigarettes?" It amazed me that looking at the cemetery made him think of that. I said, "It is possible." He said, "Because they can kill you?" I said, "Yes, that is why you don't ever want to smoke them." Lake added, "And because they stink!" I had to laugh because yes they do stink! Then he said, "I prayed to Jesus that Mamaw will not die from those cigarettes." As a mom, and as her daughter, you have no idea how this blessed me. He is such a smart, spirited little man.

Then two days later my mom was in the ER ...twice... at one point the Dr. thought she might have Pancreasitis which can be a life-threatening illness. We are so grateful that was not the case. She had a very bad bacterial infection. During the two nights she was in the ER, Lake was worried silly. He kept asking me, "Is Mamaw dying?" I said, "No baby, she is just very sick... make sure you pray for her." Sometimes he would start praying right then. Just a quick simple prayer asking Jesus to heal his mamaw.

It's times like these when you know God has specific plans for specific people. I believe a huge part of his plan for my life is to raise my son to love God, put God above and all to chase after the heart of God. I know Lake is special. He has showed us time and time again that God is slowing working on him, giving him the desires of His heart and creating a mighty man of God.

His heart is an open book... just waiting for God to write the next chapter... and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to read it.


Aaron said...

Great stuff here!

V. Erin said...

That is beautiful. You are a very blessed family. It makes me smile to see you using all your trials, victories, talents, and love to spread Christ's love/mercy/grace to others. There are many blessings left to be had and you are well on your way to receiving them!!!

Soon to be Shirey said...

I'm really going to miss Kaitlyn's "Lake stories"!! He is so smart and has such a wonderful heart!
Love your blog, also :)

Renee said...

I love this message. Lake is lucky to have you as his mom. And you'll have all the memories forever of him and Lennon as they grow because you are to be home with them more now. Lucky!