Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reverse the Situation... How Does It Feel?

Hypothetically speaking, let's say I smoke (In the real world, I do not smoke). Let's say my hypothetically smoking self gets invited to your hypothetical house for a hypothetical party. Let's say you hypothetically asked me not to hypothetically smoke in your hypothetical kids' bedrooms. Let's say I not only hypothetically smoked in the hypothetical kids' rooms, but when I was done, I threw all my ashes and cigarettes on the hypothetical kids' bedroom floor and left it there. Would you be angry? Of course you would.

So, when I have a gathering, and you come to my house, and I ask you not to smoke in the back yard near the kids' playing / playground.... and not only do you do that, but you throw all your cigarettes in my yard in a pile. The yard my husband works his butt off trying to keep nice and clean and kept (literally his butt, he lost weight). Then, you pick up my infant with your carcinogen filled clothing and breathe your carcinogenic breath in her face. Then when I go to pick up my infant, the baby smell... the sweet smell of lavender is gone and replaced with the filthy stench of your cigarettes. All the while my four year old son is playing on his birthday present, his swing set, you are blowing cancer in his face! Yet you sit back and you wonder why I am mad? If you wanna die from that crap, so be it... it is your choice but it is not mine so keep it away from me and my kids and my house.

Where is the respect? I don't understand people who are so selfish and rude? It makes me NEVER want to host anything at my house again. I cannot even sleep I am so mad about this... if this were the first time it happened it would just tick me off... but this has happened TIME and time again. Not only do these butts wind up in my yard but my neighbors! All because people want to act white trash. Ugh. I am seriously mad.

Anyways.... Time to think of something that makes me happy. Lennon's sweet Aunt Denise bought her a pink hippo. I put it next to Lennon when she goes down for naps or bedtime and she plays with it.... by playing with it, I mean she pets it and smiles at it. Today, when I picked it up, she really smiled at it as if, "there it is!" So stinkin cute. Today in church, my sister was holding her, and she laughed at my sister the whole time. She was staring her down just waiting for her to look down at her and when she would she would get this grin as if she were just tickled pink. I loved it. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I got all teary eyed because I notice her doing things other babies her age have been doing for a while... I know she is going to be slow at doing things but it just lights up my soul when I see her developing more and more. We had a visit from Early Steps this week and they were asking 'Is she doing this...' and 'Is she doing that...' It was so disheartening to say no to some of those things, but I had to keep in mind, God is in control and she will get there. The crazy part is, after they left I had a little moment with God and just kind of asked him to help her develop and wouldn't you know it... by the end of the week she was doing two of the things they asked about. She still did not roll over, but man she wants to. She REALLY hates tummy time. She will just have to get mad enough to roll one day. She has the muscles for it... she just cannot remember to get her arm up and out of the way... It's so funny, her back will arch and her legs come up so high off the ground, it looks like she is break dancing and doing the worm! Cracks me up.

I met someone this week that also has a DS daughter. She said the rudest thing someone ever did to her was walk up to her in WalMart and say, "Ma'am, I just want you to know, your daughter is not retarded!" OMG! Who the frick says that?! I think I would have responded with, "NO she is not... but you obviously are. Honey, please take the children around the corner and cover their ears." It would have been a scene up in there. Speaking of white trash, I would have gone PWT on them. As we were talking, we both agreed the most annoying thing is when someone says, "She doesn't even look like anything is wrong with her." Uhhh.... no, that is because there is NOTHING "WRONG" with her! If anything, there is everything right with her. As a matter of fact, she is more loving, more forgiving, more kind and more caring than any of us, thanks to her extra chromosome! So no, there is nothing wrong with her. I swear, there are some idiots out there. Lake would get onto me for saying "idiot" just now.

Wow... tonight was tantrum night, I guess. Oh well... felt good to get it off my mind. Maybe now I can sleep.

Lesson to be learned.. do not say or do things you wouldn't want someone else to do or say to you. Hmmm... that might be in a book somewhere ;)


allenia allen said...

I completely agree! There are some real selfish people in this world and as for the "idiots" well...I struggle with them too. Glad you were able to vent. Give those sweet babies a big kiss and know that there are people out here that love you. Have a great week!

marye said...

Taryn..OK. .to make You laugh, when I just spelled your name, my automatic speller, put Tartness...ha! OK, now on to what I was going to say...Dylan is now 9...and all I hear are the things he "should" be doing...I'm his mama, I know what he should be doing, and eventually he will be doing what he " should " be doing! But in the mean time I'm gonna let him be happy doing what he wants to do.Don't let them get the best of you...if you ever need someone, let me know. Toni is the other supermom to talk to also. LOL! She's a good listener, and sometimes that's what you need!