Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing My Daddy

... Just a few crazy hair pics for ya.

So this morning, Charlie is still out of town, Lennon is fed and I am back asleep... it's not even 7:00 and Lake is now awake... ready for mommy to do his hair for crazy hair day at Vacation Bible School. Dude, you have two hours before it starts. Can't mommy sleep a few more minutes?! Ugh. So I get up, get him breakfast, make my coffee, go back to check on Lennon, who was sleeping on her daddy's pillow next to mommy. Lennon has now thrown up most of her bottle all over the bed. Yay and good morning to you too. Double ugh. Time for baths. I bathe Lennon, bathe Lake, get Lennon dressed and finally get my chance for coffee... "Mommy, I am dressed! Let's do my hair now!" Coffee will have to wait. We fix his hair... I make spikes all over, just like his daddy used to do in the Shoo Fly Pi days. Then, I spray them white and add black tips. It did turn out pretty cool, I gotta admit! He loved it! I decide to get a shower since Lennon and I are having company... Mid shower my cousin's wife shows up to get the kids off to VBS and since we have a few minutes we sit and have coffee... FINALLY. We start talking about cat bites... not my usual coffee talk... and end up talking about things we did as a kid.

I started telling her the few memories I have about my daddy. Since I was only 10 when he passed, I really don't remember much. One thing that stands out, was my daddy's passion for his kids. He had the attitude where you are only a kid once and wanted to make sure we had the best childhood. He was the dad that helped coach my brother's sports teams. He always had fun ideas, like adding two slip and slides together to make it extra long. He added soap to it so we would slide faster. He taught us to build forts. I remember he had this jacked up Chevrolet Stepside -- grey, like my SUV. It had HUGE tires. Those tires were as tall as me, or it seemed. He would drive around the hood, with all three kids in the back... me, Chad & Robin. He would pick up each of our friends, now six kids in tow. My daddy was "that dad"... the one all the kids loved. The "fun dad" of the hood. I remember he was loved by all our friends. Of course this was safe, in the back of the truck... I mean, come on... It was the 8o's. He had his tiny back window slid open so we could hear the radio. He would blare the tunes and drive us to the nearest convenient store. We each got a small brown paper bag. However much you could fit in that bag, he would buy. I remember cramming Twist a Pepper Dr Pepper, Sixlets and Bubble Tape in mine... and a few other small candies. On the way back home, he would buy hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks for that night. There we were, headed home on a hot summer day... He had the radio blaring again... "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was playing. I remember, we each had our Dr Peppers.... singing to the top of our lungs, "Take a bottle..." We would hold up those bottles.... "Shake it up...." We would shake them vigorously.... screaming the lyrics "Break a bubble"..... kids smiling, daddy looking in his rear view, smiling as well... the anticipation building, "Break it up!" That is when we would unleash the fury behind those twist a Pepper lids.... "Pour some sugar on me... in the name of love!!" Dr Pepper spewing everywhere as we rode with the wind in our face and hair! It was radical. When we got home, we would all play outside with our friends in the sprinkler.... I went inside to use the restroom and just before I went back out... Daddy said, "Two bit, come here..." (Two bit, that was his nickname for me... because I wasn't a full grown "Dollar")... so I followed him into my parent's bedroom and into the closet. At the top of the closet he pulled out a brown paper bag. He reached in and pulled out a banana flavored laffy taffy. He knelt down and handed it to me. He said, "This is for my favorite little girl." Then he gave me a hug and a kiss and told me not to tell the others. I hugged him back and told him I loved him and ran back outside, with a mouth full of banana laffy taffy. I am sure daddy did that to Robin and Chad and Kelly too... but he made an effort to make me think I was the super special only one who got that candy. It worked. That night, it was firework time.... daddy taught me how to make a bomb with gun powder, newspaper and duct tape. My own personal McGyver dad. Come to think of it, maybe they should plug that oil leak with Duct Tape. Anyways... He would set off a bomb in our neighborhood.... it once blew the electricity out in the whole hood. Good times. Good times.

All of these memories of my dad are part of who I am today. I am silly and goofy and I want Lake and Lennon to have the most fun they possibly can as kids. This morning, I could have gotten really agitated (which I was) with Lake waking me up early and Lennon puking on the bed. But, I just shrugged it off as life, and Lake and I made silly faces while creating his crazy hair do. We laughed and hugged and I told him about his daddy spiking his hair up just like that when he was in a band. Lake loves stories about when we were kids and the things we did. It was a sweet time with my Booger. As I sit here now... I think about my daddy and all the fun memories he left me, and I realize, he left me not only with memories, but a legacy of fun to carry on with my kids. I want to be "that mom". Just like he was "that dad".... and always will be.


Terri said...

I just got on facebook and saw the pic of your little boy...clicked on the link..and read your blog about Ted...I must say I am typing this with tears flowing...I just remember him as a snot nosed little kid....I am so glad you have such wonderful memories about him. I wish I had good memories about my father. Ted would certainly be proud of the wonderful young lady you have become and his beautiful grandchildren....I have such fond childhood memories of Alma and Big Max and the whole family....I think Dan was my first "boyfriend". Yep...we go back a long long way!!! Much love to you and your precious family.

tarynddavidson said...

Ha!! Uncle Dan was fun... I have one memory of him, though. It was him carrying me on his shoulders.. he was so tall! :)
Thank you.... I only wish he could have met Charlie and my kids. I know without a doubt he would have loved Charlie and they would be great friends. Charlie has a lot of my daddy's great qualities... he is a hard worker, family comes first, and he is hysterical!