Saturday, June 12, 2010

50 Things About Me

  1. I will gag and most likely vomit if I chew or eat the following items: Steak, shrimp, mayo, raw onions, beets, turnips/greens, oysters. I know this to be true because I have vomited trying most of the items listed.
  2. I am OCD about the pillows on my couch. They must be in perfect position at all times. I am known to move them back to their perfect and upright positions if I have company and said company leaves the room to go to the restroom.
  3. I don't really care for pets, but I wouldn't mind a tiny fluffy non-shedding non-barking dog that is house trained and loves children. Know of one? If it were a male dog I would name it: Kravitz and if it were a female dog I would name it: Janice
  4. Cats are incredible creatures and I also think they are closely related to the devil.
  5. I want numerous plastic surgeries: Brow lift, tummy tuck, breast implants... possible lip implants. Most likely will never have any of these surgeries.
  6. I totally neglect my feet and hands due to laziness and I hate to spend money on myself.
  7. I will spend large sums of money on make up and hair products.
  8. Tanning is a slight addiction of mine. Once I start, it's hard to stop. I will probably at some point have every mole removed. So far 5 have been removed and one had cancer cells.
  9. I love skim organic milk and vanilla soy milk. I drink it out of the carton (soy).
  10. I have wanted to write a book since I was in Jr High school - I even bought a "how to write a novel" book once - but I am nervous because do not do well with rejection or compliments.
  11. I think Martha Stewart is one of the most brilliant women. I also think she might be a robot.
  12. I heart comedians.
  13. I hate to wear shoes.
  14. I have always wanted to be six feet tall.
  15. Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods.
  16. The Monroe/West Monroe local news embarrasses me. I do not watch it. I think it is the country accents the people have. I also hope I do not sound like that.
  17. I love inappropriate humor more than anything else. I use it alot.
  18. I must end my gas pumping with $.00
  19. I make a darn good tuna burger from canned tuna, egg and crackers.
  20. I want a 4th tattoo but my husband would kill me.
  21. I hate to dust.
  22. I want to live on a lot of land in a small house.
  23. I have received about 15 speeding tickets (LA/TX) and I have been pulled over for speeding more times than I can count where no ticket was given
  24. I have received a DWI
  25. I pulled a "Paris Hilton" - pulled over with a suspended license due to a DWI
  26. I have been pulled over 3 times in one month by the same cop - no ticket given
  27. I have received 2 seat belt tickets
  28. I received 2 stop sign tickets
  29. I pulled out in front of a cop and almost hit him head on - no ticket given
  30. I tried to outrun the police so's not to receive a ticket when I was 16 - ticket given - also had police hold me at gunpoint because they thought I was running because I sold drugs.
  31. I have been in 6 car accidents, 3 of which I was driving
  32. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
  33. My favorite color is teal
  34. I own one piece of "real" jewelry - my wedding ring
  35. I have entirely too many pictures/frames in my house but I cannot bare to part with any
  36. My dream job is to own a small store where I sell remodeled shabby chic / retro furniture, home accents/crafts (pillows,curtains,shower curtains,etc.), painted art... and so forth... all made / recreated by me. I would call it "Theodore Barksdale's".
  37. I think anyone who drives a sports car is a major douche bag. I have little respect for them. It's my opinion and I will not apologize for it.
  38. I hate super hero crap. Again with the douche baggery.
  39. I do love the Twilight Saga. It is not the same as super hero crap. It is like The Notebook but with Vampires and Wolves. (I also hate that I love it)
  40. I save all my Martha Stewart Magazines, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Southern Living magazines. I think they will come in handy when we build our dream home.
  41. I am addicted to coffee and sometimes make up to 3 pots a day.
  42. I do not like red or pink painted on my fingernails... I think it makes me look like a transvestite.
  43. Kelly Green looks great on me. Though, I feel like a leprechaun when I wear it.
  44. I thought I would hate Twitter but I like it. I made fun of people for it. I also use the wrong lingo such as "twit" instead of tweet.
  45. I miss tv shows like Friends, Dawson's Creek and Felicity - they just don't make them like that anymore.
  46. If I ever get to my goal weight, I am cutting my hair off ... extremely short. Shorter than you are imagining.
  47. I think Mary Kate Olsen is a very interesting person. I love her style.
  48. I did not vote during the Barak Obama presidential election. I was living in LA and registered in TX.
  49. I do not like the ocean or any dark water. Pools or tubs are it for me.
  50. Ants and sharks are my biggest fears.

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