Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tornado? Twins? & The Cancun Countdown

Today, we dress in yellow. I couldn't decide which picture was cutest... Since most every picture I take of her she is moving, they are all blurred. I really need a new camera. Here is my blessing, all covered in yellow. I think we might take a stroll around the hood today... fresh air would do us both good.

Yesterday, after I had my little tantrum over Lennon wanting to sleep thru eating... God must have heard my tears hitting the ground (and I calmed down - I know she can tell I am stressed), because she started eating so well. She ate well all the afternoon and thru the night, no fuss, no stress.
Last night, Lake went to church with Granny. Charlie and I rented a crappy movie and vegged out with a few Subway sandwhiches... Eat Fresh! I feel the need to say that everytime I say Subway. (Eat Fresh!) We watched "Everybody's Fine" with Robert Deniro. That was the slowest most boring movie I have seen in a while. The best part about it was when Charlie and I heard what we think was a tornado during the movie. I mean, it sounded like a train in our back yard. We don't live near a train track. Also, it was eerie calm outside. I have heard two tornadoes so I am pretty sure that is what it was. However, there was nothing about it on the news? Hmmmm. Only thing else it could have been was our neighbor was using a fake tornado sound machine to scare everyone.
While watching the movie I was feeding Lennon her bottle and then trying to burp her. Charlie and I got so tickled at her lifting her head and looking around. We are so proud of her! From our angle, it was like Dejavu... looking at Lake lifting his head and looking around! That is why I was laughing so hard. They have the same widow's peak - a trait they enheirited from their daddy. They are just so darn cute, I love being a mommy. Lake, however, has his mommy's big ears. Lennon, has her daddy's tiny ears. They both have my mouth. I also love that they are mostly bald. Ha! I swear, if it weren't for the fact that she was born exactly 4 years later... they could have passed as twins.

Preston Lake - 3/23/2006

Lennon Vale - 3/24/2010

I don't really have much on my mind today except going back to work. I am scheduled to go back July 29th. That is when Lennon is released to be in the care of someone else other than me. I know she will love her daycare as much as we do. Plus she will meet some new friends. Fun! I am nervous, however, but I am looking forward to having my normal life back. I miss my work friends, and I miss having a purpose other than housekeeper and diaper changer. At the same time, I will miss that being my only job... taking care of my husband, my kids and house.
The countdown to Cancun begins! ____ 76 days & 40 lbs to go!

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