Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hokey Pokey, Hair Bows and the Hiccups

Today I am spending the day trying to get Lennon adjusted to some sort of sleeping / eating schedule. She does great at night... sleeps like a rock for 12 hours, only waking to eat then right back to sleepy land. However, during the day... well, that is a whole other ballgame. She wants to sleep when it's eating time and eat when it's sleepy time. So, in an attempt to keep her awake I was playing with her... loudly. I propped her up on a pillow and talked to her, showed her toys, made silly faces, worked on her neck muscles... and when all else failed, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I sang the Hokey Pokey. I put her right arm in, not very far because I didn't want to hurt her chest, and I put her right arm out, again trying not to hurt the chest. We put all limbs in and we put all limbs out. We shook them all about, gently of course. She was not amused. I know this because when we put the last leg in, she made a sad face and started whimpering... Of course because I am OCD, I can't not finish the line of the lyric, so I quickly ran through it and we put our whole body in, out, and shook it all about. The End. I then laid her down on the couch and talked sweetly to her, her eyes are getting very heavy at this point. She even let a little half-hearted sleepy smile, probably to thank me for stopping that ridiculous song. Then, she made a terrible face .... followed by a terrible scream. I swear she does the best impression of a Pterodactyl I have ever heard. Maybe even better than mine. She must get that from her momma. So after the screaming, I calm her down, her eyes are still trying to close. I think, "Oooh picture time!" So I set it all up, put on her pot plant flowered headpiece and attempt to take pictures of my bug. I was sure this was going to be fun. Fun for mommy.

As you can see, she was not quite amused. I think she might even be a little ticked off. So, I quickly ended my photography session. I will leave that to the pros. Then after two diaper changes, two because she likes to poo as soon as I change her diaper. I decided, she is good and worn out, maybe now she will sleep during sleepy time and eat during eating time.

I love those big gaudy hair bows. The bigger the better. Especially the ones that look like miniature potted plants. Maybe I should try a small fern on her head. I love a nice fern. Note to self: get a fern. You cannot see it in this picture, but I do believe she has strawberry blond hair. I hope it turns red red red! Charlie's granddad had red hair. They even called him "Red". Man that would be fun - her having red hair. It would explain her Elmer's Glue toned skin. Then I could dye my hair all shades of red and say, rolling my eyes all flirty-like, while waving a hand, "Oh, she gets that from her momma" in my best Julia Sugarbaker voice.

I love hair accessories. But what I do not like is the hiccups. When Lennon gets them, it nearly brings her mommy to tears! I can only imagine what it feels like. I know when I had to cough or sneeze after my c-section... I would do whatever it took to keep it from coming out because it hurt so bad. Imagine the hiccups after open heart surgery!! She screams like I have never heard, so hard that it takes her breath and she turns blood red... angry and in pain! Each hiccup is followed by a scream. I hold her close, patting her softly and talking in her ear, with tears in my eyes, "It's ok baby, mommy is here... mommy is here... Those mean hiccups are back to get you.... mean ole hiccups." I like to talk to her in a real country accent. It calms her so much, me whispering in her ear. She starts focusing on my voice and starts breathing slowly, the crying fades and eventually they pass and she is ok.... but worn out from screaming, so she wants to be cuddled and snuggled after that.

When she was in the ICU after her surgery, someone told me (who had been through it with their child) that they prayed we had no "hiccups" and we'd be home soon. They were talking about things that would slow down the recovery process and keep us in the hospital. We had one minor "hiccup", her incision was infected. Not bad, so we stayed two extra days.

Sitting here thinking about "hiccups", I am reminded that life is just like that. Especially now, after all we have been through in the last few weeks... I realize, no one is exempt from anything. You kind of always think, "That happens to people, just not us." This isn't the first time, something happened I was not expecting, and it hurt pretty bad, it was tough... it was touch and go... And I have no doubt it will not be the last. There will always be hiccups ... There are few remedies that truly work.... I mean, really, they just have to go away all on their own. We just gotta get through them. It is best to just stay calm and think happy thoughts ... "This too shall pass." During that time, and after it's all over with, we can go to God, and let him talk sweet to us and cuddle us. He is always there, with open arms and a gentle voice as a reminder of who He is once again.

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Donnie said...

Love it! When Analyse was about 6 months old I took a cheap baby knit cap and took and cut the flowers off a bunch of silk flowers and hot glued them all over the hat not leaving any spot uncovered. We got a big plastic planter that looked like it was terra cota and took her pictures in it with nothing on but the flower hat. They turned out precious!